AppAnalytics iOS Cydia Tweak: Track App Use


Do you need more storage on your iOS device? AppAnalyticss is a new jailbreak tweak which shows the applications which you use most and the least. AppAnalytics is an awesome way to determine which applications you should keep or remove. By using this information you can determine which apps you should remove based on usability. […]

Arrange Your iCons Without Entering Wiggle Mode: AlwaysArrange Cydia Tweak


AlwaysArrange is a Cydia Tweak which allows the user to move the icons on the springboard without entering wiggle mode. Simply hold down the icon and move wherever you wish. The tweak works with folders the same way. It really speeds up moving the icons. You can adjust the time frame to hold before allowing […]

Speed Up iPhone 4S: iCleaner Cydia Tweak

icleaner 1

iCleaner is a Cydia Tweak available in the BigBoss repo for free. iCleaner removes all the unnecessary files on your iphone such as old log files, cache, safari files, and more. If you are an advanced user you will understand more of the code removal process. I am a code idiot, I know nothing. Therefore, […]

Get Cydia Updates In NC; Curiosa Cydia Tweak


Push Notifications/Updates For Cydia Tweaks     Curiosa is an awesome new cydia tweak available in the for free, developed by Ryan Petrich.  It’s currently in beta stages.  Curiosa provides notifications for cydia updates.  Once the updates are available Curiosa will display a notification in the NC.  This tweak was originally thought to be […]

Make Your Dock iCons Flip, Rotate, Spin: Animate Dock Cydia Tweak 2012


Animate Dock adds animation to your iPhones Dock.  Make your dock icons do a bit of a dance each time you open the springboard.  The tweak offers several customizations from changing the direction the icons rotate, time it takes to perform animations, size of icons, and much more.   Animate dock isn’t compatible with infinidock […]

Cydia Tweak Zephyr Gets Update


Zephyr is a great multitasking tweak available in Cydia store for $2.99.  It was released a few weeks ago in Cydia.  Developed by the hacker Chpw and currently in the Big Boss Repo for $2.99.  This is one on my favorite tweaks or apps.  The updates eliminate the need of going home each time you […]

My Favorite Cydia Apps for 2011(Updated 11/2/11)


Favorite Cydia Apps 2011(Updated 11/2/11)   Gesturizer– ($2.99) set to open any app by a simple screen gesture. Such as open YouTube by drawing the letter “Y” on the screen or open Safari by drawing a letter “S” on the screen. This app requires activator to work. So to do this first launch activator for […]