Withings iOS Blood Pressure Monitor

Withings BP-800 Blood Pressure Monitor, White/Green

Withings Smart BP Monitor

We all could improve the way we eat or get more exercise. Does any of this sound familiar? Well, I’m not hear to lecture you like a doctor. I do have a way you can improve your health. It even includes being an iDevice user. Withings, has the smart blood pressure monitor. It monitors the blood pressure using an idevice. Maybe you need an excuse to get that new iPhone 4S.
Withings Blood Pressure monitor device has released a monitor and application to monitor the blood pressure whenever you need to check it. It is Dr suited and I expect as we move more into a technology era many more Doctor offices and health facilities nation wide will be seeking this new way to monitor blood pressure. I have been able to use this product for several weeks. I have a close family member that suffers from hyper tension and we have been able to monitor much closer with the new blood pressure monitor for the iPad. Although, it can be used on any of the idevices I have found I prefer the iPad to take blood pressure. The greatest reason is with the free application download that comes with the purchase of the monitor. It keeps weekly and monthly graphs whichever you prefer. You can get a visual graph of how the BP is fluctuating daily with a simple glance at the graphs. These graphs of your daily BP measurements can greatly help your doctor treat your health. It does a brilliant job graphing the time of day and date of the time the blood pressure was taken. This is a great asset not only for doctors but health facilities all over could provide this as a service to their patrons after or before a work out. This would give a person an idea if they should seek physician assistants to get the blood pressure lowered besides diet and exercise.

Easy to use
Easy to set up
Graphs blood pressure over time

Withings BP Monitor

Great way to monitor blood pressure
Provide doctor with better understanding of when blood pressure is rising or dropping
Patient can email graphs to doctor
Can set up a profile for as many people needed

It is a bit higher priced than most common BP machines

Overall, I really like Withings blood pressure monitor and application . It makes keeping up with blood pressure a much simpler task. It is so simple my thirteen year old daughter can use it with ease. If you have a elevated blood pressure or want to provide extra attention to your health I suggest you buy this. The greatest feature about this machine is the applications ability to keep a graph of each profile. It shows just how the pressure runs over the course of time. Check it out at www.withings.com. Feel free to leave any comments below.