Put iPhone In Airplane Mode When Placed Face Down; iSleepWell Cydia Tweak


Tired of being disturbed while your sleeping?  iSleepWell is a jailbreak tweak which puts the iphone into airplane mode when its placed face down.  That’s pretty much all it does.  However, it does have some customizations available under the settings menu.  iSleepWell is available in BigBoss Repo for $0.99.  I think that’s a bit pricey […]

ActionSlider Cydia Tweak


I tried several times to get this tweak to work but it continued to crash. It does work I have seen it myself. I apparently have something installed which is conflicting. Rather than spend two hours trying to figure it out I thout I would just share a written review. ActionSlider allows the user to […]

Monitor iPhone Data Use: Data Monitor Cydia Tweak


Do you need to Monitor your data use on the iPhone?  Data Monitor is another perk of being jailbroken.  Data Monitor allows the user to keep track of how much data they are using daily, weekly, or monthly.  It can be set to send alerts at specific amounts of data usage.  This is great for […]

Favorite Themes for iPhone 4/4S: Theme Siri and iPhone


One of the reasons many users Jailbreak their idevices is to use themes.  Winterboard allows the users to enable themes to change the look of their device completely.  In order to use themes you must first download Winterboard, which is free inside Cydia.  After downloading the themes they will be categorized and added to Winterboard […]

MusicGestures Cydia Tweak 2012


MusicGestures is a Free Jailbreak Tweak which adds ability to control the stock music app on your device by using gestures.  The tweak offers six different actions to control your music through gestures.  Although its not the most customizable tweak in Cydia I do think many users will enjoy it.  It makes switching your songs […]

Add Animations To Notification Screen: WeeRoll Lite


WeeRoll enables different animations when the notification screen is pulled down.  You can thirteen different animations.  The list of animations is below. Window Switch Pull Down Spiral Stomp Squish Inner Cube Outer Cube Minimize Bounce Width Stretch Height Stretch Zoom and Fade Squish Alternative   WeeRoll lite is free so I recommend trying the lite […]