NoCameraFlash: Disables Your Camera Flash

It is true there is an option in the camera app where the flash can be disable or enabled. However, users sometimes forget to switch it off when they try to take a picture secretly and sometime when you want to take a picture and the flash goes off because they forgot to turn it on therefore ruining the fun of taking pictures.


PassDial Pro: Call Your Favorites Contact From Lockscreen

Calling and Facetiming has never been easier. This tweak adds a speed dial like functionality to the lock screen. This tweak named “PassDial Pro” is developed by Sassoty and allows you to add a contact to a speed dial by assigning a 4 digit passcode.


QuickShare for Action Menu: Share Anything On Your Social Networking Account With Ease

If you are person who constantly post photos, text, etc. on your Social Networking account, then this tweak should definitely be downloaded. Quickshare makes your posting much more easier. Rather than logging in your Facebook account for example to post a photo, you can directly post it on your Facebook via the camera roll .

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Apple Rumored Working On Jumbo-Sized ‘iPhone’ Models

Recent rumours suggest that Apple is working on the release of two larger iPhone models, which could hit the shelves later this year. Further details, published in Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, suggest that the two 4.7” and 5.6” models may not be marketed under the existing iPhone brand, but rather be released under a new name.


Battsaver: Double Your Battery Life

If your biggest fear of iPhone is the battery life, then you should try out this awesome tweak named Battsaver. This tweak has been updated to support iOS 7. It is available on cydia for $3.99. Now what sets aside this tweak from other battery saver is that it offers various tuning and gives you an insight on what is happening in your iphone.

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Things You May Not Have Known You Could Do With iPhone

Many people see their iPhones and iPads as toys that can be used to keep in touch with friends. Primarily these are devices for making calls and perhaps for playing a round of Angry Birds, or at least that’s how they’re often seen.


Nightmode Cydia Tweak: Makes Your Screen Dim

When the iDevices were upgraded to iOS 7, many complained that the colors are very bright. Such brightness can be handled during the day but it can be a pain for the eyes during the night. Eclipse was released but was very tough to set it up. This tweak is more polished and ,can say, better than Eclipse with more options and configurations available for the users.

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StarDust Casino Gaming On Mobile Devices Slots, Cards, Bingo, and More

One of the best ways to play at the Stardust is at a a site called Win. Players can visit Stardust by going to Win has been developed in partnership with Boyd gaming, a leading owner and operator in the gaming industry. Stardust invites you to play online and enjoy alled the many different online casino games.


Snapper: Take An Easy Screenshot

Snapper is a recently released tweak that allows you to take a screenshot of your device and pin it on your screen for later use. It allows you to take a screenshot of a specific position of your device. It cuts out the screenshot and pin it on your home screen.


ColorBadges: Bring A New Look To Your App Badges

ColorBadges is an iOS 7 tweak made by David Goldman and is available on cydia for $0.99. ColorBadges gives you the ability to customize the app badges color to that of the icon color.


NCNotes: Take Notes Whenever You Want

If you are a type of person that frequently takes note, then this tweak is a must for you. The tweak known as NCNotes created by Anthony Geranio is available for you in Cydia. It helps you to note down something when you are in hurry and save it for later view.


VadoVia Awesome iOS Travel Application

VadoVia is the type of application needed by many different categories not just the travelers category. It’s always better to here someones side of the story who has experienced it first hand. It cuts out all the BS and gets users to the meat of what they are wishing to find or learn more about.

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AppETA: Check Your Downloads Progress

With the new iOS7, most of the user interface has been changed and modified. However, currently when an app is purchased and downloaded there is no way someone can tell how long will it take for the app to be downloaded and how much is remaining.