Multitask In Landscape Position;SwitcherLand Cydia Tweak


Ever wonder why you couldn’t multitask in landscape position?  Now you can, thanks to the jailbreak community.  Switcherland is a Free tweak available in BigBoss Repo.  It allows the user to multitask in Landscape mode.  Simply double tap the home button as usual to open the tweak.

Adds Mac-like Toolbar To iPhone; CMDTab Cydia Tweak


CMDTab Cydia Tweak CmdTab is a cydia tweak, which adds a cool Mac-like toolbar to springboard.  It may be invoked through activator, which works very nice.  The activator is the only customizable feature of this tweak.  It adds a few predefined shortcuts which are, settings menu, itunes, twitter, messages, wifi settings, Cydia, and terminal.  This […]

NoteMe Notification Center Widget: Add Notes To Notification Free Cydia Tweak


NoteMe Notification Center Widget adds a note taking space to the notification center.  It is a Free Cydia tweak available in ModMyi Repo.  Are you going to use NoteMe?     Website:   Facebook:   Twitter:   Google plus:

How To Enable Notification Center Widgets


Many users have had trouble enabling their widgets for notification center after installing them.  Its simple once you understand how it works.  First you must find the widget under settings>notifications Under the Notifications menu there are two categories items in notification and items not in notification.  You must enable your notification so it appears under […]

Enable Sound Music By plugging Headset Into Device: Plugication Cydia Tweak


Control sound by plugging in headsets. plugication Cydia tweak enables the sound when headset is plugged into the device. It will continue playing where it stopped when it was unplugged. Great tweak for the Audiophile. This is a free tweak in BigBoss Repo. Whats your thoughts?

Open Apps Directly From LockScreen: AppSlider Cydia Tweak


We all have wanted to open an application from the lockscreen at some time.  Well now that task is possible. The new Cydia teak called AppSlider allows the user to select two applications for that purpose.  Simply install the tweak and select the two applications you wish to have pinned to your lockscreen.  It’s really […]

Siri LockAssistant Theme


A few days ago I reviewed a tweak called LockAssistant click here to watch review. LockAssistant adds the Siri mic to the lockscreen in place of the camera app when Home button is double tapped.  For some reason the developer didn’t see it relevant to change the camera button to the Siri mic.   I have […]

WeeSpace Notification Center:Multitask Much Faster Between Apps and Pages


WeeSpaceNotification is a Free Jailbreak Tweak in the BigBoss Repo.  It allows the user to jump between pages or apps from the notification center.  I find it’s much faster to multitask using WeeSpaceNotification.  You can see the pages much easier than the icons in the multitask bar.  Let me know what you think?

MemoCenter: Open Notes On Notification Center Screen


MemoCenter is a Cydia Tweak available in the BigBoss repo for Free.  I really got excited about this tweak until I installed it.  It really could have been useful.  Who wouldn’t rather open the notes from the notification center.  But the big problem I have with the tweak is when your typing a note the […]

Make Your Dock iCons Flip, Rotate, Spin: Animate Dock Cydia Tweak 2012


Animate Dock adds animation to your iPhones Dock.  Make your dock icons do a bit of a dance each time you open the springboard.  The tweak offers several customizations from changing the direction the icons rotate, time it takes to perform animations, size of icons, and much more.   Animate dock isn’t compatible with infinidock […]

Cydia Rewind List 2011 by iPhoneCaptain

Cydia Rewind List 2011 by iPhoneCaptain   BEST LOCKSCREEN NOTIFICATION AppCenter- put all the application on your device in the notification center on the lockscreen   Best LockScreen WinterBoard Theme Typophone 4 –Extra  Large Numbers and Date. Hides the native clock on the lockscreen.   Best DreamBoard Theme Snow Leopard- looks like the Mac   […]