Top Dollar Paid For Older Apple Products: TurnTronics Offers $10 Bonus

  Are you getting excited about the new release of the i/phone 5?  Apple will announce September 12, 2012, all it’s glory and when it will hit the shelves.  If you are like many iOS lovers you get excited for every new iOS device.  Many users are looking forward to the new iOS 6 features […]

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Tower Defense Gaming At Best: Kill Devils iOS Game [Review]

  Kill devils by Sun Ground Co. can be found in the iTunes app store for free.  This is a tower defense game like none other with high quality graphics and intense game play.  Kill devils offers the player sixty different stages of ramped game play throughout the game.  Each level has its own uniqueness […]


DisplayCandy Cydia Tweak 2012: Awesome Animation While Opening/Closing Apps

We all enjoy cool animations while using our devices. DisplayCandy adds great animation to almost all places animation can be used. The tweak is available in Bigboss Repo for $1.99. However, if you prefer to try it first it is available in the banned iphone repo. If you need to add the source the address […]


Five iOS 5 Apps All Users Need 2012(Guest Post)

  In this article I will be showing you five unique apps that I recently came across while preparing for a video on my youtube channel. These are not just any ordinary apps, these are apps that the majority of people will enjoy and find to be useful! All five of these apps are available […]

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iRig Mic Cast By IK Multimedia: Plug Mic Into Headphone Jack

The iRig Mic Cast is an ultra compact microphone for recording podcast, lectures, musical instruments, and much more. The iRig makes creating professional sounding audio very simple


Awesome Multitask Cydia Tweak: Dash Add Multitask Animations

  Dash is a Cydia tweak available in ModMyi Repo for $1.99.  It adds animation to app switcher such as coverflow, scroll, time machine, and rotary.  This tweak can be invoked through an activator selected by the user.  Most users are familiar with opening the app switcher by double tapping the hime button.  This is the activator I use in the […]


[Video Review] Logitech Wireless Bluetooth BoomBox

    The Wireless Boombox by Logitech is one of the best of it’s kind.  The sound quality from this is comparable to Bose and other high end audio products.  The Wireless Boombox has no distortion at any volume leve.   The Wireless Boombox can be paired with any bluetooth products with a range up […]


Status Bar Switcher Cydia Tweak:Keep Status Bar Visible While App Switcher Opens

Normally the status bar isn’t visible when the app switcher is opened. The app switcher can be invoked by double tapping the home button. This allows the user to multitask much faster. Status bar Switcher is a available for free in BigBoss Repo. It keeps the status bar visible when the app switcher is activated. […]


Add Timer To Camera App running iOS 5: CamTime Cydia Tweak[Video]

We all have needed a timer on our iPhone at one time or other. Why Apple didn’t include this feature I couldn’t rell you. Camtime is a free cydia tweak available in BigBoss Repo. It works for both video and still shots. However, it doesn’t require any configurations or settings to change. Give it a […]


[Video] Install Nintendo 64 Emulator On iPhone 4S, 4, 3G, 3GS, iPodTouch Running iOS 5 or Later (Updated 8/27/2012)

This Short Tutorial(5 Min.) Will Show All iPhone, iPod Touch Users How To Install Nintendo 64 Emulator Games On Your Devices. As of 8/27/12 This Does Not Work On iPad 1. Open Cydia, Search For n64iOS Tap Install 2. Using CyberDuck or other Software such as PuTTy SSH Into Your Device – SSH Tutorial Guide […]


[Video Tutorial] Install GameBoy Advance Emulator iPhone 4S, New iPad, iPodTouch Running iOS 5: 3 Min Install

These are games everyone a little older will enjoy being able to play on the new devices today. You will need to add the Xsellize Repo and the iHacksRepo before starting the process.b The address for the repos are http://cydia.xsellize.com and http://ihacksrepo.com. Once you have these repos added now search Cydia for gpsPhone and gpsPhone […]


How To Install NES Emulator iOS 5: Simple Only Takes 3 Min.

Have you ever missed the old school nintendo games from the 90’s? Fortunately, if you have an iOS device , it’s feasible to still play the old school games on your iOS device by running ROM emulator games. The graphics for the games are spot on identical including most of the music. I have had […]


[Video review] iCAT Waterproof iPhone Case W/Lanyard By EKUSA: Save iPhone From Water Damage or Loss

The iCat is a waterproof iPhone case with many different accessories available. The additional accessories are what makes this case so versatile. The iCat can be paired with a lanyard, reel, carbinear, and more. These are all separate attachments which cost extra. However, the unit I tried was the lanyard style and I loved it. […]