How To Solve iOS Battery Drainage-Ultimate Guide

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Guide For Battery Drainage On iOS Battery Tips & Tricks

Battery drainage has been an issue with  the iPhone since it released.  It seems we here the most about battery drainage around the release of s new firmware update.  There’s many things users can do to improve battery power.  I’m not here to tell you how to turn off everything in iOS which makes the iPhone or iPad the great devices they are.  That seems sorta stupid from how I see things.  If you buy an iOZS device you did that to be able to use the features which make iOS the great devices they are.  So lets take a look around iOS and see what we can do to predict or pinpoint the problem.  It’s really not as difficult as you might think.


Battery Improvement for iOS Devices.  The tips and tricks we are going to share with you today were discovered by an individual who worked at a Genius Bar Apple store for over two years.   During the time at the Genius Bar they decided to keep anecdotal evidence on battery depletion and what caused it.  The first thing you need to do is figure out if you really do have a battery depletion problem.  This can be done by doing a bit of Math and comparing usage time to stand by time.  Usage time is how long you have used the device were Standby time is how long the device has been sleeping or dormant plus the usage time.  The usage time should by  considerably lower than the Standby time unless you have been using the device every since you unplugged it from the charger.



Determine if you need a battery replacement and battery tips for saving power throughout the day.


How to Test the iOS Devices Battery

The test is very simple to perform.  Write down the usage time and the Standby time on a piece of paper. This information can be found by going to Settings ^ General ^ Usage  Put the device to sleep for five minutes.  After the time has passed check the Usage time and Standby time.  The Standby time should have increased by five minutes and the usage time will increase by one minute or less.  If the usage time has increased over a minute chances are you have a legitimate battery drainage problem.  Below you can find several tips for improving battery drainage.


Disable Location and Background App Refresh Settings > General > Background App Refresh

Based on much extended testing by the Genius Bar employ, Facebook location services and background app refresh was one of the biggest problems for draining battery power.  After disabling these services users will see a substantial increase in battery power.


One of the most popular animations on the iOS 7 devices is the ability to double tap the home button and flip up on any app to close it.  Many users seem to think this is a rocket launching game.  Users should know this takes battery power to perform this animation.  Another important thing to remember too is the next time users open that app they closed from the app switcher, the iOS device will have to reload the application completely before opening it.


Users who close all the background application on a regular basis thinking it saves battery power, it does just the opposite.  The iOS device will need to reload the app in its entirety the next time its called on to be opened.  Users should look for the applications which use the most power to run in the background such as Skype, which continuously looks for incoming VOIP calls.

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Disable Push Email Temporarily Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Push can be one of the batteries greatest enemies.  The study showed Push can be the culprit for huge battery drainage.  Due to the Push feature getting stuck looking for incoming email on Exchange servers.  So try changing the servers settings to see if that helps.  Try turning on Fetch every hour, thirty minutes, or fifteen minutes.  Users could try disabling Push only on certain mail accounts to see how it effects battery.


Disable Notifications for Apps Which Don’t Need it Settings > Notification Center

This seems to be a feature developers automatically enable for no specific reason.  Many applications have notifications when they don’t need them at all.  The developers enable this trying to get you to remember to play.  When in all reality they just annoying the hell out of all of us.



Turn off Battery Percentage  Settings > General > Usage


Turn the battery percentage sing off in the status bar.  This may not directly improve battery power but will discourage users from looking at it all the time.  Users who are constantly looking at this battery percentage symbol are using battery power to light up the screen display.  Although, you aren’t playing games, music, or anything like that, turning the device on does require battery power.  So stop looking at this twenty times a day and just start using some of these tips to get more battery.  At the end of the day I’m certain you will see a difference.





One major reason your device can be running out of battery is poor service


When your iOS device detects low signal it increases power to the antenna for maintaining a data connection and receive calls.  This uses substantial amount of battery power.  For example, if you are in an area which has low service or no service it pumps up the power to the antenna to stay connected.  Poor service can be a result of thick concrete walls, tall buildings, mountains, and other low service areas.  So if you are in No service connection while you are at work all day or for any extended period of time we recommend enabling Airplane mode.  This can be found in the Control Center and tapping the Airplane icon. Settings > Airplane Mode > Enable WiFi 


Ultimate Tip Many Don’t Know


For users with No Cellular Service but have Wi-Fi connection

Settings > Enable Airplane Mode > Choose WiFi Connection

Many users aren’t aware the iPhone receives two different signals, cellular and data.  To disable just the Data connection of your iPhone, head over to Settings > Cellular Data and switch Cellular Data off. Again, doing this will allow you to receive phone calls (if you still have a signal) while maintaining a data connection through Wi-Fi.



I’m certain after using these tips found here you will find improved battery life.  If you still aren’t satisfied after using these tips for improved battery life you only have a couple choices left.  Users can add a battery case such as the Mophie Juice Pack or a portable battery charger to use throughout the day.

Watch Video below for additional battery tips and tricks.

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