How to: Remove Credit Card from Apple Pay Remotely

Ever since Apple Pay was released for the public to use, there have been plenty who have enjoyed the ease of use and security that the service provided them.  Because of this, it has become a favorable way for people to make their purchases as the system allowed them to buy items through their device.  […]


AT&T Updating 10GB Mobile Share Plan to 15GB in a Promo

AT&T announced today that the company will be updating it’s 10GB Mobile Share Plan to 15GB for a limited time.  Normally $100, (with a charge per device), this promo matches up with Verizon’s More Everything 15GB plan starting at $100. AT&T notes with 15GB of monthly data, customers are able to stream 160 hours of […]

iOS 8.1.1 released

Apple Releases iOS 8.1.1 [Not Jailbreak Friendly]

Jailbreak users should not update to iOS 8.1.1. This means if you upgrade to iOS 8.1.1 you will not be able to jailbreak using Pangu8 anymore. Be sure you understand you will lose your jailbreak. Apple patched the exploit which the Pangu team used to develop the jailbreak in iOS 8.1.1.

apex 2 tweak

Apex 2 Jailbreak Tweak Gets iOS 8.1 Support Now

Apex 2 is a great way to eliminate folders on your Home Screen and replace them with stacks of app icon. It does however have a limit to the number of icons which can be added to each stack.

intelliscreenx8 tweak

IntelliScreenX8 for iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweak is Live Now

IntelliScreenX8 is currently available in the BigBoss Repo now. Users who bought iOS 7 will be able to update for Free. If you haven’t purchased IntelliScreenX in the past it will be $9.99. However, if you aren’t sure you will like this app or tweak it does allow a 3-day trial.


DetailedBatteryUsage Provides Access to Apple’s Internal Battery Usage Menu

One of the many things that users worry about their device is the battery life which forces them to constantly check to make sure it doesn’t run out. This is why you’ll see many battery related tweaks on Cydia. One such interesting tweak is DetailedBatteryUsage by popular and curious developer Hamza Sood. The tweak unlocks […]


Top Ten Free iOS 8 Compatible Cydia Tweaks Pangu8 Jailbreak

We have been on a mission to deliver many great tweak updates and new releases as they come available. This video show the Top Ten Free iOS 8 Compatible Cydia Tweaks for Pangu Jailbreak available November 14, 2014.

iGames iOS App

iGames iOS app

If you’re the type who likes to stay updated with the latest iOS apps and games? If this is something you are fond of, there’s a new iOS app that can help you! Called iGames, this free iOS app will help you stay on the loop for all the newest and latest trending video games that you can play on your device. With a library of over 20,000 games, you’ll be sure to find a new game every time you open the app.

stampkey ios app

StampKey iOS App

The saying ‘There’s an app for that!’ couldn’t get any more realistic than today’s variety of app programs and tools.  After Apple made Apple Pay possible, there’s virtually no limit to the next app that would be developed by different iOS developers.  Adding to the lineup of new apps, both iOS and Android users can […]

25 cydia tweaks

Best 25 [iOS 8 Compatible] Jailbreak Tweaks & Apps Pangu8

The Pangu8 Jailbreak has finally been updated where we can use it. We also have both Mac & Windows versions available now too. The developers have been hard at work updating and developing new tweaks for iOS 8. We have composed a list of 25 awesome tweaks for iOS 8. Some of the tweaks are updates while others are totally new.

EaseUS MobiSaver

EaseUS MobiSaver Free Review

Worried about your files getting lost forever? EaseUS MobiSaver Free will come rescue you!

iOS 8 Gold 6 Hero

iOS 8.1.1 Could Be Several Days Away

iOS 8 hasn’t had its best start.  With the whole iOS 8.0.1 debacle, and a plethora of bugs in the initial iOS 8 release, it almost seems like iOS 8 was rushed to the public. A new report from iClarified suggests that Apple may be ready to send iOS 8.1.1 to the public.  iOS 8.1.1 […]

okeyn case

Okeyn WaterProof iPhone 6 Case Review

Okeyn offers great waterproof protection at an affordable price. Because lets be truthful here not all users want to carry their device in a waterproof case all the time.