iPhone Tips & Tricks You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

Ten Things you didn’t realize your iPhone was capable of doing.  We all know the battery could be better on the iPhone.  Therefore, we are going to share a few tips and tricks to help get you through the day with enough battery power.  Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t include features which can do this automatically much like the new HTC One M8.


If you notice your battery has dropped below 20% and you still have a while to make it until the end of the day.  The best thing you can do is turn of the things you don’t need.   The most helpful is turn of bluetooth.  This will increase your power greatly alone.

iPhone Tips & Tricks

iPhone battery

1.  Save Battery Power

Settings > Wi-Fi > Off.

Settings > Bluetooth > Off.

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Off.

Settings > General > Cellular > Enable 3G > Off.

Settings > General > Cellular > Enable LTE > Off.

Settings > Sounds > Vibrate on Ring & Silent > Off.

Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper > Auto-Brightness > Off.

Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data > Off.


By turning off these settings you will be able to improve battery power.

airplane mode

2.  Charge your iPhone at Twice the speed by turning on airplane mode.  This will allow the battery to charge at double speed and turns anything off which could drain battery.  Be aware you can’t receive calls or make calls or text while using this mode.  But if you have thirty minutes to charge you can get a great deal of power replenished.

iPhone tips

3.  Delete the last digit entered into the calculator by swiping left.

passscode tips

4.  Change the passcode lock from four digits to an alpha numeric code by turning off simple code. Settings > General > Passcode Lock   This will allow you to use both numbers and letters in your passcode.

iPhone tips

5.  Take a photo using the headphone button on your headphones.  This can be a very stealth way to get a photo without others knowing.

typing tips & tricks

6.  Undo any typing error by simply shaking the iPhone.  This will cause a pop up to appear on the screen asking you to undo typing.

keyboard tips shortcuts

7.  Create keyboard shortcuts for emails or any long text you wish.  Enter the shortcut for the desired text by going to settings> keyboard > shortcuts > “+”  Here you can enter all the shortcuts you wish to have.  You can even have Emoji shortcuts


8.  Enable Emoji Keyboard settings> keyboard > add new keyboard > Emoji  Now users can enter Emoji by tapping the globe on bottom left side of keyboard.

emoji tips

9. Want to add a word to your dictionary simply type it four times repeated and its entered.

format email tips

10.  Format Email content by selecting the word you wish to format and choose B/I/U on the edit bar.  This will add Bold, Italics, Underline to the bar.  Simply select the word or text and choose the formatting you wish to add to the text.