Sbcoders Release Aero In Cydia Store


Aero Cydia Tweak     The developers, Sbcoders, who brought us an awesome tweak called Deck have been working hard to develop their most recent tweak called “Aero”.  Aero allows the user to multitask with style.  This jailbreak tweak has a great Mac feel to it.  Just as most of the other tweaks, Sbcoders have […]

Add Reminders To Lockscreen; iReminder Cydia Tweak


Add Reminders to lockscreen.  iReminder is available in the ModMyi Repo for $0.99. Choose from 184 different font styles.  Change color and size of the text on the lockscreen.  This is a great way to remember things.  I would like to see the developer also add an alarm to the tweak.  This would force you […]

Jailbreak FAQ Addon Fix iTunes Error 1601 3194


Jailbreak FAQ Add-On is a Chatbot for answer jailbreak questions with Siri.  Now we can use the very device we tear up to fix itself.  Wow, now that’s innovative.  Jailbreak FAQ can answer questions such as: What is jailbreaking? What is Cydia? How can I fix error 3194? How do I jailbreak my iPhone 4S? […]

SpeakEvents Cydia Tweak: Step Into The Future and Listen To Your iPhone


SpeakEvents is a jailbreak tweak, which enables the iPhone to speak your notifications, SMS, Facebook updates, Twitter, and more.  It can be customized to speak only certain things.   Such as enabling it to speak what you want it to speak.  That’s the great part about SpeakEvents.  The user has complete control right sown to the […]

Add Siri LockScreen With LockAssistant Cydia Tweak 2012


LockAssistant is a new jailbreak tweak available in the BigBoss Repo for Free.  It adds the Siri icon to the lockscreen in place of the camera app.  To activate double tap the home button.  Siri can be activated directly from lockscreen by using Lockassistant.  What do you think about LockAssistant?  Will you install LockAssistant to […]

SwipeSiri Cydia Tweak 2012: Deactivate Siri by Swiping Up


SwipeSiri is a Cydia jailbreak tweak available in the BigBoss Repo Free.  If you are tired of using the home button to activate and deactivate the virtual assistant here is the change you been waiting to come along. SwipeSiri is simple to install.  It doesn’t add any icons or have any settings to configure.  Simply […]

iConRotator: iCons Switch Between Landscape and Portrait Views


Ryan Petrich is known throughout the Cydia World for his great work.  iConRotator is no exception to that thinking.  Since the iphones release and jailbreaking began users and developers have been wanting to make their icons change positions with respect to the iphones position. iConRotator is a Free Cydia tweak which requires adding a repo.  […]

Add Awesome Symbols To Keyboard: PictoKeyBoard Cydia Tweak 2012


PictoKeyBoard is a Free, Cydia tweak, which adds many great symbols to use while texting or writing notes.  It’s very simple to install and enable the keyboards.  Once the tweak has been downloaded select the desired keyboard.  To activate or enable the keyboard you must first add it under the settings menu.   How To […]

Much Needed Low Battery Notification: LowPowerBanner


iOS 5 has brought many needed and welcomed features to all Apple devices.  One important thing Apple overlooked was a notification banner for low battery levels.  They did include a low battery level alert which requires the user to dismiss. This can be very annoying should you be playing a game or texting someone important. […]