block imessages ios 8

How To Block Someone On iMessage (iOS 7 or iOS 8)

Sometimes we may need to block annoying users who text too often or too late. Since iOS 7 released this has been a simple task. Now in iOS 8 the task still works just same as it did in iOS 7. However, we will still walk you though how to block someone on iMessage (iOS 7 or iOS 8)

iPad Air 2

Is this the New iPad Air Posted on a Vietnamese Blog?

Before the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were launched, photos of the device leaked online.  Even without an official word from Apple, the photos were leaked and many speculated that it was the real thing.  With the number of photos that get leaked, it is no longer surprising that photos of upcoming devices will […]


Apple Introduces App-Specific Passwords Feature to Keep iCloud Password Private

Starting Oct. 9, Apple users will get to experience the new app-specific passwords feature that was earlier promised for launching. This new feature was supposed to launch on the first of the month.  But because Apple attended to a few more important matters, the launch of the new feature was pushed to a later date. […]

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How To Determine Which iPhone 6 You Should Buy

Apple has released the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus a few weeks ago. Despite their differences, these two smartphones have plenty of similarities. In fact, it may be difficult to choose which one is really right for you without testing them both out first and giving yourself time to adjust to their newer, bigger size.

October 16 Apple Event Live Stream

Apple Confirms Live Streaming of October 16 iPad Event

As noted on the companies site, the October 16 iPad event will be streamed live.  There is no countdown this time, but the site does note the date and time the event will be occurring.  Which, according to the image above, will be Thursday October 16 at 10am PST. The event is expected to showcase […]

League of War iOS app

League of War: Strategic 3D Battles iOS App

If there’s one quality that people are looking for in an iOS game, it would be how enjoyable it is. Thankfully, the new League of War: Strategic 3D Battles iOS game does exactly that. Developed by MunkyFun, this iOS game has been one of the most played apps. After it was launched in December, the […]


How to View iCloud Drive With Cloud Drive Explorer

The biggest drawback to iCloud Drive on iOS is the lack of a native file explorer for it.  Services such as Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive have native applications to view their respective cloud files.  So why doesn’t Apple offer a first-party iCloud Drive app?  Nobody’s sure. Though it would’ve been logical too, Apple might […]


How To Get Free Movies On iOS 8 No Jailbreak Needed

We all enjoy watching movies from time to time. What makes them even better is free movies. Movie Box has been a big source fort movie lovers in the jailbreak community for some time. Well now users are able to get MovieBox without a jailbreak. It’s not really difficult to install either. Follow along as we show you how to do get Free Movies on iOS 8 No Jailbreak in our video below.

iPhone 6 stress test

Can The iPhone 6 Survive Getting Ran Over Protected By Otterbox Defender

Are you trying to decide which case to buy for the iPhone 6? Look no further, we have the answer here. We put the Otterbox Defender to the test by using it in a stress test which we actually ran over the iPhone 6 while inside the Defender series. Are you curious how it made out?

basketball player

Top 6 Best Sports Apps You Need Today

If you’re a hardcore sports fan, it can be tough to pull yourself away from the television or computer for long periods of time. Just like regular news, sports news never sleeps. Scores, breaking news, and stories are constantly filtering in, so you’ll need a way to access all of that information on the go.


iOS 8.1 Beta 2 Released, OS X Yosemite Release Candidate 2.0 Released to Developers

After a a week after the previous iOS 8.1 beta release,  Apple has pushed yet another version of the iOS 8.1 beta to its developers.  iOS 8.1 is planned to come later this month with features such as Apple Pay. The update build number 12B407 and can be downloaded in full on Apple’s Developer Center.  It’s worth noting, […]


Sell iPhone or Receive $100 Coupon Toward Next Purchase #eBayForTheWin

Are you looking to sell your mobile phone? Are you itching to upgrade to the new Apple iPhone 6? Would an extra $400 help you take the step? eBay is currently running a promotion where sellers can earn up to $400 for their phones during auction. They are so confident the phone will sale they are offering any seller who doesn’t sell $100 coupon.

emulator games trouble

Emulators May Be Dead: Apple Removes Date Trick iOS 8.1 beta 1

Are you a big Emulator Fan? Turns out the beta version of iOS 8 beta 1 removes the date trick. Apple may have set their sites on users running emulators on non-jailbroken devices. In case you didn’t know without hat date trick it would be impossible to install any application with Apple’s approval.