ClockWidget For DashBoardX: Add Clock To Homescreen or dashboard


ClockWidget for DashboardX is developed by the same developer as dashboard, CJori.  The tweaks work seamlessly together.  However, I did have some problems using infiniboard with dashboardX.  I could never get the widgets added to the homescreen. Clockwidget does exactly what you think.  It adds a digital clock to your homescreen or dashboard.  This is […]

Arrange Your iCons Without Entering Wiggle Mode: AlwaysArrange Cydia Tweak


AlwaysArrange is a Cydia Tweak which allows the user to move the icons on the springboard without entering wiggle mode. Simply hold down the icon and move wherever you wish. The tweak works with folders the same way. It really speeds up moving the icons. You can adjust the time frame to hold before allowing […]

Control Brightness From LockScreen: LSBrightSlider Cydia Tweak


LSBrightSlider allows the user to access the volume control from the lockscreen by double clicking the home button. This tweak is available in BigBoss Repo free. It makes controlling thre volume a bit easier.

Speed Up iPhone 4S: iCleaner Cydia Tweak

icleaner 1

iCleaner is a Cydia Tweak available in the BigBoss repo for free. iCleaner removes all the unnecessary files on your iphone such as old log files, cache, safari files, and more. If you are an advanced user you will understand more of the code removal process. I am a code idiot, I know nothing. Therefore, […]

Animate Your Multitasking; Aero Cydia Tweak


Aero Cydia Tweak     Aero is a cydia tweak, which adds animation to your multitasking.  Aero was developed by SbCoders and is available for $1.99 in Cydia stor.  This group of developers has really started to make a name in the ModMyi Repo.  So if you see their name attached to a tweak, chances […]

Control From SpringBoard;Usefullcons Cydia Tweak


Usefullcons Cydia Tweak     Usefullcons is a jailbreak twewak available in ModMyi repo for $0.99.  It adds twelve different icons to the spriongboard.  Each icon can be disabled under the settings menu.  The icons add control for things such as wifi, play/pause music, Siri control, rotation lock, Flashlight, Respring, Reboot, powerdown, Data Togglke, and […]

Add Menu Toolbar To Notification Center; NCSettings Cydia Tweak


NcSettings is a widget toolbar for notification center.  It adds several sbsettings style tools to the notification center in the form of a scrollable toolbar.  The menu can be customized by order or turn on/off the features you don’t wish to use.  The order can be arranged by putting the menu into wiggle mode like […]

NoNoNotifications Cydia Tweak


No No Notifications is a Cydia tweak available in ModMyi Repo for Free. When there are no new notifications to display iOS 5 adds white text on the screen, which reads “No New Notifications.” By Adding NoNo Notification Cydia Tweak it eliminates this text. The text isn’t very appealing to say the least. So I […]

iConRotator: iCons Switch Between Landscape and Portrait Views


Ryan Petrich is known throughout the Cydia World for his great work.  iConRotator is no exception to that thinking.  Since the iphones release and jailbreaking began users and developers have been wanting to make their icons change positions with respect to the iphones position. iConRotator is a Free Cydia tweak which requires adding a repo.  […]

MusicBanners Cydia Tweak


MusicBanners –Allows the user to display banners for music track changes in notification center, lockscreen, or alerts.  Does not add any icons or settings to configure.  Just simply install and see the tracks appear.  See what song is playing as they change or while they play.  MusicBanners is an awesome tweak for the audiophile or […]

ColoredKnob Cydia Tweak(UPDATED)


ColoredKnob- was released early Feb. 2012.  When it was first released it only offered three colors for the slider, red, green, and gray.  The latest update has brought several more colors.  The developer must have heard our request.  So now they offer many others.  Please see the screen shot below for a complete list.  Please […]

Cydia Tweak Zephyr Gets Update


Zephyr is a great multitasking tweak available in Cydia store for $2.99.  It was released a few weeks ago in Cydia.  Developed by the hacker Chpw and currently in the Big Boss Repo for $2.99.  This is one on my favorite tweaks or apps.  The updates eliminate the need of going home each time you […]