BladeSlinger Ep. 1: Top iOS Action Game For iPhone, iPod, iPad

BladeSlinger Ep. 1: Action Packed iOS Game Review


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BladeSlinger is an action packed, third person shooter, iOS game offering stunning graphics developed by the company Kerosene.  BladeSlinger was first discussed a year ago but never was released.  However, it’s currently live in US App store for $2.99 for your gaming pleasure now.  BladeSlinger has been one of the most anticipated iOS games released this year.  Several gaming review sites have called it the game of 2012.  Although that is a bold statement the graphics are stunning to say the least and it has an interesting story line to go along with each chapter of gameplay.

Bladeslinger Ep.1 - Kerosene
BladeSlinger was developed to run on the higher end mobile devices such as the iPhone 4, iPod 4th gen. and newer devices except all iPad versions..  Users running older devices are out of luck at this time for BladeSlinger.  Hopefully, the developers will update the game for older devices as well.


BladeSlinger is an action packed third person shooter which players must defeat multiple enemies at once.  The story takes place in a fictional town called Hammers Peak.  It has touch screen controls much like those in Infinity Blade 2 which should’t come as no big surprise since both games are running on Unity software.  BladeSlinger takes gamers on a journey like no other.  Coming home from battle, BladeSlinger realizes his days of battle may not be behind him after all.  Once returning to his home town he sees all the turmoil he’s walked in to.  Enemies begin attacking him forcing him with no alternative besides kill or be killed.  Use the special skills and moves BladeSlinger can perform to gain control of the town.  Each level or Chapter has a story line to go along with the game play.


Overall, BladeSlinger is an awesome third person shooting game.  It’s interactive as well as entertaining with stunning graphics and audio.  For the most part the controls were ok but having to perform multiple moves at once can be challenging with the touch screen controls.  I think iOS gamers will thoroughly enjoy playing BladeSlinger.  Get it today in the US App store for $2.99.  Watch the video review below for a closer look at BladeSlinger.  Feel free to leave any comments below.