Paid Cydia Tweaks

Best Paid Cydia Apps to Install on iPad after JailbreakMe 3.0
This article discusses some of the best applications needed after the jailbreak. This is my opinion and the best ways I have learned to use my ipad 2 through trial and error mostly. I’m sure some will argue about better apps but this is my choice and opinion for what I use.
The biggest reason I feel people jailbreak is to have more control of how their idevice looks and functions. Jailbreaking and installing these Cydia apps I have listed will allow you to do just that. You can change everything from the physical appearance to adding how the home and volume buttons allow an app to function.
Paid Cydia Tweaks
1. Infiniboard-this iphone application allows the user to scroll through their pages and add more icons to each page as you build your application library you will expand as you go.

2. Infinidock-this application is a whole lot like the previous app only it allows the user to expand their dock and after they get up to I thank you used in applications on each page the and a goes to the next page. You can you can add them to many icons on each pages Dock but this is quite cluttered. I don’t recommend you put this many on each page personally I like to have five or six at the most it makes it easier to read and with this application you can scroll to the next page with just the flip of a some access to your application.

3. InfiniFolder-Takes the 12 app limit from building folders on IOS.

4. GravityLockScreen– unlock phone by swiping up with one/two fingers. It has several setting for user preference.

5. Safari Downloader Manager– adds a download manager to iphone. Downlaod more than one file at a time. Download deb files, .mov, and more.

6. iFile– can be used to ssh into idevice. View downloaded files.

7. Action Menu Plus– adds copy,paste, tweets, find, playing, and much more to the clipboard to the device.

8. AndroidLoader– with a simply slide or tap gesture you can view all your applications in one place.

9. MyWi – tether your idevice or laptop for a $20 flat rate fee.

10. PkgBackup– backup all the Cydia apps with a few taps. Restore Cydia apps all at once instead of downloading them one at a time.

11. TruPrint– print to most network printers.

12. PhotoAlbums+ for iPhone/iPod-add folders to your photos album. Copy the Album Folders to your PC via USB. Password protect photo albums.

13. DisplayRecorder– record screen in real time

14. Wi-Fi Sync– allows apps to wirelessly sync with itunes.

15. iRealSms-add all the missing features needed with this texting app. Such as Text to Voice, Quick Send, Forward via email, templates, and much more.

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