WorldCard HD – the Intelligent Business Card Manager Review


 WorldCard HD – the Intelligent Business Card Manager

WorldCard HD transforms your iPad into an intelligent Customer Relationship Manager. This is the iPad version of the award-winning business card scanning application, WorldCard Mobile. Powered with an advanced version of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, this utilitarian app offers the best of business card scanning

You can decide how you want to view the contacts you have. Either list view or photo view. The list view all your contacts will appear in order rows with a thumbnail profile picture. In Photo view they are listed by showing the card images. Each business card you can add numerous details. Such as name, address, company name, job title, email even the department they work in. There is also a notes section for any additional details.

With the OCR option it is possible to scan business cards. This is done with the camera on the device. The information from the card is scanned and put into the contact list. Business card entries may need minor modifications but generally the software is precise and highly accurate.

The last folder within the app is Maps. This is a great feature of Google Maps integrated within the app and is ideal for getting a contacts location and if need be directions. Saves you having to email or ring for information you can just find it all out yourself


Best of all, WorldCard HD looks absolutely fantastic on the iPad and works equally well on all versions of the iPad. The tabs we mentioned earlier make navigating the app a breeze, while the cards themselves render like fine, Greek art.


I feel the app is little expensive and some times the recognition also seems not good with iPad2 comparing to the iPad3.

WorldCard HD is available in the iTunes store for $14.99