Plantronics BackBeat 216 EarBuds Review



Plantronics offers state of the art accessories for communicating and listening to music.  The Backbeat 216 earbuds which offer great quality and sound all wrapped into one product.  They offer great design and sound quality at very reasonable prices.  The Backbeat 216 normally retail for only $39.99 which is much less than those of their competitors.  After only a short while of listening users will be able to hear the superb sound quality they have.  The Backbeat 216 sound quality offers great bass as well as the highs and lows.  They have soft tips which fit the inner ear with great comfort.


The Plantronics Backbeat 216 offer design and sound quality which sounds much like the more expensive brands available on the market.  These earbuds can easily be compared to others with price tags exceeding $150.  Not only do they sell much cheaper than most but the sound quality is awesome.  I used the Backbeat 216 earbuds with the iPhone 5 and was completely astounded with the sound quality they produced.  They come with an in-line microphone and volume/track controls.  The cord is made from a braided, tangle-free substance which will help increase the life of the earbuds.


The Plantronics Backbeat 216 can be purchased at Mobile Fun for $39.99 along with many other great iPhone 5 accessories.  Backbeat 216 earphones can be purchased in colors white or black to help match up the color of the iOS device.  It’s not always necessary to spend a great deal of money to get the best design or sound quality when looking for earbuds.  Mobile Fun offers great selection of iOS accessories at affordable prices for almost any mobile device both iOS and Android.  Visit them at and start saving today on all your mobile accessory needs.