The Walking Dead App[FREE]: 2012 APP OF THE YEAR

Walking Dead iOS App Episode 1 One of the years most talked about application goes Free in app store. The Walking Dead Ep. 1 is currently available in the app store for free. Experience the true Zombie Apocalypse fighting your way to9 survive. The Walking Dead is based on the popular comic strip series created […]


Beesy iPad App Review: Top Note Taker and Organizer

  Beesy iPad App Review Beesy takes note taking and to-do list to the next level.  Beesy helps the most unorganized person get organized with only a few taps of the iPad screen.  It allows users to take their notes and list with them anywhere they may go.  It makes following up on meetings or […]


iH8sn0w updates f0recast tool

As Apple releases new iOS version with much improved security , hackers are facing difficultes in finding new exploits and releasing a proper jailbreak tool to the public as soon as possible . While hackers are still working hard to release a jailbreak , iH8snOw has stepped forward by updating his popular fOrecast tool . […]


PowerCam iOS App Review[FREE]:Real-Life Camera Feel

ProCam iOS App Review Pro Cam offers excellent features for taking high quality photos or video.  Pro Cam has many great features but my favorite is the zoom.  It als has an awesome dial on the right side for selecting many different features.  It operates and looks just like a real camera.  When you hold […]


Tarot of Love App Review

  Tarot of love App review Have you ever had your palm read?  Do you believe the cards can predict the future?  Now you can download an app for your iPhone that will tell you all about the future.  The Tarot of Love app uses tarot cards to predict the future or give insight.  I […]

delete contact cydia tweak

Cydia Tweak Weekly RoundUp: December 2012 Week 4

Are you bored with some of the features Apple has added to the iPhone or other iOS devices.  The best way to overcome this boredom and breath life into your device is through jailbreaking.  It will be the best thing you ever do to your iOS device.  Although, we are waiting for the latest iPhone […]


PowerCam For iPhone Makes Your Pics In Top Notch

 There are a lot of camera apps on the market. Very few of them can do what PowerCam can do. There are just so many options available that you could use this as your main camera. Not only can you take simple pictures, you have the ability to take those pictures to a much higher […]


Google Maps hits 10 million downloads within 48 hours !

The much awaited Google Maps app finally made its way into the App Store last week and back onto iOS devices ever since Apple had removed Google Maps from iOS 6 and replaced it with their own built in Map . Within the first few hours , it secured its place on the App Store […]


SnapHeal Mac App: Magically Remove or Add Objects In Photos

SnapHeal Named Top Mac App of 2012 SnapHeal has just been named one of the Apps of the Year by App in the Mac Store.  This is an awesome accomplishment for any application.  SnapHeal makes editing photos a breeze.  It makes it as simple as click and point.  Remove objects with only a few clicks […]


iCon PassCode Cydia Tweak[Free]: Add Passcode To Any Application

iCon PassCode Cydia Tweak   Have you ever loaned your iPhone to someone only to fear they may read your text or email????  If not, you should have been afraid.  Having a touch screen is very user friendly and convenient.  So convenient it invites intruders or prying eyes of others.  We are all human but […]


MapsOpener – Sets Google Maps app as default iOS Map

  Googe Maps was released 2 days ago on the App Store and found itself in top free apps on the App Store in less than a day . This shows how eager people were to get an iOS version of Google Maps on their device . But the main problem was that it couldnt […]


Note Anytime App Now On iPhone and iPad

Take Notes on the Go with Note Anytime for iPhone Note Anytime is a sleek sketching tool and notetaker on the iPad, but the new iPhone version really makes this sketching app a notepad on the go. Since you are more likely to have your phone with you everywhere you go, having a set of […]

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Best Of 2012 Free Cydia Tweaks

Best of 2012: Top Free Cydia Tweaks Since Apple has created the Best of 2012 app page, it’s only fair the jailbreak community have one for the cydia tweaks. We will be sharing the top twenty and paid Cydia Tweaks for the “Best of 2012″ category. We will probably do a notification and Siri category […]