Top Ten Cydia Tweaks October 2011 Week 2

Favorite Cydia Tweaks October 2011
1. iSlideText allows the user to customize the text inside the slide bar on the lockscreen to anything they want. Now instead of it saying, “slide to unlock”, you can apply this tweak and have anything you want in the slide bar. This works pretty nice compared to previous attempts before. NSSTRINGS DID THIS BUT IT DIDN’T WORK ON THE IPHONE ONLY THE IPOD. That was my experience anyway. Check back for more. FREEcallbar
2. Callbar puts a bar across the status bar when you receive a call. You can accept the call or deny. It also shows the number calling. See all this in a glance. $3.99
3. iScheduler SmS– don’t forget to tell the sweetie Happy Birthday or Anniversary. Send a text automatically and when you get home she will be all yours. Send important text to yourself for reminders. This truly is an awesome tweak. $7.99
4. BARREL– great tweak to add a little something different to your springboard. Mske the icons curl as you scroll from page to page. It has a few different setting to choose curl,cube inside, cube out side,Stairs up or down, and more.
5. DeepEnd– make the background look 3D. It only works with the right kind of backgrounds Free
6. Double @– assign any thing to type when you double tap the @. This is trul the most used tweak on my iphone. I have my email assigned and this keeps me from having to type it over and over. Free
7. GravityLockScreen– instead of the same old boring slide to unlock. This adds a little physics to the way your lockscreen opens. It will slide up and bounce depending on how much gravity and bounce you have it set.
8. MobileNotifier– This is another one of my must have. Put all your notifications on your lockscreen the way it was suppose to be. It requires adding a repo to you sources Must add before you can download. FREE
10.Safari Home Button– add home button to selection on bottom bar