Two For One Video.. OnebyOneSafari/OneByOneContacts Cydia Tweak


Have you wanted to delete contacts from iphone directly?  These Cydia tweaks make deleting contacts and bookmarks a breeze.  This couldn’t be done until now.  These are awesome tweaks.  You can delete contacts directly from the iphone using OneByOneContacts You can also delete bookmarks inside safari with OnebyOneSafari.  Both tweaks are available in BigBoss Repo […]

Save Photos On iPhone: ImageGrabber Cydia Tweak


ImageGrabber is a cydia tweak, which allows the user to save, copy, or share photos from websites, PDF’s, and more.  The big kicker out of the gate is price, $1.99.  I thought this jailbreak tweak should have been no more than $0.99, if not free.  I have seen many tweaks, which were free, do much […]

Block callers, Keep Private Numbers Private; 360 MobileSafe iPhone App

360 mobile safe

Do you need a way to protect numbers, block calls or text messages?  Store numbers and text messages in a private password protected area.  360 Mobile safe is a way to store or block callers.  Protect any numbers or messages with a passcode.  This is an awesome way to keep unwanted eyes from your personal […]

QuickLock2 Cydia Tweak


Lock your device from the springboard. QuickLock2 places an icon on the springboard which locks the device. This is a much simpler and more convient way to lock the idevice. I know personally I hate using the power button to lock the device. It’s in an awkward position or place completely. This is definitely one […]

Put iPhone In Airplane Mode When Placed Face Down; iSleepWell Cydia Tweak


Tired of being disturbed while your sleeping?  iSleepWell is a jailbreak tweak which puts the iphone into airplane mode when its placed face down.  That’s pretty much all it does.  However, it does have some customizations available under the settings menu.  iSleepWell is available in BigBoss Repo for $0.99.  I think that’s a bit pricey […]

Sbcoders Release Aero In Cydia Store


Aero Cydia Tweak     The developers, Sbcoders, who brought us an awesome tweak called Deck have been working hard to develop their most recent tweak called “Aero”.  Aero allows the user to multitask with style.  This jailbreak tweak has a great Mac feel to it.  Just as most of the other tweaks, Sbcoders have […]

Change The Color Of Clock/Date;ColorClock Cydia Tweak


Color Clock Cydia Tweak       Many users enjoy adding a bit of personal style to their devices.  Some enjoy using themes as well.  The difference in us all is what makes the world such a colorful place.  The jailbreak community has allowed us all to display a bit of personal style through our […]

Add Metallic Music Controls To Springboard; PodControl Cydia Tweak


PodControl Cydia Tweak   We have seen several jailbreak tweaks, which implement the ipod or music controls on the idevices.  This new jailbreak tweak is available for Free in the ModMyi Repo called PodControl.  It does a very nice, clean job including the music controls on the devices springboard.  This tweak adds music controls at […]

Add Twice Dock Icons; DoubleDock Cydia Tweak


DoubleDock Cydia Tweak     DoubleDock is a cydia tweak, which adds more icons to your dock.  It simply doubles the number of dock apps, just as the name implies.  DoubleDock allows the user to put more of their favorite icons on the page.  No matter which page you are on the dock is always […]

Multitask In Landscape Position;SwitcherLand Cydia Tweak


Ever wonder why you couldn’t multitask in landscape position?  Now you can, thanks to the jailbreak community.  Switcherland is a Free tweak available in BigBoss Repo.  It allows the user to multitask in Landscape mode.  Simply double tap the home button as usual to open the tweak.

Adds Mac-like Toolbar To iPhone; CMDTab Cydia Tweak


CMDTab Cydia Tweak CmdTab is a cydia tweak, which adds a cool Mac-like toolbar to springboard.  It may be invoked through activator, which works very nice.  The activator is the only customizable feature of this tweak.  It adds a few predefined shortcuts which are, settings menu, itunes, twitter, messages, wifi settings, Cydia, and terminal.  This […]

Stop Paying Cellular Overage Cost Each Month; Data Usage Monitor Cydia Tweak


Not only is having a jailbroken device cool, it saves you MONEY. How? Most Cellular plans monitor and control the amount of data used each month. You are allotted a certain amount and if you go over, WHAMMMM!!!!! They sock it to you. The overage fees are astronomical. Well I have good news for the […]

Open Camera @ Blink Speed; CamFast Cydia Tweak


Do you get upset trying to find or open the camera app during that perfect shot? This has been a topic since the iphone released in 2007. Apple finally added the camera icon to the lockscreen in iOS 5. However, it does make finding the camera app faster but doesn’t seem to do much for […]