shadowgun deadzone

Awesome Third Person Shooter iOS Game: ShadowGun DeadZone

ShadowGun DeadZone iOS App Review ShadowGun Deadzone has gone free today, November 16, 2012 in the App store.  Play as the world’s infamous bounty hunter named John Slade.  This is truly one awesome third person iOS game.  Users may choose to play multiplayer online against others.   The main object of the game is Kill […]

battery status

Battery Status Cydia Tweak: Speak Battery Charge

  Battery Status Cydia Tweak   Battery Status is a Cydia Tweak available in MacCiti Repo for $1.  This tweak allows users to enable the tweak to speak the battery status when plugged in, unplugged, or through an activation method. This tweak is very helpful for older devices which don’t have the battery status displayed […]


OlloClip Confirmed For iPhone 5 and Pre-Orders Begin

OlloClip Confirmed For iPhone 5 One of the most enjoyed camera attachments for the iPhone is called the OlloClip. The OlloClip inventor, Patrick O’Neil, has just announced they are taking pre-orders on the Olloclip for the iPhone 5.  The OlloClip allows users to take fisheye, macro, and wide-angle photos with the iPhone.  The Olloclip is […]


AltaMail iOS Email App Developed By EuroSmartz

  AltaMail Email App Developed By EuroSmartz AltaMail developed by EuroSmartz is one of my favorite email applications for combining numerous accounts into one application.  AltaMail makes it simple to add accounts, organize, and find anything needed all at the touch of the screen.  AltaMail is available in App store for $4.99 and worth every […]


Accelerate Cydia Tweak: Speed Up Animation On iOS

Accelerate Cydia Tweak Accelerate is a Free cydia tweak available in BigBoss Repo. The tweak was first released a few weeks ago under the name ClockWind. However, due to all the bugs and problems the developer removed it from Cydia. He now states it has ben rebuilt from scratch and compatible with devices from iPhone […]

ios 6 jailbreak

MuscleNerd Tweets About iOS 6 Jailbreak

  MuscleNerd Squashes iOS 6 Jailbreak Rumors MuscledNerd, the jailbreak developer believed to have jailbroken iOS 6 has tweeted about exploits concerning iOS 6. Apparently, several tweets were made about release dates and information relating to iOS 6 jailbreak. MuscleNerd squashed all the recent rumors floating around twitter of an iOS 6 jailbreak release date. […]

boxwave keyboard buddy

[Review]BoxWave KeyBoard Buddy iPhone 4/4S Case

    The Keyboard Buddy by BoxWave for the iPhone 4/4S makes texting and writing longer emails a breeze on the iPhone.  The Keyboard Buddy offers Apple function commands on the keyboard built-in such as home, Lock, and more.  The model I am reviewing is the backlit keyboard model which makes typing in the dark […]


Hands-On Equations: Fun Way To Learn Algebra

Hands-On Equations: The Fun Way To Learn Algebra   The Fun Way To Learn Algebra offers a great way to learn Algebra.  Many students have great anxiety when it comes to learning Algebra.  They think they are going to fail before they begin which makes it even harder to teach them.  Being a teacher for […]


ForceStatusBar Cydia Tweak: Turn Status Bar On/Off

ForceStatusBar Cydia Tweak ForceStatusBar is Free Cydia Tweak available in Ryan Petrich repo Ryan Petrich is well known throughout the jailbreak community for his awesome tweaks. ForceStatusBar enables the user to turn the status bar on/off whenever they wish. Maybe some application you prefer to have the status bar active or just the opposite. […]


ActiVoice Cydia Tweak Enhances Google Application

  ActiVoice Cydia Tweak  ActiVoice is a free cydia tweak available in the Ryan Petrich Beta Repo. It enahnces the Google search application. It adds a bit of Siri-like features to the older devices which aren’t equipped with Siri. However, devices with Siri can use this tweak aslso if they wish. The tweak adds the […]


iPhone App Downloads Dropped To 29%

For a long time Apple was leading the app market: their App Store had the biggest number of applications and the biggest number of downloads. But things have changed recently, and Android managed to catch up Apple – now both stores have about 700,000 apps available. Moreover, a recent research by ABI Research from London […]


Curiosity- What’s Inside The Cube?: Top Free iOS App November 2012

Curiosity- What’s Inside The Cube?   Curiosity What’s inside the Cube? has taken the iTunes app store by storm. It’s jumped from the twenty something place yesterday to around seventh today in Top Free Apps category. The game really isn’t anything special to me. Theres no intense gameplay or awesome graphics. You simply just tap […]


AngryBirds Star Wars GamePlay & Review

AngryBirds has joined forces with the Jedi.  AngryBirds Star Wars offers iOS gamers hours of fun with eighty different levels.  They have included several bonuses and suprise updates to come.  AngryBirds Star Wars for iPhone sells for $0.99 and the HD version for the iPad and iPad Mini sell for $2.99.  Click the download buttons […]