Top Cydia Apps for May 2011

Top Cydia Apps for May 2011

• I’m not going into how to use these apps. But if you need a tutorial on anything I list just check out my youtube channel: iphone4noob. Please thumbs up and subscribe. I’m trying to make partner and this really helps me out. I also have a Vlog that goes into even more detail @ Come Visit. I update about every day.

1. iFile – once you learn to use this you can do anything here yolu would normally have to ssh. Great app for anybody wanting to theme or make modifications of any kind to their phone.
2. Mobile Terminal – not for beginners. This is a great app to use instead of ssh. No need for computer.
3. Cyfix- fix most cydia repo errors with ease.
4. Cydelete- delete from the springboard like it should be.
5. Facebreak- use facetime over 3G
6. Barrel-animate your springboard in a sense.
7. CameraButtons-use volume buttons to snap photo or video.
8. Folder Enhancer-have more apps in a folder than 12.
9. Infiniboard-have more than twelve apps to a page.

10. Infinidock-place up to ten apps on your dock.

11. Sleep Fx-set your phone when to come on/off.

12. Speed Intensifier-open apps as fast as you want based on a scale included in the settings.

13. Springtomize-many features in one app. A must.

14. Dropbox- save whatever you may need and access from web anywhere. Back up your phone and store it here.

15. Package Backup- saves all your cydia apps for restore if needed. Also, can be set on a schedule.

16. Installous – get any of the paid apps free here.

17. iBlacklist – block any caller or message you don’t want to receive. Can also be set to only accept calls in contact address book on iphone. Great for kids.

18. Ilockscreen – build your own lockscreen and customize however you may want with this.

19. Iwallpaper – about the same as lockscreen only build and customizing wallpaper.

20. Winterboard – Theme your phone however you want.