CoverArtExplorer: Change The Music Cover Flow

There are times when you have performed an iTunes sync and all your music got transferred from PC to your iDevices. However some of the music do not have an album or cover flow, some simply are corrupted and it is not displayed properly, and sometimes a wrong cover flow is displayed. CoverArtExplorer gives you the capability to change or assign a new picture for a particular music cover flow.

htc one m8

HTC ONE M8 Unboxing & First Impressions

The HTC ONE M8 is just as elegant as its predecessor if not more. The aluminum unibody has been refined to offer much more beauty and added protection. The HTC one m8 offers a gorgeous 5 inch screen covered with Gorilla glass, with 1080×1920 display and 441 ppi pixel density


Apple’s Chinese Suppliers Have Already Begun The Production Of Sensors And Displays

Previously, we heard rumors that Apple will release two variants of the iPhone 6, one with a 4.7-inch display and another with a 5.5-inch display, which will be released in September this year. To add more to the rumor, the Japanese newspaper…


Apple To Open Its First Store In Istanbul On April 5

Back in February last month, Tim Cook visited Turkey to meet with the Turkish President, Abdullah Gül, ahead of the Apple Store opening in Istanbul. Now, the Istanbul Apple Store…

Volume Mixer

Volume Mixer: Different Volume Sliders In Notification Center

Sometimes it is confusing when you adjust the volume using the volume control. You think you have turned down the volume for the music but in fact you have done that for the ringer and not for the music. When music is played, it plays at full volume. The same happens for ringer. This tweak however gives you the ability to adjust the volume of multiple audio outputs and therefore will display multiple volume sliders in the Notification Center.

best 10 cydia tweaks 2014

Top 10 Weekly Roundup (Free Cydia Tweaks) March 26, 2014

Once again we are back with this week top 10 free cydia tweaks released in Cydia. We look back over the week at what has been released and put together the best and notable tweaks that the developers have created. The tweaks mentioned here are all free and we strongly believe that few or maybe all of these tweaks might be helpful and useful to carry out your activities with ease. Here below, we will present you the list of top 10 best cydia tweaks based on our usage of the tweaks (to note: the number rankings are just for the sake of clarity and listing the tweaks and not ranked in terms of performance or any other related measurements):

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 8.38.19 PM

Kensington iPad Air Folio Bluetooth Keyboard Case

The Kensington Bluetooth Folio Keyboard case offers users seven different backlight colors to spice up the appearance of the keyboard.  It has a full size keyboard with shift keys to make certain your typing experience feels the same as a full size computer keyboard.  Honestly, users will never noticed they are typing on a bluetooth keyboard while using it.


AnyDrop Cydia Tweak: Send Anything With AirDrop

AnyDrop adds an extra feature to the Airdrop sharing capability. As everyone are familiar with airdrop, users can share very limited files with others such as picture,videos and contacts. Sending music is strictly prohibited and can’t send specific files extension. However AnyDrop allow you send more files which also supports additional file formats which weren’t supported by the stock Airdrop.


ProWidgets: New Way Of Multitasking On Your iOS 7 Device

ProWidget is a brand new tweak created from scratch up and has recently hit the Cydia in which it allows you to use, minimize or close certain apps via widgets and at the same time work on your device without the certain apps interrupting your work. Multitasking is a pain as you have to double click the home button to bring up the app switcher and then launch or close a certain app and then go back to home screen and launch a new app. This tweak makes it very simple and easy to use.


Appellancy: Uses Facial Recognition Feature To Unlock Your Device

This tweak adds another unlocking feature to your device. Instead of entering your passcode, use TouchID or have to slide to unlock, this tweak simply uses the facial recognition feature to unlock the device as long as the face is visible to the front camera. This tweak is still in beta version and you should expect some errors and glitches. The official version is yet to be announced


ClassicLockScreen: Brings The iOS 6 Lock Screen To iOS 7

To those who really enjoyed the iOS 6 lock screen and miss it, well here is the good news. ClassicLockScreen brings back the iOS 6 Lock Screen concept on iOS 7. You can see the changes in the picture below:

top five apps

Top Five Free iOS 7 Apps March 22, 2014

Be sure to check out this week’s Top Five Free iOS Apps. These are some of the best we have reviewed in a while. I’m sure theres something for everyone. Check out our video review below and download links provided here also.


BetterLS: You Can Now Configure Your Lock Screen

With other Lock Screen tweaks on board, this tweak is an extra addition in which it allows you to completely modify the looks of your Lock Screen. If you are looking for a way to simplify your Lock Screen or want some features to show and some not then this tweak “BetterLS” can help you out.