Safe Mode For Jailbreaking; Mobile Substrate Cydia Tweak Update


  MobileSubstrate is a Free jailbreak tweak in Cydia developed by Saurik.  He is the person responsible for starting Cydia, Winterboard, and many other tweaks.   He has developed many great tweaks in Cydia.  MobileSubstrate is like a “safe mode” for the iOS device.  Should the device crash it will restart in safe mobe through MobileSubstrate.  […]

Remove Dock With Animation; SwipeDock Cydia Tweak


SwipeDock is a  jailbreak Cydia Tweak available in BigBoss Repo for $0.99.  It allows the user to hide the dock.  It adds animation to the process while removing the dock.  You can choose from nine DIFFERENT animations for removing the dock.  You can customize the speed of the animation, add a row, remove pager dots, […]

Display Time & Date In NC; NCDate Cydia Tweak


NCDate is a new jailbreak tweak available in BigBoss Repo for free.  It adds the date and time in the notification center.  However, if you are like many with intelliscrenX, you already have the date and time available in notification center.  Its very convenient to have the time and date displayed in the NC.  If […]

Awesome iOS 5 Paid Cydia Tweaks April 2012


Many wonder why jailbreak? Watch the video for just a few reasons why. There are hundreds of Cydia tweaks available. Some are free, but most of the better tweaks are paid. These are what I refer to as the “premium” tweaks. I have composed a list of eight of the premium tweaks I have tried […]

Change Height Of Siri Background; Siriheights Cydia Tweak


Adjust the height of the background with SiriHeight Cydia tweak. SiriHeight is available in ModMyi Repo for Free.

Unlock Your iPhone By Drawing; Stride Cydia Tweak


Are you tired of the same old passcode style unlock?  Try Stride, a new jailbreak tweak for unlocking your iphone.  You have to draw shapers or figures.  It’s based on an 8-bit type calculation.  How secure is it?  Well, you can combine it with your passcode and I think with the two combined, dynamite couldn’t […]

Update Four Social Networks Simultaneously; Fusion Cydia Tweak


Fusion is a new jailbreak tweak available in the BigBoss Repo for $2.00.  Fusion integrates four social networks together, allowing the user to update all four from one central location.  The four social networks combined in Fusion are Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, and MySpace.  It also incorporates Siri, calling it Furi.  Furi can be used to […]

Add Time/Date To Text Messages; SMS TimeStamp Messages Cydia Tweak


Add Time and Date to Text messages.  SMS Timestamp is available in BigBoss Repo for free.  This is definitely a tweak which can yield some use.  I have been looking for a tweak for the reason since imessage released.  I’m not a big fan of Bite SMS but this will work perfectly for my needs.  […]

Add Toggles In Camera Icon On Lockscreen SwipeCam Cydia Tweak


Add Toggles(WiFi, Airplane Mode, Camera) to Lockscreen. SwipeCam is Cydia Tweak available in BigBoss Repo for $1.49. I hope in an update soon the developer will add more toggles. Toggles such as respring, reboot, brightness, and others could prove to be very useful. Let me know what you think of SwipeCam.

Change Color LockScreen Date;LockDate Cydia Tweak


Lockdate is a free tweak in the BigBoss Repo.  It allows the user to customize the color, font, and size of the date on the lockscreen.  this is a simple tweak but adds a lot to the device.  If you enjoy themes, Lockdate is another way to add individuality to your idevice.  Watch the video […]