Write It!! Versus Free iOS App Review: Challenge Others Writing Stories


Write It!!! Versus Free App Review

Do you enjoy writing and keeping against others?  Write iT!!! Versus Free  Is a new iOS application which can be used for entertainment or educational strategies.  I have been teaching school for the past fifteen years and I can vouch first hand that writing is one of the subjects students tend to be weak.


Parents can download this application for home use as well as teachers can use it in the classroom.  Technology is a wonderful strategy to use in order to get kids interested.  The object of the game is to write a story including up to three words they provide within the time allotted.  This is a great way to increase creativity, writing ability, and more.  The opponent rates the story and adds more to the story picking up where the first writer left off.  Coins are earned based on how many of the words are included and how fast the story blurb is written.


One of the only problems I see  with this application is players must be able to type fast in order to progress or earn coins and complete the story blurb fastest.  The application includes a patent pending sytem for story generation and creative simulation.  This feature is intended to help players  be better writers.


Write It!! Versus Free has two versions for players to choose.  There is a free and a paid version available in the app store.  The paid version is available for $0.99 in app store.  The app also includes social media integration for sharing with friends online.


Download the Free Version today and try Write It!! Versus Free.  Use the download button above to try it today.