Electronic Flight Bag

Gulf Air Makes Use of iPads as Electronic Flight Bags

On a meeting held recently, Gulf Air announced its intentions of rolling out an Electronic Flight Bag program making use of Apple’s iPad device. The meeting, held last Sunday, revealed the carrier’s Information and Communication Technology initiatives on how they wish to make use of this technology. As announced, the carrier will be purchasing and […]


StartApp – The Highest CPM iOS Ad Platform

Here is something, we have been pining to talk about for long. And If you are a developer or an advertiser looking to be supported for work, you must be reading this.
Developed in New York in 2010, StartApp is a very popular startup among the Android developer community. In its first year itself, it conquered a 2.87% share of Android apps on the Play Store or roughly around 80,000 apps. Recently, it has unveiled their much awaited Software Development Kit (SDK) for Apple iOS.


Apple and Google Enters Agreement With One Another

  In what seems like an ongoing case that has lasted forever, Apple and Google have finally decided to put a truce between the two companies. According to a joint statement issued last May 16, both companies have decided to drop ongoing lawsuits and instead, work together with the goal of patent reform. The agreement […]

iPhone 6 Rumors May 2014

New iPhone 6 Rumors, Flappy Bird Update May 2014[Video]

We are back with more rumors of the iPhone 6 or iPhone Air. A reliable source has been cited stating the upcoming iPhone 6 wouldn’t launch until September 2014. Unnamed sources have stated, the proof comes from Apple block out vacation time for employees at a German store. We saw this same behavior from Apple last year.

make it rain

Make It Rain: The Love of Money iOS App Review

If you are looking for an addicting game that will keep you preoccupied for a few hours, there’s no other game as entertaining as the new Make It Rain: The Love of Money iOS app. Currently landing on the number one free spot on the App Store, the game has amassed a huge success in […]

Facebook 10.0

Facebook Version 10.0 Now with Ability to Save Draft, Loads News Feed Faster

Facebook is currently working on its version 10.0 update for iOS devices. Compared to previous updates, however, this new version will have less significant changes that will barely be noticeable to users. However, if you’re careful about these changes, you’ll get to see that the update actually comes with an interesting new feature– the ability […]


Apple Dealing With Text Message to iMessage Error

If your friends have recently complained that they are not receiving your text messages, it may not be delivered to your iPhone appropriately. Apple recently acknowledged that they are dealing with a problem uncommon to us. Apparently, there are some text messages that are being converted into an iMessage and are then forwarded to an […]

Dong Nguyen

‘Less Addictive’ Flappy Bird Sequel Arriving in August

A few months ago, Flappy Bird mania took over the devices of Apple owners. Its immense success, however, was cut short unexpectedly when its developer, Dong Nguyen, decided to pull out the app from the App Store last February. With plenty of reports on addicted players taking the game too seriously, Nguyen had no choice […]

Emulators for iOS Devices

Play iOS Emulator ROM’s No Jailbreak Needed: iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Not Needed

Many iOS users accidentally updated to the new firmware iOS 7.1. This resulted in the loss of the jailbreak for iOS 7 completely. Well I have good news my unfortunate friends. Today you can play ROM’s on any iOS device without the need of a jailbreak.

Toilet Time- Mini Games to Play in the Bathroom

Toilet Time- Mini Games to Play in the Bathroom iOS App Review

When it’s time to go, it really is time to go– to the bathroom that is. But for some people, going to the bathroom seems like a boring task. Even if they’re about to do their business, they feel the need to tinker on their phone. While some people use this opportunity to update their […]


What the Apple-Beats Acquisition May Mean for Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iodine

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you may have not heard about the growing excitement over the report that Apple is buying Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion. Despite the fact that numerous articles have already been published regarding this acquisition, neither company has gone public about the deal. Originally […]


iStick: The First Flash Drive for Apple Devices Soon to Launch

Recently, the first Made-For-iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch (MFi) flash drive was introduced to the public. Using a built-in Lightning connector, the device is able to function just like a typical flash drive should on Apple devices. Created by a company called Hyper, the device is not yet available as it is still undergoing a funding campaign on […]


Litely iOS App Review

A designer and developer of a number of Instagram photo filters, a professional photographer named Cole Rise, has recently released his first photo app. Through the Litely iOS app, he is able to showcase his own philosophy on the use of simple, subtle, and natural light. As exhibited on his app, Rise believes that photos […]