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Rail Rush is one of the best endless runner games in the app store.  We have been overwhelmed by these type of games but hear me when I say, “ Rail Rush is the best.”  Take a ride in a mining cart and try to stay on the track while collect all the coins and different power ups or gems along the way. That’s pretty much the whole idea of the game.  It’s simple but very fun.  The graphics are very cool to look at along the way as well.  Rail Rush is built using the accelerometer and touchscreen controls.  It’s very easy to play and did I mention incredibly Fun too.




  • 4 different characters
  • Cool power ups
  • 6 different environments including special levels
  • Stunning graphics
  • Action packed gameplay
  • Many in-game achievements
  • Game statistics
  • Game Center leader boards


How long can you go inside the mine? Find out, by downloading Rail Rush now!



Try also the free web version of Rail Rush on our website:


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Download Rail Rush today(1/24/13) while it’s free for a limited time.  Otherwise, the price will be $0.99 which is an incredible deal for such an awesome application.  So if you are reading this after Jan. 24, 2013 chances are the price has changed but either way you will thoroughly enjoy playing Rail Rushers.


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