Add Blank Page For DashBoardX Widgets.. HomeSpringPage


Designate an Entire Page for your widgets. HomeSpringPage Cydia Tweak available free in BigBoss Repo.  It makes the widgets look more native and gives it a cleaner more organized look. Watch the video demo inside.

DoNotDisturb Cydia Tweak: Stop Banner Notifications or sounds


Have you ever been embarrassed by twenty text messages or someone sending several emails only to bug you?????  I have a tweak which will stop this kind of annoyances. DoNotDisturb lets you control when notification sounds are made.  Control banners and sounds using this tweak.

Customize Notification Banners Color/Animation: Chip Cydia Tweak


Change the color of your notification anyway you wish. Add different animations to banners and more. Purchase it today in BigBoss Repo for $1.99

Widgets On An iPhone???? DashBoardX Awesome Cydia Tweak


Add widgets to your homescreen or create a Dashboard with Widgets.  The dashboard looks like the notification center widgets mostly.  However, when I was trying to get my home screen widgets to install I couldn’t.  I think there are many bugs left to work out.  The developer could have rushed this release a few days. […]

Add Color To Volume Hud: VolumeColor Cydia Tweak


VolumeColor is a cool Cydia tweak available in BigBoss repo free.  The tweak adds awesome color to the much needed volume hud.  The tweak adds a few customizable settings the user may choose different colors for the hud, adjust opacity, or choose random colors.  The tweak has ten different colors at this time but I […]

Add Music Controls To NC: NCMusic Cydia Tweak


NCMusic for notifications is a cydia tweak which Adds a play and next icon/text at the bottom of the notification center page. This is free tweak available in ModMyi repo free. The tweak isn’t very eye appealing however, it does what it states it will do. So check it out and let me know what […]

Expand Your Vocabulary Indefinitely With SpotDict: SpotDict Cydia Tweak


Have you ever needed to know the meaning of a word on the spur of the moment????  Now thanks to the jailbreak community we can search those words from the spotlight on the iphone.  The tweak is called SpotDict and can easily search for the definitions of any word you need.  SpotDict adds a small […]

Control Screen Brightness By Swiping: SwipeBright Cydia Tweak


Description: SwipeBright is a jailbreak tweak for controlling the brightness by swiping status bar left or right.  Swipe to the left to decrease brightness or swipe to the right to increase.  It does have a few customizations to offer.  The user may also set the tweak to open by any activator needed.  However, the developer […]

Show Available Memory In Notification Center; ncRam Cydia Tweak

NCRam for Notification Center Cydia Tweak

Description: ncRam for Notification Center is a jailbreak tweak, which allows the user to see the amount of available ram free in Notification Center.  Try it out and let us know what you think.  Leave a comment below. Website:   Facebook:   Twitter:   Google plus:   Visit for the […]

Make Calls, Text, Take Photo, and More From Lockscreen Using Fastlock Cydia Tweak


DESCRIPTION: FastLock is an awesome Cydia Tweak, which allows the user to perform many different tasks directly from the lockscreen without unlocking the iphone.  It’s now possible using FastLock, to make a call, text message, notes, take photo, and much more.  The tweak is available in ModMyi repo for $0.99.  I personally think this is […]

Customize Your Text With Message Transformer


Message Transformer is a free cydia tweak which allows the user to change the text into all caps, pig latin(whatever that is), all lowercase, backwards, and more. The text can be copied and pasted into other apps such as notes, Facebook, or Twitter to name a few.  This tweak really doesn’t have a purpose other […]