[Free]Awesome iOS Browser:FOX Browser iPad App[Video]

Are you tired of getting errors when using Safari on iPad?  If so, I have the answer to the problem, FOXBrowser for iPad.  This is am application which makes surfing the internet much more enjoyable.  It allows the user to open up to eight different tabs at once.  It has a start screen with most […]


Awesome New Cydia Tweak Allows Users Control Brightness Using Volume Buttons:BrightnessiCONS

I am always needing to adjust my brightness. BrightnessiCons offers users control of brightness using volume control buttons. This tweak requires a jailbroken device. If you need to know how to jailbreak your device running iOS 5.1.1 please watch the video here. This tweak was one that was well needed. I for one can definitely […]


Avengers Initiative Available In App Store($6.99): Fight As Hulk[Video Review]

Avengers Initiative by Marvel Entertainment was released today, September 6, 2012, in the app store for $6.99. Marvel has definitely built up a lot of hype around the release of avengers. They have used the release of Thor: Son of Asgard to help promote the Avenger release by offering Thor for Free Today. So grab […]


Awesome iOS Game Thor:Son Of Asgard Goes Free Limited Time[Video Review]

Thor: son of Asgard is available in the App store for a limited time for Free. Get it while you can and save $2.99. Thor is available on all iOS devices. It’s a universal download worth checking out if you enjoy gaming. Thor offers breathe taking HDS graphics optimized for the New iPad Retina display. […]


Get Top Dollar For Apple Products: Sell Your Device Now To Prepare For Upcoming iPhone 5

Do you need a few reasons to upgrade? The much-anticipated release of the new iPhone 5 has many consumers thinking about trading in their older iPhone 4 or 4S to help cover some of the costs of upgrading to what will surely be the best smartphone on the market. Consumers have many companies to consider […]


Top CydiaTweaks For Password Protecting iOS Devices: Block Snoopers Or Block Unwanted Callers And SMS

We all have wanted to feel our emails, messages, contacts, and such were safe.  Using the tweaks in this video users can feel much better knowing their material is pasword protected.  the tweaks can be customized to suit each individuals needs. It’s possible to password protect every application or selected items.  If the users only […]


Awesome Updated Tweak For Multitasking & More:MissionBoard Pro($2.99)

  Awesome new Multitask tweak available in BigBoss REpo for $2.99.  It’s called MissionBoard Pro and offers many awesome features including multitasking, audio player, toggles, and more.  We did a review of the free version a few weeks ago and felt it was missing a few necessary features to be a premium tweak.  The developer […]


PolarBit Announces Reckless Racing 2 Goes Free 24 HRS. In App Store

  Reckless Racing 2 goes FREE in App store september 5, 2012 at midnight for 24 hrs. The developer Polarbit has stated from one minute after midnight until midnight the next day. They are celebrating their recent massive update by allowing everyone the chance to download Reckless Racing 2 for FREE. Try the newly added […]


Edit HUD Cydia Tweak(Free):Customize Text HUD

Edit HUD is a FREE cydia Tweak available in ModMyi Repo. It allows the user to change the Text which displays inside the HUD when volume is changed. Watch the video review for full review. Please Subscribe and like the video.


LabelEnhancer Cydia Tweak(Free):Customize Label Fonts, Color Size[Video]

LabelEnhancer is a FREE cydia Tweak available in MoidMyi Repo. This tweak allows the user to change the Font, color, and size of the font all inside rthe settings of the tweak. Many users will enjoy using this tweak for only the ability to change the Font. The style of the font can make the […]


Top Cydia Tweaks For New iPad 3rd Gen. [Video Review]

Top tweaks everyone should have opn their iPad. These tweaks are great on any device for that matter. Many readers want a list so here you go. 1. IntelliScreenX 2. iKeyWi HD 3. Quasar 5. MountainCenter Lion For iPad 6. DashBoardX 7. Notipad Most of these tweaks can be obtained for FREE. Check out the […]


NuGuard Stand And GripBase Stand Make Great WorkStation With iPad

The NuGuard Grip Stand 2 for the iPad 2 by Newer Technology can turn the iPad 2 into a desktop workstation.  It makes viewing the iPad 2 much simpler and not to mention more comfortable.  It allows the user to elevate the iPad 2 into any position needed for viewing.  The NuGuard Grip Stand 2 […]

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Zoogue “Genius” Pro iPad Case: Best iPad Case Available Today

Zoogue makes one of the best iPad cases on the market called the Genius. The Genius Pro iPad case is made of genuine leather and has a velcro strap attached which may be used for an unlimited number of things.