Spigen Glast Screen Protector: Made From Real Glass Adds Super Screen Clarity and Protection


The Glast premium tempered glass screen protector by Spigen offers superb screen protection while delivering a true glass feel.  The Glast is made from real glass which makes the screen protector look and feel just as the actual screen of the iPad or iPhone.  The Glast can be purchased for the iPad and iPhone 4/ 4S.  We are installing and reviewing the Glast for the iPhone 4S and the New iPad 3rd. gen. The Glast makes the screen and display look super crisp and clear on the retina display of the iPad 3rd gen. as well as the iPhone 4S.  The Glast can be installed very easy and with little effort.

The Installation:

The overall installation process of the Glast will take around 15-30 minutes from start to finish.  Simply remove the back of the Glast so the adhesive can touch the idevice screen.  Take your time and line it up as close as you can without touching the screen.  Once the adhesive touches the screen it’s not recommended to remove it or adjust it.  After you have it lined up properly slowly apply the screen protector the screen.  Once the Glast has been applied, touch the screen firmly in the center.  This will start the adhesive activation process.  You will be able to see the screen actually adhere to the screen right before your eyes.  If you have any bubbles after the initial squeegee process, try rubbing them out with a soft cloth such as a t-shirt or microfiber cleaning cloth.  It’s very important to remove all the large bubbles during the initial stages of the install.  However, no matter how much you rub or squeegee chances are you will still notice a few minor bubbles this is perfectly normal and you shouldn’t be alarmed.  Try to remove all the air bubbles you can with the squeegee or the cleaning cloth.  After you feel you have removed all the air bubbles allow the screen protector 24 hrs to dry.  If you see a few minor air bubbles don’t freak out this is normal and usually will dissipate over the next 24-48 hrs.

The Good

Awesome look and glass feel when you touch the screen after installation.  The screen feels and looks just as it would if it didn’t have the Glast screen protector installed.  The clarity added to the screen can only be appreciated in your hand.  That’s what makes the Glast so unique and different from all the others on the market.  The iPhone 4S Glast can be bought for $29.99 and the iPad 3rd gen. can be purchased for $69.99.  This has definitely turned out to be my favorite screen protector to say the least and I will have it on all my other devices very soon.

The Bad

There’s really not a whole lot of negative things I can see about the Glast.  One suggestion I would make for using the Glast is put the device inside some type of case or at minimum a bumper for it.  The Glast can be chipped easily around the edges of the idevice.  However, if the device is carried inside a case or bumper applied there shouldn’t be any issues.  Maybe Spigen can include some type of bumper with the Glast for added protection against chips or cracks.  Besides the outer edge being prone to chipping in the pocket I don’t see any other problems with the Glast.


Overall, the Glast is the best screen protector I have used for protection and added screen clarity on my devices.  They are offer the Glast for smartphones and many other electronic devices.  So if you are needing a screen protector check out the Glast by Spigen at www.spigen.com.  Buy here now [amazon_enhanced asin=”B007I7A3GE” container=”” container_class=”” price=”All” background_color=”FFFFFF” link_color=”000000″ text_color=”0000FF” /]

  • Thanks Mitch…will it protect the iPad against a direct hit in the glass?