CallLauncher Tweak Adds A Contact To An App Icon


CallLaucher is very useful tweak especially for those who make frequent calls to the same contact. What it does is that it adds a contact icon to any app icon. This is how it looks when you tap on mail icon for instance:

CopyTrans Makes Management Of iTunes Easy


CopyTrans is an application that easily transfer all your media files from iPhone/iPod/iPad to your iTunes library even if the iTunes is on another PC.

Get A More Clear View Of Calendar Event With Calendar For NC Cydia Tweak


If you use the calendar app to record upcoming events, you may have noticed that the only events that show up on the notification center is that of the same day [...]

Downgrade From iOS 8 Beta to iOS 7.1.1

Downgrade From iOS 8 Beta to iOS 7.1.1

5 days back, Apple held WWDC session with developers. I should say, I was held back by the new features of iOS 8 and OS X 10.10. Some features were very new and handy but yet not to perfect. Apple has announced that it will release the beta version the same day for all the developers, a public release of beta during the summer and then will release bug-less iOS 8 in fall.

KeyCuts Cydia Tweak Allows You To Use Gestures On iOS Keyboard To Make Text Edits


Although editing texts using iOS keyboard is not quite difficult, it can be a difficult task for new users. To enhance your experience and thus allow you to quickly make text edits [...]

TapToUnlock7 Cydia Tweak: Unlock The Device With Just A Tap


TapToUnlock7 is a very simple tweak. It just replaces the “slide to unlock” functionality and allows you to unlock your device with just a simple tap. As it is shown in the picture above, TapToUnlock7 tweak replaces the slide to unlock text and functionality with “tap to unlock” text and capability. You need to tap […]

TwitkaFly: Adds Twitter Quick Reply And Compose To Notification Center


This amazing tweak has finally been updated to support the new iOS 7. You may have heard it before or might even have used it. Those who have no idea what this tweak does, this tweak adds a quick reply and compose for twitter right in your notification center. An additional feature to this is that you can add an activator gesture to quick reply for your twitter.

How To Send More Than 10 Photos On WhatsApp


WhatsApp well known for being the most popular messaging service has fostered communication among people worldwide providing an…

Customize the banner notification on your device with TinyBar


When you receive a notification while using your device, a banner appears at the top of your device screen notifying you of the message associated with an app. TinyBar is a new tweak that allows you to customize the banner that appears when you receive a notification.

Customize your banner notification and app switcher animation with Animer7


One of the greatest benefits that jailbreak offers is the ability to customize your device the way you want hence one of the best reasons to jailbreak your device. This is where Animer7 comes into action, a jailbreak tweak that offers you to customize certain elements of your device.

Manage your synchronized photos on iPhone/iPad easily with iDeletePhotos


When you transfer a photo to your device via iTunes, it automatically gets saved into a synchronized album. Any new photo synchronized is added to this album. However you can’t delete any photo from this album as restricted by Apple on their devices.

Tweet Longer Than 140 Characters With Infinite Tweet 2 Cydia Tweak


Infinite Tweet 2 is a new jailbreak tweak released in Cydia that allows you to tweet more than 140 characters and get rid of the character limit imposed by Twitter . The tweak integrates with TwitLonger which is a service that allows you to tweet more than 140 characters . No necessary settings are needed once you install the tweak , you can just go to twitter and type in your phrase without any character restrictions .

Create Notes From Anywhere On Your iDevice With Notecreator


  Notes is a very useful application that I use on a daily basis . However one feature that it lacks is the inability to create notes from anywhere on your iOS device . But this is the main reason of jailbreaking your device . A new jailbreak tweak called Notecreator has been released in […]

Google Maps officially released on iOS App Store


After the removal of Google Maps from iOS 6 , Google has been working to develop a stand-alone map app for iOS . Finally the wait is over , Google Maps was officially released on iOS App Store yesterday for free . Although the application runs on iPad also , it’s made specifically for iPhone […]

SMSOptions Pro Cydia Tweak Review


  SMS Options Pro Cydia Tweak SMS Options Pro adds features to the text messaging app.  It can be downloaded from the MacCiti repo for $0.99.  SMSOptions Pro offers users the ability to delete conversions with one tap.  Besides being able to delete more than one conversion at a time,  it offers  a couple more […]

Get Paid Apps For Free On Non-Jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod


Today Im gonna show you a method which you can use to get paid apps for free . You dont need to worry about anything because this method is completely legal . You’ll download the free sponsored apps , earn coins and redeem iTunes gift card , amazon card or any other cards using these […]

SquareTrade Offers Coverage For Jailbroken Devices With OverNight Shipping Available

Screen Shot 2012-05-06 at 4.06.41 PM

Apple has been very vocal about voiding warranty coverage on jailbroken devices.  However, SquareTrade now offers coverage for jailbroken devices.  Although SquareTrade does cover any type of Accidental coverage such as dropping or leaving on top the car, it does not cover any type of coverage from jailbreak problems directly. Should the user drop the […]

This Software Can Hack Your iOS Password, Download Contacts, and More…


iOS Security and Privacy has been of big concern lately. It’s not shocking that many would be worried about having a secured phone. It’s your phone and most all personal data is stored on it. But what if you knew that someone could easily break through that security and your iPhone’s tactics to deter “evil […]

Must Have iPad 2 Apps Beginners Need August 2011

Visit for the best tips and tutorials online for idevices. This video is a brief overview of Thirty Applications I think all idevices need. These apps can be purchased in the app store. 1. GarageBand 2. GoReader 3. ArtRage 4. Pages 5. iDraw 6. Layers Pro 7. FreeAppADay 8. AppAdvice 9. AngryBirds 10. Analytics […]

Restoring iPad 2 and other iDevices*****SIMPLE*****

Visit to learn all the tips and tutorials for the iphone and ipad 2. This video shows step by