DetailedBatteryUsage Provides Access to Apple’s Internal Battery Usage Menu


One of the many things that users worry about their device is the battery life which forces them to constantly check to make sure it doesn’t run out. This is why you’ll see many battery related tweaks on Cydia. One such interesting tweak is DetailedBatteryUsage by popular and curious developer Hamza Sood. The tweak unlocks […]

iOS 8.1.1 Update Kills Pangu Jailbreak Do Not Upgrade

iOS 8 jailbreak

Apple released the beta version of iOS 8.1.1 update a few days ago. I thought it was getting time for it to come public soon so I wanted all the great readers of to know to “Stay Away from the Update”. The update patches the exploit used by the Pangu Team to jailbreak the iOS 8 device.

List of all the jailbreak tweaks that work on iOS 8

free cydia tweaks

The Pangu jailbreak for iOS 8 caught us by surprise and although it is a good news, it’s mostly useful to developers since they can take advantage of SSH access in order to update their tweaks for iOS 8, however it doesn’t install Cydia on your device. However, if you’ve already jailbroken your iOS 8 device, check […]

Best Cydia Tweaks of the Week [October 12 – 19]


Over the week, we witnessed a bunch of new jailbreak tweaks and like always, we have compiled a list of the best ones that have been released recently which deserve to be mentioned again. The tweaks range from customizing iOS 7 to making it easier for you to wake up in the morning.

Adjust the app labels on the Home screen with LabelShift


LabelShift is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to adjust the height of the application labels on the Home screen…

Screenshot Extender Offers To Provide You With More Screenshot Taking Features


If you take screenshots on a daily basis or have used it at least once, you will be pleased to find out about a new jailbreak tweak that offers […]

CallLauncher Tweak Adds A Contact To An App Icon


CallLaucher is very useful tweak especially for those who make frequent calls to the same contact. What it does is that it adds a contact icon to any app icon. This is how it looks when you tap on mail icon for instance:

Ultra Widget Tweak Displays All Important Information In One Widget

Ultra Widget

It is very useful to have important information at our finger tips. Ultra Widget provides this opportunity by using the widgets features to display the most useful and related information by using the fully customizable widgets.

ShoutDown Tweak Allows You To Perform Certain Action When You Shout


ShoutDown is a new released tweak that allows you to perform a particular action when you shout a word to your device. It is a handy tool when you want to perform a particular action and all you can do is to yell at your device and see it happening.

Volume+ Tweak Makes Your Volume HUD More Informative


As seen in the picture above, Volume+ adds more detail to Volume HUD. It displays the volume scrubber, the music controls, the song name and album artwork. It additional comes with 2 extra keys which are new message and camera button respectively.

It is important to note that in order to activate the functionality of Volume+, the music should be playing in the background. The volume scrubber feature offered by such tweak is very convenient because you can set the volume level anywhere you want by dragging it across the screen rather than repeatedly pressing the volume press. You can slide the music scrubber to fast forward or rewind the music to where you want it to be. Then you have the music controls for skipping and pausing the current song. The artwork presented is not there just for the sake of