Top Free Cydia Tweaks 2012 For iPhone 4S and iPad 2

After the Fresh Jailbreak of the iPad and the iPhone 4S one needs to check out these awesome free tweaks in Cydia.  Let me know what you think.

iStartup Sound

You will need to supply your own sound. Place file as /var/mobile/startup.wav. The file may be in mp3, wav or caf format, though it must be named “startup.wav” and reside in/var/mobile

This is an awesome tweak that will play a sound when the iPhone has finished booting (or respringing). My favorite startup sound is Mac Chime Startup soundThis can be downloaded in Cydia too.

iStartup Movie

iStartupMovie allows you to get put your favorite video to play while you unlock your iDevice. This tweak works on all devices and is absolutely free! Just make sure to place your new video files .mov or .m4v file in the following location.  This requires iFile(Cydia App) /var/mobile/Library/StartupMovies via SSH. To choose what clips play, use the iStartupMovie Manager application that will appear on your SpringBoard after installation.  It comes with two selections preinstalled.   It adds a short video animation each time you  reboot, shutdown, turn on, or even respring your device.




This simple Cydia tweak adds a better look for the iOS 5 Notification Center. Blurs the background making the center much easier to read. You can customize opposite aspects to your confused credentials such as a Gaussian blue ratio and a Divide Ratio.  This tweak may slow down or delay the notification center while its opening.

Clean Status

By removing the carrier name, battery icon, and a few other symbols you can give your iDevice a totally different appearance.


This tweak has been a favorite ny most who jailbreak. SBSettings allows you to have a toggle menu pull down from your status bar. This makes it simple to turn on and off wifi, Bluetooth, brightness, airplane, and much more. The great thing about it is it’s free, and there are tons of add-ons to personalize to your individual needs.

No Spot

Ever get tired of scrolling too far and getting that stupid spotlight screen? No Spot fixes that. No Spot completely gets rid of the spotlight screen making your home screen the farthest screen you can get to.


A system-wide tweak that lets you set up custom activation gestures and commands for anything on your device. Want to open the ipod application with a pinch gesture on your Springboard? Open the Mail app by swiping down from the status bar. Activator is THE one must-have, and it’s free

Slider Pro

Add the time, date, and much more to the screens slider.  Put the camera incon on the slider for fast activation.  Change the slider to tap to unlock.  Nice tweak

iCon Renamer

Some of the Cydia tweaks have very long names.  This simple tweak allows the user to rename the application whatever they wish.  Simply double tap the icon to perform the rename.

Speed intensifier

Speed up your iphone’s animations.  The iphone operating system is packed full of sliders, animations, and more.  It takes time to perform these task.  By speeding up the time it takes to open a page or app helps improve the overall speed of the iphone.  The best part of this tweak is its free.  So give it a whirl what do you have to lose?

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