Paid Tweaks Pangu Jailbreak

Top Five Paid iOS 7.1.x Jailbreak Tweaks After Pangu Jailbreak 2014

The new iOS 7.1.x Pangu jailbreak came without warning. Personally, I dont think a person here in the States new it was releasing. We hadn’t heard any rumors of such a jailbreaking was being developed. So when we released most users where very leery and afraid to jailbreak. However, after some snooping around in the code be Evaders developers and others in the community it was deemed valid and safe.


New iOS 8 Beta 3 Features Video

iOS beta 3 features that have been added to all the other awesome features iOS 8 is bringing. Apple allows developers to use the software before public use in order to give feed back and make sure its running efficiently and without glitches.

best tweaks weekly

Best Five iOS 7.1.2 Pangu Jailbreak Tweaks July 7, 2014

We enjoy sharing the Top five Cydia Tweaks each week. Although the title states these are Pangu tweaks they will work on any device running iOS 7.0 to 7.1.2 regardless of jailbreak method. This weeks tweaks are some of the best and includes two of my favorite free cydia tweaks personally.

AirServer App

AirServer App All Set to Make Gamers Happy

After introducing Airplay feature on the iOS 5, Apple left the Apple TV as the only device that could mirror iOS devices to the TV screen. This, however, raised eyebrows as Apple was unable to support their Mac product as a device capable of AirPlay. Thankfully, this was fixed with the introduction of AirServer; a […]

winter board theme

Top Five Favorite iPhone Winterboard Themes iOS 7.1.x Pangu Jailbreak

We all get board of our devices physical appearance from time to time. We can do several different things to change the way it looks such as change wallpapers, lockscreen themes, and Winterboard Themes. One of the many reasons users still Jailbreak today is for the sole purpose of using Winterboard Themes.

Pool Stars iOS App Review

Play Pool Using iOS Devices With Pool Stars App

Pool Stars is a FREE iOS application which users will enjoy playing others and much more. It enables users who aren’t physically able to play Pool enjoy the game and play against others. The latest released game called Pool Stars enable users World Wide to compete against other Pool Star players inside the applications. Players may choose from three different types of game play while using the Pool Stars App they include, random player chosen online, choose your own opponent(such as friends), and offline practice.

Tweak Wall Roundup

Best 10 Free iOS 7.1-7.1.2 Pangu JailBreak Tweaks

We are back again with the Best 10 Free iOS 7.1-7.1.2 Pangu JailBreak Tweaks. Here we will be showcasing you the list of the best 10 free tweaks for iOS 7.1/7.1.2. Recently this week the chinese jailbreak group “Pangu” caught us by surprise by releasing a jailbreak tool for iOS 7.1.2 which other jailbreak group community announce to skip such iOS firmware. The list to be displayed are free tweaks which we considered to make improve the performance and usage of your iDevice. Please note the number rankings used are for the sake of clarity and not measured based on any unit.


iOS 7.1 – 7.1.2 Compatible Pangu Jailbreak Tweaks TESTED 100%

It has been few days where the chinese jailbreak group Pangu caught us by surprise when they released an iOS 7.1.1 untethered jailbreak tool after a confirmation by the evasi0n group that they won’t be releasing a jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1 because iOS 8 was just around the corner. For the sake of clarity we avoid deviating away from the topic and instead focus on the list of tweaks that are still compatible with iOS 7.1.1 as we found out that it is safe to use the Pangu jailbreak tool.


CallLauncher Tweak Adds A Contact To An App Icon

CallLaucher is very useful tweak especially for those who make frequent calls to the same contact. What it does is that it adds a contact icon to any app icon. This is how it looks when you tap on mail icon for instance:

Ultra Widget

Ultra Widget Tweak Displays All Important Information In One Widget

It is very useful to have important information at our finger tips. Ultra Widget provides this opportunity by using the widgets features to display the most useful and related information by using the fully customizable widgets.


ShoutDown Tweak Allows You To Perform Certain Action When You Shout

ShoutDown is a new released tweak that allows you to perform a particular action when you shout a word to your device. It is a handy tool when you want to perform a particular action and all you can do is to yell at your device and see it happening.


Playing The Latest Games With The Latest IPhone

Even before the latest iPhone was released, millions of people know that the iPhone was already a great gaming device. As much as gamers may not be enthusiastic about admitting this, the iPhone greatly compensates for the lack of buttons. In addition to the very concept of downloadable gaming apps, the iPhone 5 clearly nails it when it comes to gaming performance.

Hookah Mix iOS app

Hookah Mix iOS App – All About Smoking Hookah

If you’ve ever grown curious about hookah tobaccos and the craze for them, it is important that you know what to expect. But if it is your first time to try using a hookah, it can be quite a challenge; especially if you do not know what’s in store for you. In some cases, you […]