How to play Super Mario Run without Wifi

How to play Super Mario Run without Wifi

Super Mario Run seems to be the biggest craze in the App store now.  However, it does require a wifi connection all the time in order to keep the levels loading as you complete.  One of the questions were where ask was how can you play Super Mario Run without Wifi connection.  Well truth is you can for the level that’s loaded.  Letus take a few minutes of your time to share what are talking about.  Yes, its true Mario Run requires a wifi connection to play.  However, there’s always a little way around things.  I can remember playing Mario Brothers as a kid on Nintendo in the late 80’s.  It’s nice to see such a classic brought back to life through out modern technology.

Super Mario without WiFi Tips

  1. Select and load the level you wish to play while you are going to be disconnected from WiFi.  You must load the level with a WIFI connection.
  2.   This has been an issue with larger cities when players travel into tunnels or subways.  We don’t have subways around here but there are times when I lose connection.
  3.   You can play through the level as many times as you wish but do not  grab the flag at the end of the level.  This will cause the game to try to load the next level giving you an error.
  4.   pause the game and restart the level.

This would be a good way to try to keep getting a better score or more coins each time you go through the level.  Grab more coins each time you go through.  The more you play a level the better you will get and know where all the coins are located.  

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