Top Photography Application for iPhone 4S

Top Photography Application for iPhone 4S

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There has been very much talk about the camera since the release of the iPhone 4S. There has been much interest in the camera inside the iPhone for its. It has the eight megapixel rear facing camera. This is by far the most advanced cell phone camera up to date. This allows the user to have access to a great camera to capture photos at any time. There is no need to carry an extra camera device to capture these pictures. Now it’s as simple as opening your application(s) on your iPhone to capture great quality pictures. It also has the capability of taking 1080 P video. This is remarkable for the iPhone ability. I am going to share a few of my favorite photo applications with you today. They are in no particular order and I would will begin with Plus this is a sample application and it cost a dollar 99 the Apple store you can add effects, borders, cropped, seems, adjust the picture and much more it also has the ability to share with Facebook and twitter. As well as save to your device. You can create light boxes inside the application and edit the pictures however you want. This application has been available for a few months but it is still one of the top photo applications available in my personal opinion.

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The next application I use quite a bit for taking pictures and editing pictures he has called camera plus. I use this lot to take video. The reason I like this application for video is it is so simple to start and stop the application. You can set it to start by just simply tapping the screen anywhere. You don’t have to The little camera sample in order to start the application or start with a video or take the photo. It has the option to add several effects and it has a video and photo Apple separately. If you want to upgrade to the Pro version 4 a dollar 99 you get a few more features.


Another great pick picture application is called top camera. This application has been available for a few months but it is still quite need. What I like most about this application is its ability to focus on any part of the picture being taken. If you want to focus on the person standing inside a crowd of people you simply tap on the person you want to focus in on. It then take will take the picture focused around the part of the pictures that you desire. It has several settings you can save it into different locations you can change the camera quality, the video tomorrow, the size of the photos, and more work. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, temperature, white balance, exposure, soon, and much more. It also allows you to add a geo-tag for the location the picture was taken. I really like that offered. It also it also can be exported to the location the user desires.

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Flare is another great photo application. It also allows the user to focus on a particular part of the photo being taken. You just simply tap your finger and it to focus around the desired location. You can use it to take video. You can then share the video with and marry you wish through e-mail. This application used your more toward the video gallery. I have used this to take several videos and it does a great job.


The next application I will share with you is called color splash. It has been around several months and many of you are probably already used it. It’s a simple and fast way to change the style and color of a photo. It as is pizzazz to any photo taken by anyone. It makes it look very professional. I have included a video review of some of the applications we have discussed in this article. I hope you enjoy the video review below. If you find the information on this video helpful please subscribe and check back to this site often. Update my site on a daily basis.