Top iOS Accessories

Some users may have different products favorites. I have used many of the different iPhone and iPad 2 accessories. I have gained all my knowledge through trial and error. I have used many accessories I have enjoyed and others I have not using. The accessories I am sharing here are those I use personally each day.

The first thing a user thinks after they purchase their idevice is protection. It only makes sense a person would want to protect such an expensive item. There are many dozens of cases to choose from for protecting your device.  This can be a little overwhelming for anybody.

My favorite protective case I use more than any other case is by ZooGues called “Genius” iPad case. This case has many features and can accommodate most any situation.  If you are using your device in bed it serves as a platform to rest the device in your lap or on a pillow.  If you want to use your device to type that’s no problem either.  It has a stand on the back of the case that Velcro’s in place.  After this is velcroed it will remain in position until the user physically changes the position. If you want to use the case to watch a movie in the back seat of the car it has a strap to secure the iPad to the headrest.  I truly think this is one of the most versatile cases on the market at this time.  To read more about these cases and purchase one visit

If you are more business oriented and wish to have a more elegant case for your iPad visit Piel Frama.  They offer the most elegant cases for any occasion.  They come in several different colors or style.  If you need a leather case they have the most beautiful available.  They have cases with crocodile patterns made of leather that are beautiful. I think any iPad owner would appreciate the beauty of these cases.  For more information or to purchase a case from Piel Frama visits their site at

Some users may need to type more than others or have a job that may require more typing.  If that’s the case a Bluetooth keyboard may be the best type case for you.  I have used several different styles and brands of the Bluetooth keyboards.  I think there are several brands that have features worth discussing.  It’s hard to say this case is the best when there are so many great cases on the market that offer so many wonderful features.  I think it’s best to describe the best cases and allow the readers to make their own choice as to which case they choose to buy.

The first Bluetooth case I think has great features is the Zaggfolio Bluetooth keyboard case.  This is truly an awesome iPad accessory.  It is a workhorse for typing and has a keyboard that greatly resembles the Mac Book Pro.  It comes with a USB charger and can be easily removed from its case.  The keyboard easily slides in/out of the case.  It also has a slot for positioning the iPad in to portrait or landscape position.  The case closes securely for carrying and transporting. The iPad and the keyboard both close inside the case keeping the iPad well protected.  Visit to purchase a case.

The next Bluetooth case I enjoy using is the Manhattan Bluetooth iPad case. It has features like the Zagg.  The greatest difference in the Manhattan case is made of leather and has a leather flap with a magnet for closure. This is a very stylish case and offers great iPad protection too.  It’s really personal preference that one must consider.  If you want a leather case or plastic.  Visit to purchase this type of case.

The Kensington Bluetooth iPad case is another great iPad Bluetooth case.  It is made of leather and has many great user features.  First, the keyboard is very easy to type on.  The keys on the keyboard are positioned very well.  Some keyboards I have used, the keys were so close together I couldn’t type without making a mistake every other word. I would hit the wrong key thinking I was hitting the right key. To purchase a Kensington Case visit

We all know the iPad sound system isn’t great.  But what can you expect for a personal idevice with such a small speakerin such a terrible location.  If you are looking to beef up your iPad wattage consider the Manhattan Bluetooth speaker system.  By using the Bluetooth connection there’s no wires to untangle or fight.  You simply link the iPad with the speakers and you are ready to rock.  They sound very good with no distortion and offer great Bluetooth coverage range.  Purchase these speakers at

Another very important accessory for any idevice is a stylus.  Depending on which device you are using the stylus on is the determining factor for which brand and style that’s needed.  For sake of this article we will use the iPad.  Like many other accessories I have bought my share of stylus.  The stylus brand I find myself using more than any other is the Kensington.  It’s a combination stylus and pens both.  It’s very light and well balanced.  You will find in time as you use any idevice the fewer or less you touch the screen the fewer streaks you will have on the screen.  Many people will probably disagree with that statement but I am a firm believer in using a stylus.  Not only does it reduce the smear on the screen but they are much easier to point or select an item or word than using your finger.  Purchase a stylus like these from

This list might seem a bit long but these are some of the best accessories available.  I feel by combining the iPad 2 or any idevice with these accessories will enrich any user’s experience using their idevice.  If you have any comments feel free to leave them below.