Take Control Of Banner Notifications: Sticky Icky Cydia Tweak

How many times have you tried to read a notification on the screen but it left before you could??? This happens to me on a daily basis. Anyway, the jailbreak developers have released a new tweak in modmyi repo called Sticky Icky for Free.


How To Fix “Exit Safe Mode” Problem On jailbroken Devices

Most times this comes after you recently downloaded a new Cydia Tweak or updated your sources/Repo’s. However, it maybe something simple such as a bad Cydia package, Repo/Source, or possibly an update you haven’t made yet released in CYDIA.


Simpson Tapped Out iOS App Review

The Simpsons Tapped Out is a free to play game for the iOS devices. In the game Homer Simpson accidentally blows up the town of Springfield while playing a game on his MyPad.

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Top Paid Cydia Tweaks March 23, 2013

Enjoy the latest Top Cydia Paid Tweaks for march 24, 2013. we strive to bring our readers the best Cydia Tweaks(Free & Paid) available as well as the Top iOS Apps released during the month.


Top [FREE] Cydia Tweaks March 22, 2013

Enjoy the latest updated Cydia Free Tweaks 2013.  Be sure to leave a comment and subscribe to our Youtube Channel for the latest app reviews and Cydia Tweaks reviews daily.


Top iPhone 5 Game “Le Vamp” App Review

Le Vamp is a new arcade game for iOS devices that has many cool features. The title Le Vamp translates to The Vampire and that is who you are in the game.

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BisonMade iPhone Case Review: USA made and Built To Last Decades

Most iPhone users will agree cases made today favor the female gender over the male. The ladies probably enjoy fashion a bit more but the men need their iPhone protected just the same.


Super Stickman Golf 2 iOS App Review

Super Stickman Golf 2 is a sports arcade game for the iOS devices. This game is a 2D look at golfing but in a crazy way. All of the courses aren’t just flat lands, some you must shoot up, some down, and others across chasms.


Weekly Cydia Tweak Round Up March 19, 2013

We strive to bring our readers the best content and most recent content for iOS devices relating to Cydia Tweaks and App Reviews.

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What’s Your Average Jailbreaker Look Like?

Reddit user spiceman54j recently conducted a small survey relating to jailbreaking and some of the important aspects of jailbreaking such as:


Everything Users Should Know About Cydia: Cydia Tips and Tricks 2013

It’s very easy to forget the many different Cydia Tweaks which you have purchased over time. These are recorded in a list which can be found inside the Cydia App. Simply log in using Google account or Facebook account to see all the tweaks you may have purchased over time.


Tap To Widgets Cydia Tweak[$1.99]: Add Widgets To NC For Reminders, Calendar, and Notes

Since the Notification Center was created in iOS 5 developers have been coming up with Tweaks and apps for it. Developer Alan Yip created and released a Cydia Tweak called Tap to Widgets which looks as if it came from Apple natively.


Top New iOS Games Released March 14, 2013

March 2013 has proven to be very fruitful for iOS users with all the new application releases. Many of these games have become some of my favorite iOS games to play on a regular basis.