Snap2PDF IPHONE 4/4S APP makes creating a PDF file a snap.  Literally, all you must do is “snap” a photo of the desired document to save.  Snap2PDF allows the user to create different categories and assign the documents accordingly.  It also has the ability to recognize different languages for scanning documents.

The documents are categorized alphabetically.  This makes finding a document a breeze.  The app can be used to save copies of receipts, and much more.  It makes emailing any document a cinch.  Simply select the document you wish to email and select email.  The document is then placed in the email as a PDF file.  It can be emailed very easily and without a long upload time.

Snap2PDF can be attached to dropbox, which makes saving and uploading documents a simple task.  The PDF can then be assigned their own address for others to view from anywhere on the web.

Snap2PDF can be purchased in the app store here for $1.99.  If you need a way to organize your receipts or other documents, I do recommend this application for the job.  Feel free to leave any comments below.