tales of pirates

Tales of Pirates : Kids Adventure Game

The Tales of Pirates Kids is iPhone Game is fun and educational. It teaches kids skills like decision making, matching, coordination, and math. This is all in the disguise of a fun action packed game. Kids never know they are learning. My four year old daughter played this game for over 2 hours and had a ball.


Top iOS 6 Lockscreen Cydia Tweak: Atom

Atom is a newly released Cydia tweak available in BigBoss Repo for $1.99. It’s compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 6.x or later. It adds six different icons to the lockscreen which can be preselected by the user to be any application of the device both native and 3rd part apps can be added.


NotesTweak Cydia Tweak: Better Notes Organization

NotesTweak is a Cydia tweak available in BigBoss Repo for $1.99. It allows the user to better organize their notes.


League of Evil 2 Review: Top Five Games April 23, 2013

League of Evil 2 will remain free until April 27, 2013.  So you better act fast to save today.  This is an action packed game from the beginning to end.  It has more than enough action to keep you entertained several hours.  Get the features below.

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Abstergo Cydia Tweak: Notification Power

Abstergo allows users to take control of their notifications much better. It’s currently available in BigBoss Repo for $1.99. It was developed by Andrew Richardson and Josh Tucker.

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Speck SmartFlex iPhone 5 Case Review

Enjoy the comfort of carrying credit or debit cards inside your iPhone 5 SMART FLEX Case by Speck. This case offers some great features for may different situations. Almost everyone carries an iPhone now, well except for the three Android users.

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Critical Missions iOS Game Review: Formidable Action Game

At $2.99 in the App Store, Critical Missions: SWAT is an amazing game for first person shooter. This game is a must play! This game affords you complete control over your combat situation. This includes the number of opponents you are prepared and willing to face, the team you will compete on, and your weapons of choice.


JellyLock Cydia Tweak: Android LockScreen For iOS

iOS can now enjoy the Jellybean style lockscreen on the iPhone or iPod. The iPad isn’t currently supported yet but with all the buzz about this tweak I look for it to come anytime. JellyLock is a lockscreen for users who may miss the lockscreen from the Android devices.


FB Unlimited Chat Heads Cydia Tweak Free

Facebook Chatheads Unlimited Cydia tweak removes the limit of four in Facebook.  The chatheads are the new way Facebook allows us to interact faster on Facebook. You can jump from one conversation to another by tapping the chatheads.


Live Battery Indicator Cydia Tweak

Live Battery Indicator is a free Cydia Tweak which offers a new style for showing battery levels. It can show the battery level inside a circle type figure which also shows the amount of battery based on how much of the circle is showing.

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16bit Trader iPhone App Review

I recently reviewed the game 16bit trader, an old school looking adventure game for the iPhone. The main character is trying to seek revenge for the murder of his father by posing as a travelling trader.


Slayin iOS App Review

Slayin is a retro arcade game that puts you in the place of a medieval character that goes out and kills monsters. You can be a knight, Wizard, or Knave, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The main goal is to survive in a level, killing the monsters to survive. You will clear a level after time has passed then you face the boss. the bosses can include a minotaur, an imp, king slime, a dragon and many more. Your character walks on their own and you just send him in a direction.


Take More Control Of Flash: PhotoTorch Free Cydia Tweak

Do your photos turn out to bright when using flash on iPhone? Developer, oPomSmart has developed a new Cydia Tweak called PhotoTorch. It’s currently available for Free in Big Boss Repo.