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 Slender Rising iOS App Review

Slender Rising is a horror game for the iOS devices. In Slender Rising you need to go around the map collecting pages and avoiding Slender. There are two maps so far in Slender Rising, there is the town map that looks like a ghost town which fits the game perfectly. Next we have the forest which is a dense forest that is a portrayal of a classic horror movie scene. In both maps you have the option to play at night or in the day. There are two main game modes, the standard game (collect 8 pages to win) and Endless Suspense (No end until you die).

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The game begins with you in stranded alone in the map you have chosen and you must find all 8 pages to survive. The game begins where you rarely ever see Slender but as you collect more pages he becomes more present in the world. When Slender gets his grips on you, you can swipe the screen and try and break away but if you don’t he seals your fate forever and you die. If you don’t already know Slender is a tall figure that wears a suit. He has long arms and no face, just a white head like a morph suit. The game will give you a few scares because when you collect your first page creepy music will begin to play which makes the game more tense.
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Slender Rising iPhone App $1.99

Slender Rising has a price tag of $1.99 and it is definitely worth it. There are many other versions of Slender on the AppStore but this is by far the best of them all. If you enjoy creepy games or just enjoyed the PC version of Slender try it out, because there is a free version to try.  Finally Remember, never look back because he is always watching.