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Top Cydia Sources/Repo 2017 For iOS 10 Jailbroken Devices

The first thing you will want to do after Jailbreaking your iOS 10 device is add some reputable Top Cydia sources 2017.  Cydia sources are also referred to as repositories or repo’s.  These are the domain url locations where the tweaks and themes are hosted.  After users jailbreak their device they will automatically have a few of the popular repo’s installed such as BigBoss Repo and ModMyi Repo just to name a couple.  However, there will be others installed and to take a peak just tap on “manage” at the bottom of the screen inside the Cydia application. Top Cydia Sources 2017 list below will add the best sources possible to your device.

New Sources List Added March 16, 2017 iOS 10 | iOS 10.1.1 | iOS 10.2 Best Sources Repo List for Yalu Jailbreak 2017

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Top Cydia Sources 2017 Yalu Jailbreak iOS 10.2 Ready

The next thing you will need to know how to do is add new repo’s or sources to your jailbroken device.  For the purpose of this writing we will be referring to sources as repo’s for short from this point on in the post.  Adding a repo is pretty simple and straightforward and takes just a couple seconds and taps of the screen.  Keep in mind this can only be done on a jailbroken device.  Be sure you are on WiFi and have WiFi enabled on your jailbroken device.

You will need to open the Cydia application and after it loads up tap “more packages” at the bottom of the screen.  The time it takes to load the Cydia application depends directly on the number of repo’s you have installed.  This is why we recommend keeping the list of repo’s under ten repos or less.  The fewer repo’s you have installed the faster Cydia will load up when you open it.  It’s very important to only use reputable repo’s and the repo’s which have the most to offer.  Some tweak developers host their own tweaks on their own personal repo, this is a common practice among well-known devs in the jailbreak community.  One example of this is Ryan Petrich, which is one of the top tweak developers in Cydia and the jailbreak community.  He has been developing tweaks and such for as long as I have been jailbreaking. 

Watch the video below which shows step by step how to add a repo on Jailbroken device.  Check out our favorite post How To Enter or Exit Safe Mode or Recovery Mode on iOS devices

How to install Top Cydia Sources 2017 on Jailbroken Devices

  1.   Open the Cydia Application you will have different options across the bottom of the screen 1. Cydia 2. Sections. 3. Changes 4. Manage  5. Search  across the bottom screen
  2.   Tap “manage” at the bottom of the screen inside Cydia.  This will open a screen which has three options  1. Packages. 2. Sources. 3. Storage  Tap “Sources
  3.   This will open a screen listing all the repo’s currently installed on your jailbroken device.
  4.   In the top right corner tap “Edit” and “add” in the left corner.  This will open a pop up which users can type in the url of the repo they wish to install.  Inside the pop up box enter the url of the repo and tap “Add Source”
  5. After entering the url and tapping “add source” Cydia will download the information from the new repo onto your jailbroken device.

Cydia screen

To see what’s available in the new repo or any repo just opens Cydia > Manage > Sources >”select the repo you wish to look through”. If you find a tweak you wish to install just tap on it and choose download.  Some tweaks are paid and will require users to enter payment information.  This info is 100% encrypted and safe.  I have been using Cydia for almost ten years now without any issues relating to my payment info.  Users can and should feel 100% safe.

Top Sources for iOS 10 Jailbroken Devices 2017

  1. Ryan Petrich
  2.   iCleaner Pro
  3.   CP Digital DarkRoom.   
  4.   HashBang Productions
  5.   F.lux Official Repo
  6.   Xsellize
  7.   Elijah and Andrew Repo
  8.   HackYouriPhone Repo.
  9.   BiteYourApple Repo
  10.   insanelyi Repo


Ryan Petrich Repo offers many different great tweaks of which most are free.  Petrich is one of the jailbreak communities top tweak developers.  He offers some of the best known tweaks in the community.  Example:  Tweaks such as Activator which is included in many different tweaks to help enhance the function of them.  Activator allows users to set up personalized functions on their devices.  On I use all the time is tapping status bar to take a screenshot.  This is only one example of many available in Activator.

Even though we are against piracy of all forms here at iPhonecaptain, there’s still a few users who Jailbreak who think the only reason to Jailbreak is to get Free Cracked Apps or Cracked Tweaks.  Hopefully, one day these users, who we still love, will understand the purpose of cracked apps and tweaks isn’t just to be free. So if you are searching for such repo’s we have a few listed below which offer most anything free and are pretty safe to use. We think you will find these repo’s enjoyable.  Be sure to share this list and post with all your friends on social media and don’t forget to smash that like button too.  It really helps more than you know.

Top Sources For Cracked Apps and Tweaks 2017

  1.   BiteYourApple Repo
  2.   insanelyi Repo
  3.   HackYouriPhone Repo
  4.   xSellize Repo

Although, there may be several others out there these are the only four we would suggest using.  When downloading cracked apps its very crucial to know where you are getting them.  They could be viruses or something which could harm your Jailbreak.  This is the reason I hardly ever use these type of apps or tweaks. Besides feeling like I have stolen money from the developer who made the app or tweak getting a bad tweak or cracked app could cause users to have to restore.  Depending on the time this happens it could cost users their Jailbreak. icleaner pro tweak

iCleaner Pro is a good repo to download a must have tweak from called iCleaner Pro developed by Ivano Bilenchi.  This will help users keep their Jailbroken devices cleaned of any corrupt files which may be left over from removing a tweak.  There could be files lingering after a removal of a tweak or theme own your device.


Users wishing to adding better multitasking features to their iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro should consider the repo by CP Digital DarkRoom.  This well known repo host tweaks for improving multitasking and picture in picture on the iPad and iPad pro.

f.lux cydia source

Users who enjoy night mode on earlier firmwares will remember the tweak called F.lux.  This tweak was developed in the Jailbreak community long before Apple ever added it to their iOS 9.3.x devices.  However, even devices running iOS 9.3.x and newer with the “night shift” doesn’t offer some of the options F.lux offers still today.  So if you are running a device before iOS 9.3.x and are jailbroken you might want to check out F.lux.  You may want ti check it out even if your device it newer and jailbroken.  It has a lot of great features which Apple didn’t include in its “Night Shift” mode. 

These are some of the Top Sources for 2017 for users who are jailbroken on iOS 10.  Be sure to check out our other Top Sources from previous years below.  Also, if you found this post helpful please take a moment to share it on Facebook and Twitter.  We would appreciate it if you would follow us on our Facebook and Twitter for more great content like this in the future.

Feel free to leave any comments below and let us know if we missed a Top Source for 2017.  We may just add it to the list and include your name and/or Twitter username in the post if we use it.

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