Games For New iPad

The iTunes app store currently has over half million apps to choose from today.  I hope to share five of the best games for playing on the new iPad and any other iOS device.  Although, these game applications are great to play on any of the iOS devices the new iPad has the revolutionized retina display which makes the graphics appear to jump off the screen.  There are several awesome utility applications to include on your device as well, this article will focus primarily on the gaming aspect.
One of the newest releases and most popular apps is Marvel Vs. Capcom 2.    Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 is an action packed brawling adventure good time.  If you enjoy playing the action type games, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 has got all the action you can withstand.  It’s a full featured port of the best fighting games ever brought to the iOS devices.  I thoroughly enjoy playing MVC2 on other consoles also.  However, the ipad 2 or 3 generation offers phenomenal graphics and game play by any standards.
The game can be played on any version later than iOS 5.0 plus,  iPhone 4 or 4S, the iPod touch 4th generation and iPad 2, iPad 3rd generation. Unfortunately, the game CAN NOT be played on the iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3rd generation or earlier, nor the iPad 1st generation.  Click here to download now.
AirSupremacy “Sky Gamblers” is one of the greatest airplane simulator games available on the market.  It can be purchased for $4.99 in the app store and is also a universal application.  So you don’t have to purchase it again when you play on other devices.  If you have the iCloud set up properly it can download the game automatically onto your other devices. This is one of the best features of iCloud and universal applications.
I think some users may buy the new ipad 3 just to play Air Supremacy “Sky Gamblers”.    I think it’s possible to see AirSupremacy brought to console games, such as the Playstation, Xbox, and others.  This is an action packed flight simulation combined with action, action, action.  The graphics are as beautiful as any console game I’ve ever played.  Air Supremacy was developed to include the new retina display and through playing the game will show all the retina detail contained in every object. Click here to download today.
Modern Combat 3 “Fallen Nation” can be purchased for $6.99, developed by Gameloft.  It has a cool story to go along with game play.  America is under attack by Russia, Pakistan, and Korea.  Gameloft has two previous versions before MC3.  They were Modern Combat “Sandstorm”, MC2 “Black Pegasus” and now MC3 “Fallen Nation”.  The other games were very impressive at that time but MC3 knocks it out of the park. bIt offers multiplayer if you are on the same wifi network.  It is definitely one of the most impressive first person shooter games I have encountered.  The single player campaign has 13 missions with four levels of difficulty, combat in different vehicles, and six different countries.  
One of the best features Gameloft included in Modern Combat 3 is multiplayer mode which allows up to 12 different players available on the same wifi connection.  It would be awesome to see Gameloft bring multiplayer coverage to regular cellphone coverage.  Many of the campaigns from previous game versions are still available in MC3.  In-app purchases are available to advance faster through the game.  However, it isn’t mandatory to buy any of the additional credits but if most of you are like me I get frustrated trying to finish a certain campaign and buy credits to gain certain advancements in the game.  They are also advising players to avoid hyphens when signing up for Gameloft Live.  There has been a problem reported when players have a hyphen they have been unable to login.  MC3 is a universal application available for $6.99 in the app store.
Doom Classic is probably one of the most familiar games discussed here today.  I can remember playing Doom years ago on those huge arcade style games inside supermarkets and arcades.  Doom was one of my favorite games years ago and still is today.  Developers have done an awesome job porting this game from computer version to the iOS platform.  Doom Classic, definitely goes into my “must have” games folder for all my devices.  I have been a Doom fan for many years and now I can continue playing the nostalgic, first person shooter game any place a go on my iphone 4S.  Hopefully, we will see Doom 2 developed before too long.  Doom Classic can be purchased for $4.99 currently in the app store.  Click here to download now.

One of the greatest iOS games developed in my opinion is, InfinityBlade II by Epic Games.  This is one of the best games and story plays of any iOS games I have ever played.  InfinityBlade II developers are always adding to the game and creating new campaigns so players always have something new to accomplish.  It never gets old by them adding new campaigns, and other items to master.  It has been updated for the new retina display graphics.  This game is more than worthy of the $6.99 price tag.
InfinityBlade II picks up where the original leaves off but it’s not necessary to play the original to understand the second game.  The primary gist of the game is you are dueling in battles with a sword.  You can acquire different powers along the way.  In the main battles, you’ll dodge, parry, block and slash your way to victory.  Epic Games did a fantastic job with the controls for this game.  I have played other games were the controls were hard to perform different maneuvers.  That’s just not the case with Infinity Blade II.  Click here to download now.  You will be glad you did.
These games are some of the best available for any device.  By adding these to your iOS devices will provide hours of action packed fun.  Not to mention all your friends will be wanting to download them too.  Don’t forget to check back here often for all the latest and greatest for iOS.  Check back very soon because N.O.V.A 3 is ready for release in the itunes app store anytime.  I think it will be added to this list if the game is as good as I think it’s gonna be.  See you soon.