Polus: Allows You To Add More Apps Shortcut In The Control Center

The control center has got 4 apps shortcut. These shortcuts are Flashlight, Clock, Calculator and Camera respectively. There is no way to configure these app shortcuts in the stock Settings. The tweak “Polus” bypass this limitation imposed by iOS and gives you the ability to add any app shortcut you desire in the control center.

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How iOS Apps Can Get You More Money

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Top 10 Best Cydia Tweaks March,14 2014

These are the Top 10 best cydia tweaks for the second week of March. Most of the tweaks listed are free however few are paid version. We strongly recommend not to install and use any pirated/cracked tweaks as most of them are not updated to their current version and sometimes they won’t function properly. Here […]


TwitkaFly: Adds Twitter Quick Reply And Compose To Notification Center

This amazing tweak has finally been updated to support the new iOS 7. You may have heard it before or might even have used it. Those who have no idea what this tweak does, this tweak adds a quick reply and compose for twitter right in your notification center. An additional feature to this is that you can add an activator gesture to quick reply for your twitter.


Rain Lock: Add Animation To Your Lock Screen

This tweak is really amazing as it adds an animation to your lockscreen. It doesn’t add a rain animation but rather a digital rain that consist of one’s and zero’s or those icons in Matrix movie. These animation are very similar to that of the Matrix movies(I hope you know what is it) that has […]


Fresh Deck Poker Card Game Review iOS, Android & Facebook

Fresh Deck Poker is a cross platform card game application developed by Idle Games available on iOS, Android, or Facebook. Players can begin playing as guest or by signing in through their Facebook account. Players can customize their avatars however they choose and update it anytime.


Test Your Knowledge and Challenge Friends: Quezztion iOS App Review

Quiz shows have always been a favorite of mine. If you are like me in that sense, Quezztion iOS app by Approofed will suit you just fine too. People who enjoy word puzzles, word feud games, trivia, and such will be right at home playing this on their iOS device. It’s like having a game show in your pocket all the time.


PProtect: Allows You To Password Protect Your Photo Stream

If you are using the iOS photo stream frequently or constantly then this tweak is for you. It allows you to lock the photo stream with a password and makes sure that only you can have access to it.


HUD Customizer: Allows You To Customize Your Volume HUD

This tweak allows some modification to the volume HUD. Do you want to change the Volume colors, background, name, position, size, animation and many more? If yes, then this tweak is for your. HUD customizer brings all the available features of modifying your volume HUD. With this tweak installed you can change the color of […]


Metaphrase: Translate Any Text From Anywhere On Your iOS Device

There are times when you come across pages written or displayed in a different language and want to translate a text or word but you can’t unless you Google it to find the definition. However, this tweak will solve your problem. Once you are in this situation all you need to do is to highlight the words and translate it, thanks to Metaphrase.


AdaptiveKeyboard: Color Your Keyboard According To The Apps Icon

This is a simple tweak in which your keyboard color and background keeps changing constantly according to the apps you are using currently. This tweak colorize your keyboard base on the dominant color of the apps icon that you are in.


Spin: A Cool New “Now Playing” Feature On Your Lockscreen

To be honest, the iOS 7 stock “now playing” interface is boring and dead. It doesn’t any new colors, design or concept to make it more alive and to allow us enjoy the music. The square album cover, a straight line slider and plain music control button sometimes make you feel to stop listening. This new tweak “Spin” makes everything on your lockscreen circular and takes it to the next level.


Safari Downloader+: Adds File and Youtube Video Downloading To Safari

Many of you might have been using the Chrome Downloader Plus developed by Jalal Ouraigua that allowed user to download files from google chrome on their iDevices. If you prefer Safari web browser over Google Chrome than this new tweak Safari Downloader+ by the same developer offers the same functionality that support Safari web browser. […]