Test Your Knowledge and Challenge Friends: Quezztion iOS App Review

Quiz shows have always been a favorite of mine. If you are like me in that sense, Quezztion iOS app by Approofed will suit you just fine too. People who enjoy word puzzles, word feud games, trivia, and such will be right at home playing this on their iOS device. It’s like having a game show in your pocket all the time.


PProtect: Allows You To Password Protect Your Photo Stream

If you are using the iOS photo stream frequently or constantly then this tweak is for you. It allows you to lock the photo stream with a password and makes sure that only you can have access to it.


HUD Customizer: Allows You To Customize Your Volume HUD

This tweak allows some modification to the volume HUD. Do you want to change the Volume colors, background, name, position, size, animation and many more? If yes, then this tweak is for your. HUD customizer brings all the available features of modifying your volume HUD. With this tweak installed you can change the color of […]


Metaphrase: Translate Any Text From Anywhere On Your iOS Device

There are times when you come across pages written or displayed in a different language and want to translate a text or word but you can’t unless you Google it to find the definition. However, this tweak will solve your problem. Once you are in this situation all you need to do is to highlight the words and translate it, thanks to Metaphrase.


AdaptiveKeyboard: Color Your Keyboard According To The Apps Icon

This is a simple tweak in which your keyboard color and background keeps changing constantly according to the apps you are using currently. This tweak colorize your keyboard base on the dominant color of the apps icon that you are in.


Spin: A Cool New “Now Playing” Feature On Your Lockscreen

To be honest, the iOS 7 stock “now playing” interface is boring and dead. It doesn’t any new colors, design or concept to make it more alive and to allow us enjoy the music. The square album cover, a straight line slider and plain music control button sometimes make you feel to stop listening. This new tweak “Spin” makes everything on your lockscreen circular and takes it to the next level.


Safari Downloader+: Adds File and Youtube Video Downloading To Safari

Many of you might have been using the Chrome Downloader Plus developed by Jalal Ouraigua that allowed user to download files from google chrome on their iDevices. If you prefer Safari web browser over Google Chrome than this new tweak Safari Downloader+ by the same developer offers the same functionality that support Safari web browser. […]

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 1.56.32 PM

Emulator bring classic Nintendo gaming to your iPhone

A new emulator has been released on the iOS platform, which allows users to transform their smartphone or tablet into a Gameboy. The newly released Gameboy emulator lets you access classic console titles from a browser launched in your device.


Vertex: Combine Your Control Center With The App Switcher

Those of you who has seen the iOS 8 control center concept, it did look awesome combining the control center and app switcher together. Well the good news is that this concept has came to life. Thanks to the jailbreak community and the developers Ian Burns and Xpod putting in their efforts for developing such a sophisticated yet a beauty and gorgeous tweak. By swiping up from the bottom brings up the new control center concept. Even double tapping the home buttons does the same thing. This is how the new concept looks like:


Battery Saver: Extend Your Battery Life

Battery Saver is another battery saving tweak developed by KS Mobile. It can be used as an alternative tweak to BattSaver. This app does not deal with automatic power saving but it regulates the manner in which you charge your iDevice in three simple steps. This app provides you with lot of features in which it does all the calculation on how you can use the remaining charge and how long will it take before it gets depleted.


GuestMode: Restrict Access To Particular Apps

Guestmode is a new tweak that can be sometimes used interchangeably with applock application. Guestmode allows you to restrict access to the apps you will list in the settings. This will allow your kids to play game on phone without accidentally calling someone and allow your friends and colleagues to use your phone to listen to music or use it for other purpose without lurking to camera roll, mails, facebook and other sensitive information sharing applications.


Apps To Help You Do Your Bit of Charity

At some point we’ve all thought we should do our bit for charity. We’ve all walked straight past the man in the street asking us to help the aged. We’ve all ignored the TV adverts that have tugged at our heartstrings but not enough so we pick up the phone. But no could be just the right time to pick up the phone. But rather than dial, head straight to the App Store.


IntelliScreenX 7: Changing Your Notification Center And LockScreen

I’ve got a good and bad news for you folks. The good news is that the long awaited tweak IntelliScreenX has finally been updated to support iOS 7 interface and the ARM64 bit processor. Those of you who previously owned this tweak know how it works and what it does and those who are knew to this tweak, well they need to keep reading and find out the awesome features it offers.