Top Five ControlCenter Tweaks iOS 10 Yalu Jailbreak 2017

We have the top five controlcenter tweaks iOS 10 which can be installed today.  These tweaks have been tested and proven to be 100% safe on our very own personal iOS 10.2 devices.  I am running them on the iPhone 6 with iOS 10.2.  My device hasn’t shown as much as a glitch while using these tweaks.

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I am thinking about tilting my Top Five Tweaks series,  Under Five to Stay alive.  What do you think?  Let me know in thew comments.  Personally, I think ten tweaks per video was just too many to share features and give the tweaks adequate attention. It made the videos entirely too long.  Please take a moment to share what you think in the comments below.  If you rather have ten per video that’s exactly what we will do.  Your opinion does matter.

Top Five ControlCenter Tweaks iOS 10 Yalu Jailbreak

Cream 2 allows you to customize the colors of the toggles along the top of control center as well as the glyph color of Airdrop, Airplay, and night shift buttons.  I guess you could say this allows users to customize the colors of the control center to however they choose.  Cream 2 is available in BigBoss Repo and it’s free so grab a download today.

Top Five ControlCenter Tweaks iOS 10 Yalu Jailbreak

HorseShoe is also free and available in Xarold Repo.  This is one of my favorite control center tweaks for the simple fact is its clean and does what it needs to without a lot of bulk or added useless features.  HorseShoe is one of those tweaks I’m sure Apple has looked at and thought, Why didn’t we do this?  I think we can probably look for this in an upcoming release of new firmware.  It just looks like it belongs in Apple iOS period.  Horseshoe reduces the bulk of control center by combining the music control page into the toggles page eliminating theneed to have the extra page completely.  The brightness toggle and volume are in the same locations too.  Just tap the one you wish to adjust to the left of the slider.  Definitely, one of my favorite tweaks in iOS 10

Top Five ControlCenter Tweaks iOS 10 Yalu JailbreakNoctis (iOS 10) is now in the BigBoss repo for $2.  The developer recently ported it to BigBoss and we are glad he did.  Noctis also is one of those tweaks which looks like it was built directly into iOS 10.  /It just belongs there and that’s exactly where I will keep it.  It adds a toggle which allows users to turn dark mode on/off for control center.  So if you are tired of the glare at night or just love its awesome look, checkout out I’m certain you will love it.  Apple you just missed out.

Top Five ControlCenter Tweaks iOS 10 Yalu Jailbreak

FlipControlCenter has been around for a few jailbreaks now and comes from one of the jailbreak communities top developers Ryan Petrich.  He always does awesome work and did just the same here.  FlipControlCenter is free and available in Ryan Petrich Repo  This tweak allows customizations for the top row of toggles to be anything the user wishes and order them however you choose.  It allows users to have as many toggles as they choose per page from 2-6 per page. Users may have 1-3 rows per page also making the number of toggles much greater than Apples five in iOS 10.  Again, this is one of my favorite iOS 10 ControlCenter Tweaks and one of the must haves.

Closing out the list is Platters.  Platters is a much-needed app switcher style tweak added in ControlCenter.  It allows users to open apps directly from the ControlCenter and add favorites to have all the time.  Platters allow the user customization for which apps they choose for favorites also.  Users simply go into settings and choose which apps they prefer to have as favorites.  Simply swipe the page to open your favorite apps without leaving control center or use the list of apps currently opened being built as you are using iOS 10.  Platters is one of those tweaks also which just looks like it was built to be here and should have been here all along.  Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.