Top Free Cydia Tweaks 2012

Awesome Free Cydia Tweaks

Here’s a video which shares the latest top free cydia tweaks for April 2012.  I hope you enjoy the list.  If you have a favorite please add to comments for others to try.

Top Twenty Cydia Tweaks 2012

  1. Vuziq – adds video ringtones
  2. App Slider – choose two apps to open from lockscreen
  3. NoOTA Badge –removes the “1” from the setting icon for latest Apple iOS updates.
  4. NCSettings- enable/disable different toggles for displaying in notification Center.
  5. SBSettings –quickly enable or disable things such as wi fi and others.  Can be set to open through activator.
  6. App Mosaic – Categorizes the top 200 free and paid apps in the Apple app store.
  7. WeeTool Box –quickly turn on off different things suich as wifi, airplane, and others.
  8. Cydelete- fastet and simplest way to delete cydia appliocations.  Adds an “x” to all the cydia apps.  Put in wiggle mode and tap to delete.
  9. IconRotator –rotate icons 360 degrees.  The icons are always right side up, no matter how iphone is held.
  10. Curiosa –displays cydia updates in notification center.
  11. Zeppelin – add your favorite logo such as iphonecaptain to your status bar.
  12. ColoredKnob –choose from several different colors for the lockscreen slider.  Looks like Apple created it.
  13. Wee Space Notification – shows a snap shot of each page in notification center.  If you need an app on the second page simply tap it to be taken to the second page of apps.
  14. Speed Intensifier –great way to increase the animation speed.  Makes the device appear to run much faster.
  15. Double at –add your email by simply tapping the @ twice.  Assign any group of words you wish.  Email is just what most people use.
  16. SMS Timestamp – adds the date and time to text messages.  Looks like Apple implemented it.
  17. 360 mobile- block obnoxious calls or text messages.  Make the line appear busy, hang up, or just ignore the call.
  18. QuickLock2- Lock device from the springboard.
  19. WeeClose Apps –close one app at a time or all. Customize however you wish.  It adds a slider to notification center.
  20. WeeRoll lite –adds different animation when you pull down the notification center.