Top iOS 6 Cydia Tweak: LockFlavor Cydia Tweak

LockFlavor Cydia Tweak allows users to customize the lockscreen many different ways. Users can use sliders to change the color to top bar, bottom bar, font, and change font style.


IOS 7 Rumors: Will You UpGrade?

As we all know that the IOS 7 will be coming this fall, it features a whole new overhauled interface, new Control Center, transparent Animations and much more. The IOS 7 will be available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad third and the fourth generation, the iPad mini and the iPod touch fifth generation.


Top [Free] iOS Game August 4, 2013: Aquator Game Review

Aquator is available for free in the app store. Users will be entertained by defending the different types of AquaMonsters who want to teach the baby fish to pick their nose and eat dirty fins. Players are equipped with a submarine capsule equipped with different types of guns and ammo.


Use iOS Device As Scanner: DocScanner Pro Review

DocScanner Pro offers users a great way to scan any type of documents with their iOS device.  It has manny great features built into it making it my favorite scanner in the App store.  One of the best features is called OCR(optical character recognition).  This allows users to search through text for a specific word of the items they have scanned using DocScanner Pro.


Looking to Kill time Try Playing Some Casual Games Online

Nowadays people are so much involved in their work that they couldn’t entertain themselves with recreational activities. It is becoming a serious issue of not able to participate in such activities. In some cases people cannot find a partner or a friend to accompany him/her for a round of game and likewise.

national debt

Keep Track Of National US Debt Using iOS Device

Do you wonder how much debt the country accrues on a daily basis? What about the total U.S Nation Debt? These are both very good questions from a business point of view economically. Believe it or not there are a couple apps in the app store which show this information down to the millisecond in accuracy.


IPhone Apps Bringing the Generations Together

Since iPhones and other smartphones began to be introduced in 2007, the availability of apps has risen substantially. As these phones have developed to become more powerful and capable of performing more advanced functions, the variety of applications has broadened. Today, there is just shy of a million apps in the App Store, which can be used for purposed which you could not imagine ten years ago.


Top Five iOS 6 Cydia Tweaks July 29, 2013

Just in case you missed a tweak or two this past week we have put a brief description for each one in this video. Please look at the channel for an in depth review of the tweaks


BloodMasque iOS Action Game Review: Our Game Of The Week

BloodMasque is an iOS game users will thoroughly enjoy playing and fighting off other vampires before its too late.  The nineteenth century is coming to an end and you must hunt down vampires before they take over.  However, you are half vampire and half man.  Each hunt consist of several different stages that involve fighting through different enemies before taking on their leader at the end.


Top Cydia Tweaks July 25, 2013: Weekly Roundup

We hope you enjoy this weeks list of cydia tweaks. We composed a video to help show the best features of each tweak. Each of these tweaks can be found in the primary repos.


Accept Payments Online Or Credit Cards

Today we depend on digital banking, direct deposits, and online shopping more than ever. This can be a bit of a challenge for users with limited credit or bad credit. However, companies such as Paypal, Square and others make it much easier to perform these task in general.


Banana Kong Goes Free [Free Alert] iPhone 5 Game

One of my favorite apps gets a big update and goes free for limited time. The new update adds underwater environments users must complete. Great new way to spend a weekend or few extra hours playing. Watch our video review below for a look at the pre updated version gameplay.


Top Five Winterboard Themes July 23, 2013

Top Five Winterboard Themes for July 23, 2013. We hope you find a couple favorites of your own. Please take the time to share this socially and subscribe to our Youtube channel.