Top iPhone Apps for Any iPhone Users

Top iPhone Apps For All

The iPhone in any version is what you need if you want to avoid the maximum use of different gadgets and even save time as well. The apps will lead you to ease of life when they provide their functionality for your daily life routine and you do not have to waste energy in manually working. Apart from this, you need a lot of iPhone cases and covers to protect the device if you want to sue it for longer amount of time.

While you look for apps, there will be plenty of apps that you would not want to download and some of them that you do so, will not be of any use to you. That is because you just download the apps based on the kind of names they have and you do not know what they all are about. So that is why I ma writing this post to let you know about some of the good apps that you would like to download so that they are usable and you do not have to spend money or waste time on the unusable ones.

1) Freshapps: This is the app that you need if you want to review apps and then write the output about them as to how you felt about using them. You can also read the reviews of other users as well and you can then download apps that you feel the best are for you. You can also upload your app developed by you so users can download it, review it, use it and tell you how it goes like.

2) Foursquare: This app is good for the tagging and the check in services with your friends. You can just go online, tell your friends on the social media websites where you are and they can share the live experience with you. You upload photos and updates about the place you are in. the Foursquare also lets you to share all other video and text stuff with your friends as well without sharing them on the social media websites.

3) Gowalla: This app lets you save your memories just like in a memo app and then you can share the experiences, pictures, photos, videos etc with your friends if they have Gowalla downloaded too. It is just like Whatsapp. It does not require any charges, but a working internet connection like Wi-Fi or 3G.

4) Loopt: This app will help you keep a check on the new places that pop in the field of food and recreation in your town. The new places are those that you can visit with your friends and tag them on social media apps through this app. You can also choose favorites and every time you want to go to a good place for outing, this app can suggest you a place out of random.

For more apps and games, and other stuff that you can enjoy on the iPhone, you can always visit iTunes, or keep a tag on the new upcoming apps through the help of other apps too.  This way you will get what you want in no time.

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