PushNotify: Lets You Push iOS Notification To Your Mac


PushNotify is a simple tweak that lets you to forward any iOS notification from your iDevices to your Mac. It does by using your wi-fi network and pops up a message on the top right hand corner of your screen.   Ever wanted to have an application or tweak that can forward any notification on […]

How to check and reply to emails from Lock screen on iOS 7 using Siri?

Check emails from Lockscreen on iPhone and iPad

Have you ever found the way to check emails on your iPhone and iPad a little cumbersome? Unlocking your device, finding the mail app, loading it and checking for new blue dots can be too many steps for some. Especially for professionals and executives waiting for an urgent mail, yet not wanting to show it off […]

Open Your Folders In Full-Screen Mode With FolderBoard Jailbreak Tweak


iOS 7 completely redesigned the folders that you place your applications in, making the background blur as well. However a new jailbreak tweak introduces a nice concept to the application folders.

Apple Could Release iOS 7.1 In March


According to new reports from reliable sources, Apple will be releasing iOS 7.1 in March.

As BGR reported earlier this week, Apple won’t release[...]

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Receives A New Update, Brings Back Dr. Zomboss


The famous and most played game, Plants vs. Zombies 2, which is a sequel to the Plants vs. Zombies game created by PopCap in the App Store received version 1.9.271088 update just yesterday.

Turn Screen Off Automatically With FaceOff7


Some jailbreak tweaks are developed to enhance some functionality’s of iOS while other tweaks involve beautifying your iOS device. A new jailbreak tweak recently released in Cydia manages to improve the functionality [...]

How To Send More Than 10 Photos On WhatsApp


WhatsApp well known for being the most popular messaging service has fostered communication among people worldwide providing an…

Customize your banner notification and app switcher animation with Animer7


One of the greatest benefits that jailbreak offers is the ability to customize your device the way you want hence one of the best reasons to jailbreak your device. This is where Animer7 comes into action, a jailbreak tweak that offers you to customize certain elements of your device.

Create Notes From Anywhere On Your iDevice With Notecreator


  Notes is a very useful application that I use on a daily basis . However one feature that it lacks is the inability to create notes from anywhere on your iOS device . But this is the main reason of jailbreaking your device . A new jailbreak tweak called Notecreator has been released in […]

Loopholes in Your iPhone Which You Weren’t Aware Of

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 12.15.28 PM

There was a time when Apple iPhone was considered to be one of the securest phones. Its iOS and wall garden approach used to make it secure. But the security experts and enthusiasts have spill water on the myth a long time ago by pointing out a number of bugs and security loopholes in the device. Hence, even the greatest technological device, the iPhone is not free from security issues.

Untethered jailbreak ready for Windows & Mac as release gets closer


Pod2g and other popular hackers team up to form the evad3rs . They’ve been working hard to release a working jailbreak tool for the public and is expected to be released on Sunday . The Evasi0n jailbreak website was updated today showing 68% jailbreak progress . The tool has been made ready for Windows and […]

Essential Free Apps for the iPhone 3GS

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 6.22.56 AM

The iPhone 3Gs is one of the devices that have lost their touch and now getting obsolete or discontinued due to technology issues and that they were not made for upgrades to the new OS versions. People like their gadgets to be upgraded, and intoned with the latest technological features.

iH8sn0w updates f0recast tool


As Apple releases new iOS version with much improved security , hackers are facing difficultes in finding new exploits and releasing a proper jailbreak tool to the public as soon as possible . While hackers are still working hard to release a jailbreak , iH8snOw has stepped forward by updating his popular fOrecast tool . […]

MapsOpener – Sets Google Maps app as default iOS Map


  Googe Maps was released 2 days ago on the App Store and found itself in top free apps on the App Store in less than a day . This shows how eager people were to get an iOS version of Google Maps on their device . But the main problem was that it couldnt […]

Google Maps officially released on iOS App Store


After the removal of Google Maps from iOS 6 , Google has been working to develop a stand-alone map app for iOS . Finally the wait is over , Google Maps was officially released on iOS App Store yesterday for free . Although the application runs on iPad also , it’s made specifically for iPhone […]

Transloader – Download files on your Mac via iPhone , iPod or iPad


Transloader is a new tool made for Mac and iOS devices , thanks to Matthias Gansrigler . If you’re out and you find a file to download but you dont have access to your Mac , transloader makes your work easier . It allows you to remotely download files to your mac via your iOS device […]

Gameloft Rolls Out Modern Combat 4 : Zero Hour!


Gameloft just released the new Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour on iOS App Store today . It features an upgraded graphics and gameplay with the ability to play as both the US Marine hero , blake , and the villain, Edward Page . “In the wake of a nuclear disaster, the only chance to avoid […]

iOS YouTube updated – Supports iPhone 5 and iPad


Google announced on YouTube blog that a new YouTube app update was released on App Store . This new update adds support for iPhone 5 which means that you can now view your favorite video right on your iPhone’s bigger screen and adds airplay support so basically you can now stream YouTube videos on your […]

Status iOS 6 Jailbreak: Full HITB Jailbreak Talk Available


The Hack in the Box conference took place a month ago in Malaysia , Kuala Lumpur where the  jailbreak community members such as Pod2G , MuscleNerd , PlanetBeing had gathered together at the panel to discuss mainly about jailbreak . Introducing from left to right are Mark Dowd, Pod2G, L33tdawg , MuscleNerd and Planetbeing. Excluding […]

This Software Can Hack Your iOS Password, Download Contacts, and More…


iOS Security and Privacy has been of big concern lately. It’s not shocking that many would be worried about having a secured phone. It’s your phone and most all personal data is stored on it. But what if you knew that someone could easily break through that security and your iPhone’s tactics to deter “evil […]