Apple September 9th Event Now Available for On-Demand Streaming

If you missed Apple’s live keynote this morning,  you’ll be happy to know that you can now watch the keynote in its entirety., on-demand.  Alternatively,  you can check out our coverage here on iPhone Captain.  But if you have the time,  it’s definitely worth the time. The event has yet to appear on Apple’s official YouTube […]


Goodbye, iPod Classic

It’s been nearly five years since the iPod Classic was updated.  Every two years we see an update on the iPod line,  for the last two iPod refreshes we did not see any mention of the iPod Classic. And today it seems as though Apple has put the iPod Classic up in gadget heaven. Having […]

iPhone 6

Apple Event 2014 Recap: iPhone 6 Official and More

People are always extremely anxious to see what new devices Apple unveils on Apple Event 2014 day. Today was no exception Apple has again wowed the world with excellence. Below is a brief look at what was discussed and what we will be seeing in next few days, weeks, and months. Let us know what you think in comments. Are you upgrading? Which one?


iOS 8 Gold Master Released to Developers

Nearly a month after the previous iOS 8 beta release,  Apple has finally released it’s Gold Master for iOS 8 to its developers.  iOS 8 is planned to have over 200 new features including Continuity,  Handoff,  and HomeKit. The update build number 12A365 and can be downloaded in full on Apple’s Developer Center.  It’s worth noting,  if you’re running any […]

free cydia tweaks

Top Five Free iOS 7 Cydia Tweaks September 9, 2014 [Video]

Today we have put together five of the best Free Cydia Tweaks released over the past few days. If you feel we have overlooked a gem drop us a line in the comments below. We will add it to the next list if we find it helpful. Developers feel free to contact us for reviews.


Apple’s New Product Line: Apple Watch

 In addition to the new iPhones,  and Apple’s new payment system,  Apple Pay, Tim Cook and Co. has finally announced a new product category. It’s not the iWatch, it’s the Apple Watch. It’s the first product category released under Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. ”Apple Watch is the most personal device we’ve ever created,”  states Tim […]


Apple Announces Apple Pay

We’ve been using credit and debit cards for over 5 decades.  It’s a long and annoying process. Apple has come up with a new payment process,  and they call it Apple Pay.  Apple Pay uses NFC technology to achieve this.  Since it’s Apple,  it’ll be simple.  To use Apple Pay you can swipe your device. […]


This is the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Finally putting the end to the rumors of the next generation iPhone,  Apple announces the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. They both feature a bigger display, improved cameras, new sensors, a dedicated NFC chip for mobile payments and more. “I hope you’ll agree, they’re the best phones you’ve ever seen,”  Cook said. Phil Schiler, Apple’s Senior […]


iPhone 6 GeekBench Stats Released Ahead of Event Plus Hand-On Video

Weibo user zzray has leaked photos ad video of what is suppose to be the real 4.7 inch iPhone 6. Whether thats official we can only speculate but we can share all the released photos and video so far. Check out the image below of the alleged iPhone 6 compared to the gold iPhone 5S.


iPhone 6 Specs Leaked Ahead of Announcement

Several hours before Apple is set to announce the iPhone 6,  but we’re still learning about the device.  An alleged Geekbench benchmark report recently published by an unknown source shows the raw specs of the iPhone 6. The Geekbench suggests the device will pack a dual-core A8 processor clocked in at 1.4GHz, and 1GB of […]


Possible New Apple TV Announcement Today

Most reports are claiming today’s special event will be focusing on the iPhone 6 4.7 inch,  the bigger 5.5 inch iPhone 6,  and the iWatch.  Apple has been reportedly working on a new variant of its set top box for a long time,  though the rumor mill has died down as of late regarding the Apple […]

Apple Online Store Down

Apple Online Store Down Ahead of Todays Event

It has become a tradition for Apple on the day of special events to take down the Apple Online Store.  Ahead of the launch of various new products such as the two iPhone 6 models, iWatch, and much more. It’s a mystery as to why Apple does it,  but we assume they do it to […]

Apple Events Channel

Apple Events Channel Now Available on Apple TV Ahead of Todays Event

Apple has just added the Apple Events channel to its second and third-generation Apple TV ahead of todays press event.  The company has previously stated that Apple will be live-streaming the event online to Safari on Mac and iOS devices. The event channel should automatically appear on your Apple TV’s dashboard.  If it isn’t showing […]