Top Cydia Tweaks (3-20-12)

Top Five Cydia Tweaks For 3-20-12


This is a little different from previous tweak weeks.  Reason being, I have included a WinterBoard themes for Siri.  Seems like with all the hype arounsd the release of the new ipad this week most developers have held or delayed the release of most tweaks.  Maybe it was just a slow week.  Any old how, without further delay on my part, the tweaks this week are as follows:


  1. iMPerium -$0.99 BiGBoss Repo
  2. TweetBot Detoxed Chocolate- Free – BigBoss Repo
  3. DockHide –Free – BigBoss Repo
  4. WebSpot –Free- BigBoss Repo
  5.  SiriTalksSports- Free – BigBoss Repo




These are some of the best tweaks for the previous week.  I am going to try to keep doing this each week.  As long as you guys watch it I will post it.  So, tell all your friends to tell their friends on so on.  Feel free to tweet my videos, post to Facebook, or any other place you wish.  Help me get the word out about my site too.  Thanks for being awesome viewers and dedicated jailbreakers