SemiTethered JailBreak iOS 5

Big Boss Repo has announced an update for these him untethered jailbreak solution for IOS five. This allows the user to jailbreak the device using a semi-tethered method. What this means is should the user reboot the phone. You will not be stranded with out the use of your phone. By using the semi-tethered jailbreak you will be able to use the phone, text, and many other features. As of right now you will not be able to use the mail function. Although it is expected that mail and Safari will be added to the list in the near future. To use this the semi-tethered jailbreak the follow these directions. This is a step by step guide with photos of each screen shot.  Hope it helps.

Step One.

  • Launch Cydia
  • Jailbreak the device using the RedSnow tethered instructions provided here.
  •  From SpringBoard Launch Cydia








Select Manage








Select Sources




























Type in the Source Above into your iPhone









Return To Cydia









Select the Big Boss Repo










Select Install










Select Confirm








Select Reboot

To bring the iphone back to fully functional.  Run RedSnow like you previously did.  This type Select Extras the Just Boot from the menu.

The iPhone Should now run Cydia correctly.  Thanks