Top iOS 5 Action Games April 2012

Five iOS 5 Action Packed Games



Many iOS gamers have been waiting for the first review, Max Payne. This game has a cool story line about a cop who must defend his name.  I won’t give it all away.  Second, an awesome action packed fighting game titled, King of Fighting-I.  This game has many of the same features as Mortal Combat.  If you enjoy MC, you will love playing KOF-I.  Third, one of my all time favorites, Infinity Blade 2.  This game is about as action filled as they come.  Fourth, somewhat of a sport type game but still plenty of action, Real Racing 2.  This game can be controlled manually or through the accelerometer.  I personally enjoy the accelerometer feature.  It makes driving the car seems more realistic.  The game can also be played on the Mac, and the iOS device can be used as the steering wheel.  This makes driving seem very real.  Last, but not least is My Paper Plane 3.  This game steers a whole lot like RR2.  It’s a simple game to play but very entertaining.  I hope you enjoy the video review of each of these games.  Please leave a comment.  Which game is your favorite?