How to Screen Record iOS 10-10.2 [FREE] NO Jailbreak 1080p iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

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AirShou is an easy but fast way to record your iOS 10 devices screen.  Record your screen while you playing games and providing commentary about the game you’re playing.  Once you have finished playing just a couple taps of the screen and you’re ready to upload your recording to Youtube. We are back with yet another awesome FREE Screen Recorder for iOS 10.  This one is called AirShou and it too isn’t in the iTunes App store.  Therefore, users will need to sideload this, in order to get it on their devices.  The process is quite simple after you do it a couple time but if this is your first time adding an app to your device you don’t understand.  So we will walk you through step by step.  [How to] Get Paid Apps Free on iOS 10 No Jailbreak or Computer Needed


For the readers who are familar with adding apps or tweaks in this manner you can jump ahead.

We are going to install AirShou using TutuApp

How to Install the Tutu app on iOS 10 Devices  (supports iOS 7+ above)

  1.  Open Safari browser and type in
  2.  Tap “Regular” on the top right side of screen
  3.   Tap green button  “Download Now” at the bottom of screen
  4.   Next you will need to “trust” the profile
  5.   Open Settings > General > Profile & Device Management
  6.   Under Profile & Device Management find the last profile you added
  7.   Under Enterprise Apps tap the new profile
  8.   Tap “trust”
  9.   You will get a popup “tap trust” again
  10.   This will allow the Tutu app to being installation on your screen
  11.   After the download completes you can install AirShou

How to Screen Record iOS 10 – 10.2 [FREE] NO Jailbreak 1080p iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

  1.   Open the Tutu Helper by tapping the TuTu helper icon on the iOS screen
  2.   Once it loads you will get a sense of what this apps all about
  3.   It allows users to install paid applications for free (we do not promote piracy)
  4.   type AirShou in the search bar at the top of screen
  5.   Once it loads up tap the app icon
  6.   tap “get it free”
  7.   It will start downloading.  You will be able to watch the pro free of the download at the bottom of the screen
  8.   Once it completes you can find it by tapping manager
  9.   You may also update apps as they need updating inside the “manager”
  10.   tap updates at the top of screen
  11.   choose the app you wish to update and tap “update”. It’s important to keep the apps updated.

12.  The new screen recorder AirShou should now be on your screen

If you want to see what the inside of AirShou looks like and brief look at some of its feature new sure to watch our video below.

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