How to Restore Your iPhone to Factory Settings Using iTunes [Windows]

These are just some instructions on how to restore the iOS firmware on your iPhone and return it to factory settings using iTunes for Windows….. Restore iPhone factory settings using windows


Apple Releases Help Document to Switch Back to iOS 8 After iOS 8.0.1 Issues

After only a week of launching iOS 8, Apple has released another update today. Called iOS 8.0.1, the update comes with a series of fixes for the bugs that the earlier version 8.0 produced. But most importantly, the new version included a fix for a bug that prevented HealthKit apps from appearing on the App […]


The Death Of The iPod Classic

As Apple announced the termination of the iPod Classic in their latest Keynote, there are many mixed feelings over this. Yes, Apple may be moving up to bigger and better things with all of its iPhone/ iPod / Mac they’ve made over the past decade, but there are also many mixed feelings about this iconic gadget being removed from the shelves. Although all of that has happened, lets pay a small tribute to one of Apples biggest inventions.

iOS 8.0.1 Update

iOS 8.0.1: Worst Mistake in Modern Apple History?

Let’s admit it,  everyone makes mistakes.  It’s human nature.  But when you become the most valuable company in the world you can’t afford to make mistakes.  Not as big as pushing an update that renders an iPhone useless and disabling a security feature. Yesterday Apple pushed iOS 8.0.1 to the public.  This update brought a […]

iOS 8 battery performance

Eight Tips For Improving Battery Performance iOS 8 iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Two of most annoying bugs in iOS 8 some users are experiencing is WiFi connectivity issues and battery drainage. Apple is expected to roll out an update in October to fix several bugs but at the timed of this post WiFi and battery drain we’re not mentioned in the update notes.

iPhone 6

Your $600 iPhone 6 Costs About $200 to Make

Your $650+ iPhone 6 only costs $200 for Apple to manufacture,  according to Recode.  Using data from IHS,  who’ve teared down the device,  says Tim Cook and Co. spends $200-$247 in parts and labor to manufacture the iPhone 6.  This includes parts and labor fees.  Labor costs anywhere between $4-$4.50.  This does not include marketing […]


Top Ten Apps For Your iPhone 5s/6/6 Plus

As the iPhone 6 and 6 plus came out two days ago with iOS 8, many apps were updated for its increased screen size. Today we will be looking at the top ten apps for not only your iPhone 6/6 Plus but also your iPhone 5s (if you still own one). Keep reading this if you are interested in knowing what are the BEST applications out there (in my opinion!) for this month.

ios8 (2)

iOS 8.0.1 Coming With Phone, Keyboard, Safari and More Bug Fixes

Apple has sent carriers a pre-released version of iOS 8.0.1,  MacRumors reports.  This sounds like — minus major bugs — the public release is around the corner.  It looks like this version will come with small bug fixes. According to the report,  iOS 8.0.1 will be fixing several bugs including,  Safari not playing videos,  Passbook […]

iPhone 6 bending

iPhone 6 Users Experience Bending While Carrying in Pocket

iPhone 6 users have already started to experience bending while carrying in back pocket. So if you plaN TO carry your iPhone 6 in your pocket you will need to add a case to be safe. That is unless you want to end up as some of the unfortunate users already shown below.

Mockup of new iPad

Report Claims iPad Air 2 Coming in October

According to a report from the Commercial Times,  Apple is set to launch its next generation full-sized iPad next month.  The report claims that this new iPad is ramping up production this month,  and will be ready to ship in October. Oddly enough,  the report mentions that the smaller iPad,  the iPad mini,  will not be […]

ios 8

iOS 8 Adoption Near 50% Within First Week

iOS 8 scales in at 46% within its first week being available to the public, according to Apple.  As noted by Apple’s developer support app portal,  nearly half of the devices that connect to the App Store is now running the latest and greatest version of iOS. Concerns were raised about the size of this […]


Apple Announces 10 Million iPhone Sales Opening Weekend

After announcing 4 million iPhone pre-order sales within the first 24 hours,  the Common now states it’s reached over 10 million sales during the phones launch. This includes both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The figure breaks the companies previous record during its iPhone 5s and 5c launch.  Chiming in at 9 million […]


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