Fix Installous Error (ipa file error) **Easy Fix** July 2011

Visit for all the latest tips and tweaks on your iphone and ipad 2. I hope this helps and saves you the trouble I had trying to figure out why it wouldn’t work. Please Don’t promote piracy. If you like the application purchase it. It’s the least we can do after all the hard work that goes into developing. Myself I think the apple store should give all users a three day pass on all apps. This would help the problem I think. If you have appsync installed please uninstall it and reboot your iphone or idevice before starting this fix… It will not install appsync correctly if you don’t. If you get an error installing appsync it will NOT work either……… This is very simple after you see what you are doing wrong…? Steps 1.Go to Cydia/Manage/Sources 2.This is The most important step……Add to souces 3.Open Cydia-sources-select http -appsync 4.0, hackulous resources, installous 4, Sources GUI. I would install these one at a time but you can try queing them all at once. I tried to do it all at once and got an error. So to be safe I would add at a time. After this restart the device. HAPPY Apping !!!!!! Please Subscribe

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Hi, I'm Mitch Stevens from Somewhere in Ky.  I'm just a typical Redneck who loves teaching others about technology.  Especially the iOS devices and Mac.  But I enjoy almost anything Tech related.  I was a school teacher for 18 years until 2010 when I took early retirement due to my Health.  My income was extremely low so I started searching for answers and ways to supplement my income online.  Thankfully, my website iPhonecaptain was successful as well as my Youtube channel.  This has helped me become the Entrepreneur I am today.

Author of E-book, “Learn Jailbreaking & Top Tweaks” in Amazon.and enjoys anything tech related.  Just recently released an E-course in Udemy for Yosemite Mac users titled, "Learn Yosemite Plus Tips To Become 10x More Productive".  A "MUST Purchase" for users wishing to get the most from their Mac daily whether your a student or work from home.  Guarantee you will be glad you did.

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