Top Cydia Apps

  1. Springtomize-this allows the user many different features all in one application and sentence it includes things such as allowing the user to had or disable screen flashed, spotlight, Web search, spate page dots, paging. Capabilities are allows the user to toggle on and off the home screen wallpaper, voice control, from the front camera, HDR, and iPod in descendents this is an unbelievable application the features are in place as to what the user can do another example is it allows the user to modify the lock screen to display the second, the toggle off the lock screen, had the navigation bar, you can resize your icons, you can add more icons in a row or I will pay, as you can see from readiness study of features are in place and it allows many ways to tweak or modify your iPhone.
  2. Infiniboard-this allows the user to scroll board vertically and you can add as many icons as you want each page without being limited to only 16 icons of folders per pay it allows you to have an endless number of icons on each page.
  3. Infinidock– this allows the user to the ability to scroll their dock and add the to TNI icons her page on each page is doc before kicking over to the next page of is a good application I do recommend it I enjoy having on my personal phone myself.
  4. Infinifolder-this allows the user the capability to add as many folders as they may want to to each folder. This is how should the them from Apple to start with.
  5. Winter board this allows the user to add themes colors different below goes to their phone this is walk sepia places their whole tweak around basically without Winterbourne you could add things logos to your phone this is a must for any iPhone jail broken phone
  6. speed intensifier this allows the user the capability to speed their phones applications of based only graph that is supplied you choose a number on the graph one being the low number on the left side have number on the right the higher the number the faster the applications open this is a good application but I have had problems were the application was, up Baxter but it didn’t open faster overall I do think this is a good application.
  7. Icy- another way to download apps.  This is a store like cydia. It loads much faster than cydia.
  8. Ifile – great way to tweak apps and icons by copying and pasting icons from one app to  another.  This is a dangerous app if you aren’t sure how to use it.
  9. Facebreak –use facetime over 3G network anywhere.  Great app
  10. Barrel- adds a way to tweak your icons scrolling around.  Nice app
  11. Camerabuttons- turn your volume buttons on your iphone into a way to snap pics.  Nice
  12. Veency-control your iphone remotely fromyour computer.  Great way to record your phone screen on your computer.  But to do that you will also need Camstudio.
  13. Bosspaper- use all the wallpapers you want to by using this app and setting them to change at different intervals.
  14. Package Backup- save all your setting and apps by backing up your apps.  You can set this to do it at a set time or manually.  Great app a must have for the JB community
  15. Jtv – great app.  You can upload your own videos straight from your iphone. You can watch over 2500 channels.  Must have app
  16. Tapatalk- if you like to stay up to date onall the forums This is a must have app.  Great way to get info on your iphone and app reviews and tweaks.
  17. Imovie- edit all your videos on your iphone before uploading.  Nice editing software
  18. Dreamboard- nice app to get themes.   Good idea and workd fast but at the time of my review it was a bit buggy. But still worth checking out.
  19. PhotoAlbums+ – great way to categorize your photos.   You can add different albums yourself and name them whatever you want.  Well worth the price $1.99 I think
  20. RetinaAppIcons- Gives your iphone all the best icons.  Great app



I probably rambled a little bit more than I should have but overall I wanted to give a little bit of a description with each of the applications that are described as I described them in the form. I hope these help you enjoy your iPhone more and if you can need any help send an e-mail come in see My  website check out my profile I’ll have my site listed there and get many more tweeks and application reviews their see you there.