Top iPhone 5 Game “Le Vamp” App Review



Le Vamp iOS App Review


Le Vamp is a new arcade game for iOS devices that has many cool features. The title Le Vamp translates to The Vampire and that is who you are in the game. Your character is seen in the opening video terrorizing citizens of we assume France because many of the features in this game have the French language instead of English. After you finish terrorizing  the civilians they revolt and start to chase you, and that’s where the game begins. You run through a forest trying to stay alive as long as possible. There are many things that can help or hinder your success in the game. To gain health you flick pigs at yourself which you eat and gain health. The obstacles you must over come are rivers, sunlight, and monsters. Each obstacle you hit lowers your health meter and when it runs out the villagers catch up to you and it’s game over.

•Deadly Challenges: Nine different types of enemies and hazards block Le Vamp’s fun, including the meat monster; Le Wurst, the Pumpkin Pile, and others!

•Finger Fun: Cut, yank, smash, block, fling and destroy with simple gestures!

•Wield Dark Powers: Take advantage of powers like Sunblock, Bat Form and more to help Le Vamp overcome obstacles!

•Upgrade: Gather coins to upgrade the powers available to Le Vamp!

•Gothic Style: Offering a mixture of cute and cartoony with a dash of the macabre, Le Vamp’s world is wonderfully colorful and surreal.

•Beat Your Friends: Compare scores and achievements across multiple social networks!

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Enjoy more Le Vamp!



The art style in Le Vamp is that of a classic cartoon game. You shuffle along the ground to travel and turn into a bat when jumping off a cliff. The main challenge in the game is the amount of things you must do to survive. You need to throw pigs at your character to gain health, swipe up to reveal spike monsters and kill them. Swipe down to crush brutes, cut trees, collect coins, and all the while running from the villagers. There are power ups to help you along the way. The bat power up turns you into a vampire bat and you fly over ground threats so they cannot hurt you. A double coins elixir which, as the title entails, doubles the amount of coins you collect in a set time. With these coins you can travel to the crypt and purchase upgrades like more health, longer power ups, and many more items that help you survive. If you don’t manage to survive you die and a screen comes up saying ‘Fin’, which means ‘The End’.


Finally Le Vamp is an awesome game that is different from all of the running survival games. This game is definitely a yes to buy because of its replay value, cool graphics, and there are not many apps where you protect a vampire.