Tweak Wall Roundup

Best 10 Cydia Tweak Weekly Roundup April 11, 2014

It’s once again the time of week when we share the Top released Cydia Tweaks. We have many great tweaks to share with you. Don’t forget to shorter this with all your social media friends. They will really appreciate you doing that. Below is the list and a brierf description about each one.

Priority Hub

Priority Hub Tweak: Organizes Your Notification On Lock Screen

Priority Hub is a new tweak that modifies the notification on your lock screen. It organizes them in a more efficient and user-friendly way. Priority Hub was inspired by the new BlackBerry 10 interface and thanks to the developer Thomas Finch for such an amazing tweak. Priority Hub allows you to quickly go over your […]

starters orders 5

Favorite iOS Apps For Horse Racing

It’s less than a fortnight until one of the most anticipated events in the horse racing calendar year takes place. The Grand National, at Aintree in the UK, is a handicap race that is set over four miles, three and a half furlongs and it’s one of the most difficult steeple chase races around.

sky sports

Must have apps for sport fans on iOS Devices

With technology advancing everyday, it is important that organizations progress along with it. Nowadays, there is an ‘app’ for everything including the sport industry. Check out some of our favorite applications below relating to Sports. I certain you will find something, which interest you too.


Family Guy The Quest iOS App

Ever since it was first mentioned in December, lots of people have been looking forward to the release of the new Family Guy The Quest iOS app. Its full name, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, has finally been released on the App Store. If you want to get a headstart before anyone else, make […]

Check emails from Lockscreen on iPhone and iPad

How to check and reply to emails from Lock screen on iOS 7 using Siri?

Have you ever found the way to check emails on your iPhone and iPad a little cumbersome? Unlocking your device, finding the mail app, loading it and checking for new blue dots can be too many steps for some. Especially for professionals and executives waiting for an urgent mail, yet not wanting to show it off […]


Sleep Cycle iOS App Review

Nowadays, getting a good night’s sleep is hard to get by, especially for those who are always on the go. Despite efforts to continuously improve an individual’s quality of sleep, there still seems to be a question on how much sleep is enough? For this reason, sleep tracking apps have become among the downloaded tools […]


5 Android Apps Which Do Amazing Things The iPhone Can’t

Many users refer to avid device lovers as “Fanboy” depending on which device you are using really doesn’t matter. You are considered an iOS fanboy if you love the iPhone and Android fanboy for being aNexus 5 lover or any other Android smartphone.

battery charging

How To Solve iOS Battery Drainage-Ultimate Guide

Battery drainage has been an issue with the iPhone since it released. It seems we here the most about battery drainage around the release of s new firmware update. There’s many things users can do to improve battery power. I’m not here to tell you how to turn off everything in iOS which makes the iPhone or iPad the great devices they are. That seems sorta stupid from how I see things.

Flappy Little Thing iOS App

Flappy Little Thing iOS App Review

Months later and the Flappy Bird mania still hasn’t died down. Despite the fact that the original app has already vanished from the App Store, there are still numerous games that draw inspiration with the game’s concept and graphics. These app developers are taking advantage of the game’s immense popularity, hoping that their creation will […]


HUDE Cydia Tweak: You Can Now Customize Your Volume HUD

HUDE is another tweak that allows you to customize the Volume HUD. Unlike HUD Customizer, HUDE tweak displays the song information on the Volume HUD. HUDE aims to increase the content appeal and functionality of the volume HUD especially when you are listening to a music. HUDE short for HUD Enhancer allows you to choose […]


Articon Cydia Tweak: Displays Song’s Artwork On Music Application Icon

If you listen to a lot of music on your iDevice, Articon is a very simple tweak that can spice up the music icons. When you are listening to a song, the music application icon will be replaced with the song’s artwork. Articon is a tweak that adds s simple element to your iOS 7 […]

ios games

Set Out on a Mission to Rescue a Family of Vampires in Final Dusk

Final Dusk is a game that combines your puzzle-solving abilities with quick-action decisions. You start off as Mina the Vampire, the daughter of an influential vampire family that has been turned to stone due to a misjudgment on their part. Find your way through numerous levels in which you’ll learn more about what happened and how you can save the vampire family.