iOS 8

iOS 8 to Include a New Multi-Tasking Feature on the iPad

Many are looking forward to the release of the latest iOS 8 system, which promises to add to the functionality of iPad devices. Thanks to a new split-screen multi-tasking feature, iPad users can now run two applications on their device simultaneously. Definitely, this is something new that many are looking forward to. By making this […]

iRolex SmartWatch

Stylish iRolex iWatch Concept Video

The iWatch has been only a rumor and conversation topic for several years. However, over the past year the iWatch has really began to take shape. The folks at CurvedLabs have released their latest concept video relating to the iRolex.

ios 8 icon

New iOS 8 Concept Video Shows Improved CC Widgets

Developer Ryan Gilsdorf has posted a new concept video for iOS 8.  It shows many different awesome features some include the new ControlCenter with Widgets.  It also gives the user the ability to make icons round and change the color of theUI.

iPhone 6S Air 5.5 inch

New Leaked Photos Of The Larger 5.5 Inch iPhone 6S

The rumor mill has been running ramped this past few days with something new almost every day about the iPhone 6. All the rumors have been related to the 4.7 inch model mostly. However, we have just found a new set of leaked photos of the 5.5 inch display. The larger iPhone 6S Air is supposed to release after the smaller iPhone 6. Whether or not this happens, time will surely tell.

100 Balls

100 Balls iOS App Review

There are some games on the App Store that are built to test your abilities as an individual, especially if you’ve believed (for a while) that you possess some superhuman strength. With the help of these apps, you can finally put your skill to the test and see it unfold before your very eyes. If […]

iPad Split Screen Design

iOS 8 To Bring Split Screen Design For iPad

Some believe iOS 8 will deliver a much anticipated feature for the iPad, a new split screen multitasking ability. This will allow users to interact with two applications simultaneously. Up until now the iPad could only open one application at a time.

Kick the Buddy: No Mercy

Kick the Buddy: No Mercy iOS App Review

For those who have been feeling stressed out from work, there are many ways to cope with the emotion. Especially for those who are feeling tired with the people surrounding them, dealing with stress can be a difficult deal. While there are those who drown their misery in alcohol, there are those who turn to […]

Threes iOS app

Threes! iOS App Review

If you’ve gotten hooked to the popular 2048 game, it only means you have not yet discovered the original game where it was patterned after. As a matter of fact, 2048 was a clone of another clone and another– an endless cycle of duplicates that have tried to copy the gameplay of the original game. […]

Cydia Tweak Roundup

Best Five iOS 7 Cydia Tweaks RoundUp May 12, 2014 [Video]

Each week we bring the best tweaks for our readers. We usually have a Top Free Cydia Tweak video and Top Paid Cydia Tweak video, however, this week we have combined both into one video. There wasn’t an abundant amount of new Cydia tweaks released over the past week.

Rush&Fantasy Screenshot

The New Rush&Fantasy Promises an Evolution in GamePlay

The new RPG app for iPad and iPhone in games category, by developer Ubinuri released on April 25, 2014 is compatible with iOS 4.3 and later. A unique combination of strategy and immersion result in one of the most addictive games available free from iTunes. Rush&Fantasy as it is called allows you to battle with savage beasts and unreal creatures while role-playing as hero of your choice.

goodreader 4

GoodReader 4 iOS App Review

If you’re looking for a document and file management app suitable for your iOS device, Good.iWare’s GoodReader has already gained a loyal clientele and a reputation as such. Ever since it was first launched, the app has already been able to help sync documents and files with various sources– a computer, another iOS device, or […]

Plague Inc. iOS app

Plague Inc iOS App Review

If there’s one particular app on the App Store that continues to grow in use and popularity, it would definitely be Plague Inc iOS app. This is a strategy game that has been downloaded numerous times in the past. And considering this app has been available for years, it is impressive to know that such […]

iPhone 6 Air Concept

iPhone 6 Air Concept Video

Everyone is looking forward to the new iPhone 6. While Apple is keeping a tight lip on how the new device will look like, many designers couldn’t help but guess how this will turn out to be. Recently, a new iPhone 6 video concept has been released for the public to marvel over.