paper toss iphone 5 app review

Pass The Time: Paper Toss iOS App Review

    Pass Time Playing Paper Toss On iOS Device   Do you get bored waiting for the doctor? What about sitting in an airport twiddling your thumbs?   I found this neat application that will help pass the time while your waiting.  It is called Paper Toss and comes in three versions.  The game is fun […]


Network Copy & Paste: Copy From iOS devices To PC With Ease

  Network Copy & Paste   Looking for a simple way to copy something from your iPad or iPhone to your desktop or laptop and visa versa?  Well, look no further, I found Network Copy & Paste for a mere .99 cents.  At first,  I got myself confused and decided that this app was not […]


Ostium Cydia Tweak: Add Animations To Notification Center

    OStiun Cydia Tweak:Adds Animation To Notification Center   Ostium is a Cydia Tweak available in ModMyi Repo for 40.99. It adds animations to your notification center. Users can customize the tweak to open through gestures. Choose from a couple different features for OStium. The animations can be opened by swiping up/down or left/right. […]


VSNotification Cydia Tweak: Speak Titles, Messages, and More

        VSNotifications is a Free Cydia Tweak available in BigBoss Repo.  It was developed by the same developer as TitleSpeak.  This tweak is very much the same as Title Speak but offers many more features.  This tweak allows users to customize anything spoken when you open or close apps.  It also adds […]

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Logitech Introduces New Keyboard with Easy-Switch Bluetooth Technology K810

  Product Description The Logitech® Bluetooth® Illuminated Keyboard K810 makes multi-tasking easy with one-touch switching among devices such as your PC, Ultrabook, tablet or smartphone, regardless of the platform. Its keys are backlit with bright illumination that automatically adjusts to any light, and its built-in sensors detect your hands’ approach, turning the illumination on or […]

hiro hd theme winterboard

Awesome Winterboard Theme HIRO HD iPhone| iPod| iPad OCTOBER 2012

HIRO HD WINTERBOARD THEME $3.99 Hiro HD is one of the best winterboard themes of 2012. It has almost everything imaginable themed inside. It has themed the settings, contacts, app store, phone, and much more. Below are some of the photos taken of screenshots inside the theme running on my iPhone 4S. The wallpaper in […]

Yoga Free iPad HD

Yoga Free Offers Free Training and Tranquility

      Are you stressed?  Do you need a way to release some tension? Yoga Free iPad HD offers iOS users a way to reach tranquility by using their idevices.  This is a free application with 250 Yoga poses included and photos.  It also includes a sound track for special maximum effectiveness.  It allows […]

iphone 4s

Financial iPhone Apps Benefits for Professionals

    Financial iPhone Apps Benefits for Professionals There are lots of free and cost-effective financial iPhone apps available for sale. Apple’s iPhone isn’t just utilized for enjoyment and private passions, but could also be employed for monitoring finances, payments and earnings. Apple’s iPhone is really a user-friendly mobile phone that provides a number of […]

ilostfinder cydia tweak

iLostFinder Cydia Tweak: Send Photos Of Thief Using iPhone

  iLostFinder Cydia Tweak: Save Lost or Stolen iPhone iLostFinder is a Free Cydia Tweak available in BigBoss Repo.  Use a passcode to protect your sensitive data.  When an intruder or thief tries to unlock the iPhone, it will take a photo and send it to the email you entered.  iLostFinder is a very simple […]

myalarm cydia tweak

MyAlarm Cydia Tweak: Add Favorite Song For Wake Up

MyAlarm Cydia Tweak Allows Users To Add Alarm From Music Library We all get tired of waking up to the same old repetitive sound of our alarm. The new tweak called MyAlarm will allow you to choose your favorite song to wake up to in the mornings. MyAlarm is a free tweak available in the […]


Top [FREE] Cydia Tweaks October 2012

    Top Free Tweaks October 2012 Everybody enjoys free stuff, right?  Well I have ten new Free Cydia Tweaks available now.  Watch the video review of the latest Ten Free Cydia Tweaks available in Cydia today.   These tweaks range from adding symbols to your keyboard to customizing your animations for your idevice.  Feel […]


How To Install OWC Data Doubler In Optical Bay MacBook Pro 13 Inch Early 2011

How To Replace Optical Drive With Hard Drive The SSD upgreade is undoubtedly one of the best investments any MacBook Pro owner can make. However, the next thing you should consider is replacing the optical drive with the Hard Drive removed for the SSD installation. It really osn’t all that difficult, but it isn’t for […]

titlespeak cydia tweak

TitleSpeak Cydia Tweak: Speak Notification Titles

TitleSpeak Cydia Tweak TitleSpeak is a Free Cydia tweak available in BigBoss Repo. It speaks the title of the notification in the Siri voice. It makes knowing who is trying to contact you much easier and hands free. This will be especially helpful for the seeing impaired. Give it a try and let us know […]