ProWidgets: New Way Of Multitasking On Your iOS 7 Device

ProWidget is a brand new tweak created from scratch up and has recently hit the Cydia in which it allows you to use, minimize or close certain apps via widgets and at the same time work on your device without the certain apps interrupting your work. Multitasking is a pain as you have to double click the home button to bring up the app switcher and then launch or close a certain app and then go back to home screen and launch a new app. This tweak makes it very simple and easy to use.



Installing this tweak adds a preference pane to your settings menu. When installing this tweak, CCloader will be installed automatically if your iDevices lack it. CCloader is a must for this tweak as it adds quick launch button to your control center. However CCloader in iPad is very limited and buggy sometimes so it is best to assign activator action to enable the widgets.

This tweak comes with a set of certain widgets which includes: alarm, browser, calendar, dictionary, quick compose mail, notes, reminder and timer. You can have access or activate these widgets through notification center and on the lock screen. For composing an email, the button is located at the bottom left corner of the notification center. For message or sms it is located at the bottom right corner of the notification center.


After you have activated the widgets either through Control center, activator gesture or Notification center you can minimize it by double tapping on the widget’s title. Once it is minimized, you can double tap it again to close it. The most convenient way to close a widget is tapping on the “Close” button to close the displayed widget.

If you are using iPhone, minimizing it will locate the widgets to either side of the home screen. However for iPad you can minimize and freely move the widgets anywhere you want. I favor this tweak on iPad as it gives you room to minimize, and move the widgets freely with no restrictions. Moreover, if you are using more than 4 widgets on iPhone there is a considerable lag due to the processing of multiple widgets. However these widgets on iPhone are for a quick reference and then dismiss it when done.


From the preference pane, you have the option to choose from 4 themes for the widgets background. You can choose to match it with your phone’s background, or choose from the list. In addition and in near future you can install widget themes by using a url. As in the preference pane you will notice “install theme via URL” which will allow you to install third party themes.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this tweak as it has added a new dimension to jailbreak community as they can add additional widgets to this tweak or add new themes for a particular widget and has added an extra level to multitasking by making it very easy to navigate within your apps without ever launching the app switcher. It allows you to have access to information anywhere from the iOS without ever interrupting your current task. Prowidget is available on Cydia for $2.99. Happy downloading and hope you will enjoy using it.

I suggest you better take a look at our short video tutorial on ProWidgets: