Top Free iPhone 5 Apps January 2013

Top Free Apps January 2013 The New Year has gotten off to a slow start in the App store.  Fortunately, we have been able to pick through a few apps to find the best FREE apps available.  These are the best free applications which cover a wide variety of categories.  Watch the video below for […]


RAD Soldiers iOS App[Free] Review

RAD Soldier Review Rad Soldiers is a free to play game for Ios which offers a great deal of action in an unpredictable manner.  The game looks as if you were viewing a 3d board game. Your characters have a certain number of spaces they can move, because moving uses energy and they have a […]


Ninja Sprint iOS App [Free]Review

  Ninja Sprint iOS App Review   Ninja Sprint is an arcade game for iOS which offers a new style of gameplay for players to enjoy. In the game you are an anime style character running through levels slashing enemies and collecting coins. The gameplay bases on collecting star coins to get the maximum amount […]


Top Five Free iPhone 5 Apps 2013

    Top Five iPhone 5 Free Apps 2013   The New Year has gotten started somewhat slow in the Ap store.  Here is the list of the Top Five Free Apps released so far in 2013.  There have been a number of others released, however, these are the five we feel are worth the […]


Grading Game App Review: Challenge Yourself Academically

  Grading Game Review Grading Game will take you back to school age.  However, you may still be in school.  This new application will help improve your spelling, grammar, punctuation  and more.  You must grade the papers in the allotted time.  It’s much harder than it sounds.  Grading Game can be tried free with an option to upgrade […]


Repulze iOS App Review: Editors Choice Award 2013

The New Year has started off rather slow in the gaming worlds of the App store.  However, we have a few awesome games to share which have just been released.  One of the first games of 2013 which players will enjoy is titled, Repulze.  It’s a sci-fi racing game which has been named Editor’s Choice.  […]


iOS 6.0.2 untethered jailbreak to be released soon

After months of hopeless moments , finally theres some good news on iOS 6.0.2 jailbreak status . The popular iOS hacker Planetbeing posted a comment on reddit on the jailbreak progress . He stated that he has sucessfuly jailbroken his iPhone 5 untethered running iOS 6.0.2 . Yeah, I’m not really sure what all the […]


Free Music Download Pro iOS Application

    Free Music Download Pro iOS Application Free Music Download Pro allows users to browse, download, and play hundreds of thousands of free and legal music, videos, and audio books on your iOS device.  It offers users a simple and easy way to download music directly to their iOS device.  Users may visit sites […]


WishLab – A Handy Tool to Manage your Wishes & Achieve Dreams

Do you have a lot of wishes? Are you putting in enough efforts to get them fulfilled? How would you feel when they come true? Whatever you long for or badly want, you can make it happen with an iPhone app named WishLab. The app helps you attain your goals by managing your wishes, keeping […]


PicIT24 Photo and Quote Sharing iOS Application[Free]

  PicIT24 is a free app developed by Frederick Sacks.  It offers users a unique way to share photos and quotes daily.  However, PicIT24 is quite different from Instagram due to the fact users may only share one photo and one quote daily.  Users must create an account to use the application.  This will allow […]


HudFade Cydia Tweak[Free]: Fades Volume Control Longer

HudFade can be downloaded in BigBoss Repo for Free. This free tweak adds a longer fade to the volume HUD. The developer of this tweak, HashBang Production developed BrightVol as well. Give it a try and let us know what you think. Watch the video review below for a closer look at HudFade.

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 6.34.21 PM

iExplorer HD App Review for iPad

It’s really impossible to get all the features into the one file management app. This app was recommended by my friend. I had a chance to explore this app over the last week and I found all the features have been organized well and easy to use. It’s directed me in the correct way to […]


Awesome iPhone Concept

We’ve seen lots of iPhone concepts and designers have been coming up with more creative ideas and innovative designs but most of which hasn’t and cant be implemented yet . iPhone 5s is expected to be released in early 2013 with a much improved specifications , battery life and maybe in new colors . According […]