lockinfo7 tweak

Lockinfo7 Cydia Tweak: Customize Notification Screen & Lockscreen

Lockinfo7 is available in ModMyi Repo for $4.99. It makes interacting with notifications much easier and faster. It adds a great physical look to the notification screen and lockscreen also. Users can simply swipe left or right to interact with new notifications. By swiping from the left users can mark the notification as read and swiping from the right will open it in the application needed.

iOS 7 activation lock

Jailbreak News May 22, 2014: iCloud ByPass Geeks n’ Tweaks Weekly

Hackers have reportedly managed to bypass Apple’s iCloud activation lock which allows users to restore iDevices without authentication. This has been an issue since iOS 7 released. Apple thought this would deter thefts from being able to use stolen phones and such.

iOS 7.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak

iOS 7.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak Released [Video]

Many users have been pleading for iOS 7.1.1Jailbreak for quite some time now. Well turns out i0n1c has just jailbroken iOS 7.1.1 and posted video showing proof its untethered to boot. He has just published a video to show his untethered jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1 called Cyberelevat0r. Check out the video below to see iOS 7.1.1 jailbroken.

Apple WebKit Flaws

Fix for Apple WebKit Flaws Now Available With Latest Safari Update

On Wednesday, Apple released the latest version of its Safari for OS X 10.9 Mavericks OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion for its users. These new versions are able to patch a couple of bags that have something to do with a WebKit problem that potentially endangers a user’s computer by running malicious sites to run […]

Apple Saudi Arabia

Apple Saudi Arabia Approved to Market and Operate

After so many years, Apple has just obtained the approval of the Saudi Arabian government to be able to fully operate in this part of the world. As earlier reported by SAGIA (Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority), Apple has just been given license to operate in the country under its subsidiary name “Apple Saudi Arabia.” […]

Apple Sunnyvale

Apple to Expand to 290000 Square Feet Sunnyvale Campus

An earlier San Jose Mercury News report unveiled Apple’s plan of expanding its operations to a new location in Sunnyvale, CA. The Sunnyvale Crossing campus, built with 290,000 square feet, measures just a bit smaller compared to the Apple’s recent 350,000 square feet expansion in Sunnyvale. The report has been further confirmed with city planning […]

Martian Passport SmartWatch

Martian Passport Smart Watch Review: Get Notifications and Make Calls Bluetooth Connectivity

Martian Passport Smart Watch are one of the top smart watches on the market at this time. They are one of very few which shows the notification on the watch. The display will show who is calling and the number as well as the text message and sender. These are features that make a smart watch “Smart” in my opinion. There have been several companies attempt to create smart watches but they only notify when the call comes through or the text.


iPad Trade-in Program Now Available in Select European Countries

As an iPad user, it can be very frustrating to discover that a new iPad model has been released in the market. Especially for those who want to stay on top of the latest gadgets, it is important for these individuals to be able to get the devices that are new and fresh. For iPad […]

Electronic Flight Bag

Gulf Air Makes Use of iPads as Electronic Flight Bags

On a meeting held recently, Gulf Air announced its intentions of rolling out an Electronic Flight Bag program making use of Apple’s iPad device. The meeting, held last Sunday, revealed the carrier’s Information and Communication Technology initiatives on how they wish to make use of this technology. As announced, the carrier will be purchasing and […]


StartApp – The Highest CPM iOS Ad Platform

Here is something, we have been pining to talk about for long. And If you are a developer or an advertiser looking to be supported for work, you must be reading this.
Developed in New York in 2010, StartApp is a very popular startup among the Android developer community. In its first year itself, it conquered a 2.87% share of Android apps on the Play Store or roughly around 80,000 apps. Recently, it has unveiled their much awaited Software Development Kit (SDK) for Apple iOS.


Apple and Google Enters Agreement With One Another

  In what seems like an ongoing case that has lasted forever, Apple and Google have finally decided to put a truce between the two companies. According to a joint statement issued last May 16, both companies have decided to drop ongoing lawsuits and instead, work together with the goal of patent reform. The agreement […]

iPhone 6 Rumors May 2014

New iPhone 6 Rumors, Flappy Bird Update May 2014[Video]

We are back with more rumors of the iPhone 6 or iPhone Air. A reliable source has been cited stating the upcoming iPhone 6 wouldn’t launch until September 2014. Unnamed sources have stated, the proof comes from Apple block out vacation time for employees at a German store. We saw this same behavior from Apple last year.

make it rain

Make It Rain: The Love of Money iOS App Review

If you are looking for an addicting game that will keep you preoccupied for a few hours, there’s no other game as entertaining as the new Make It Rain: The Love of Money iOS app. Currently landing on the number one free spot on the App Store, the game has amassed a huge success in […]