How to sort contacts into groups and send group messages and mails on iPhone and iPad


  The earlier days of mobiles when Nokia ruled and free messaging plans were introduced – those were the days of the stupid forwarded messages. Succeeding the mass forwarded emails of the last century, it has now gradually drained into Whatsapp forwards and our SMS inboxes are fairly free from spam now. Not sure, but […]

How to check and reply to emails from Lock screen on iOS 7 using Siri?

Check emails from Lockscreen on iPhone and iPad

Have you ever found the way to check emails on your iPhone and iPad a little cumbersome? Unlocking your device, finding the mail app, loading it and checking for new blue dots can be too many steps for some. Especially for professionals and executives waiting for an urgent mail, yet not wanting to show it off […]

How To Send and Receive Songs, Photos, or Any File via Bluetooth on iPhone and iPad [Jailbreak]


One of the major arguments put forward by other-OS  users against iPhone and iPad is that iOS doesn’t support sharing files via Bluetooth. And for many existing iOS users too, this is a major left out and I assume you’re one of them craving for a solution. You’d be glad to know that once jailbroken, […]

Auxo 2: One Of The Best App Switcher Tweak

Auxo 2

  The most expected “Auxo 2″ App Switcher tweak for iOS 7 has finally been launched and released on Cydia. Thanks to the A3tweaks developer for such an exciting and amazing tweak of all time. Without doubt Auxo 2 has polished the stock iOS 7 App Switcher adding some refinements and features that has significantly […]

MagicBadges: Allow You To Modify Your App Badges


MagicBadges is a recently released tweak that adds some content to the app badges. It allows the users to customize the look of the app badges when there is a notification pending. Whereas ColorBadges changes the color of the app badges to their respective icon color, MagicBadges allows you to re-size, re-position and even theme the app badges.

Apple To Open Its First Store In Istanbul On April 5


Back in February last month, Tim Cook visited Turkey to meet with the Turkish President, Abdullah Gül, ahead of the Apple Store opening in Istanbul. Now, the Istanbul Apple Store…

AnyDrop Cydia Tweak: Send Anything With AirDrop


AnyDrop adds an extra feature to the Airdrop sharing capability. As everyone are familiar with airdrop, users can share very limited files with others such as picture,videos and contacts. Sending music is strictly prohibited and can’t send specific files extension. However AnyDrop allow you send more files which also supports additional file formats which weren’t supported by the stock Airdrop.

Top 10 Best Cydia Tweaks March,14 2014


These are the Top 10 best cydia tweaks for the second week of March. Most of the tweaks listed are free however few are paid version. We strongly recommend not to install and use any pirated/cracked tweaks as most of them are not updated to their current version and sometimes they won’t function properly. Here […]

PassDial Pro: Call Your Favorites Contact From Lockscreen


Calling and Facetiming has never been easier. This tweak adds a speed dial like functionality to the lock screen. This tweak named “PassDial Pro” is developed by Sassoty and allows you to add a contact to a speed dial by assigning a 4 digit passcode.

AppETA: Check Your Downloads Progress

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With the new iOS7, most of the user interface has been changed and modified. However, currently when an app is purchased and downloaded there is no way someone can tell how long will it take for the app to be downloaded and how much is remaining.

How To Send More Than 10 Photos On WhatsApp


WhatsApp well known for being the most popular messaging service has fostered communication among people worldwide providing an…

Customize the banner notification on your device with TinyBar


When you receive a notification while using your device, a banner appears at the top of your device screen notifying you of the message associated with an app. TinyBar is a new tweak that allows you to customize the banner that appears when you receive a notification.

Customize your banner notification and app switcher animation with Animer7


One of the greatest benefits that jailbreak offers is the ability to customize your device the way you want hence one of the best reasons to jailbreak your device. This is where Animer7 comes into action, a jailbreak tweak that offers you to customize certain elements of your device.

Manage your synchronized photos on iPhone/iPad easily with iDeletePhotos


When you transfer a photo to your device via iTunes, it automatically gets saved into a synchronized album. Any new photo synchronized is added to this album. However you can’t delete any photo from this album as restricted by Apple on their devices.

Tweet Longer Than 140 Characters With Infinite Tweet 2 Cydia Tweak


Infinite Tweet 2 is a new jailbreak tweak released in Cydia that allows you to tweet more than 140 characters and get rid of the character limit imposed by Twitter . The tweak integrates with TwitLonger which is a service that allows you to tweet more than 140 characters . No necessary settings are needed once you install the tweak , you can just go to twitter and type in your phrase without any character restrictions .

Create Notes From Anywhere On Your iDevice With Notecreator


  Notes is a very useful application that I use on a daily basis . However one feature that it lacks is the inability to create notes from anywhere on your iOS device . But this is the main reason of jailbreaking your device . A new jailbreak tweak called Notecreator has been released in […]

Loopholes in Your iPhone Which You Weren’t Aware Of

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There was a time when Apple iPhone was considered to be one of the securest phones. Its iOS and wall garden approach used to make it secure. But the security experts and enthusiasts have spill water on the myth a long time ago by pointing out a number of bugs and security loopholes in the device. Hence, even the greatest technological device, the iPhone is not free from security issues.

Get Ready To Embark On A Numeric Adventure: Numfeud App Review

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Numfeud, by App App, is a free and easy way to enjoy a game filled with numbers with competitors just like you from around the globe. You will recognize the design, as it’s very similar to the old games such as Scrabble, yet you are sure to have a modern experience

A Step Closer To Your Biggest Catch: Ultimate Fishing Guide App Review


If you are a fan of the Bass fishing, you will love this new app. At only $2.99, you are one step closer to making your biggest catch yet. Ultimate Fishing Guide by Bass Professor will arm you with all the secrets used to make hundreds of bass catches, where the fish have weighed 10 pounds. If you know anything about fishing, you know this is legendary!

Essential Free Apps for the iPhone 3GS

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The iPhone 3Gs is one of the devices that have lost their touch and now getting obsolete or discontinued due to technology issues and that they were not made for upgrades to the new OS versions. People like their gadgets to be upgraded, and intoned with the latest technological features.