Forgotten to buy a lotto ticket – buy it on your iPhone!

Whatever you do in life these days, you can usually do it on your iPhone. Whether you’re checking the weather, topping up your bank account or paying the bills, it’s possible to pretty much run your life through your iPhone. And that includes the fun things in life too, like playing games and having the odd flutter on the lottery.


Theme iPhone App Icons Using App Icons: No Jailbreak Needed

Are you tired of the same old icons on you iOS devices? I’m happy to introduce you App Icons. It’s an application in the app store for $1.99. It allows the user to customize their apps one at a time or several at once.

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Favorite Free iOS Apps To Earn Money On iPhone, iPod, iPad

Best iOS applications to earn money using iOS devices. Users can choose a job from several different options. Once they have accumulated enough money to payout the money will be deposited into Paypal accounts. The applications are very easy to use and understand.

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iPad Air & iPad Mini Specs and Overview: Apple Keynote October 2013

The new iPad Air will be released November 1, 2013. The prices start at $429 for 16 GB model.  Watch the video below to get a full overview of the new iPad mini and iPad Air.

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Monitor Mobile Devices Keep Children Safe

As parents we can take precautionary measures so our kids are safe while using their mobile devices. What I am talking about is using some type of monitoring software to make certain. There are many different companies on the market which offer these services. However, I can recommend a couple of these which I have used myself.


Candy Crush Saga v. 1.18 [Hack]: No Jailbreak Needed

Get unlimited lollipops and much more. Play up to level 410 with these hacks. Please take a moment to share these with all your social media friends.


Apple Event 2013 Recap: New iPad and Macs

Watch the video below for a look into what Apple has been up to this past year. They have definitely been hard at work. I am glad to see this because many with myself included were a bit skeptical after Steve Jobs passing.


Machinarium iOS Puzzle Game App Review

Machinarium is one of the most challenging puzzle games I have played on iOS.  It’s available in App store for $4.99.  Please support the site by using our download links below.

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Use APEX Cydia Tweak To Add Space To Springboard

Apex Cydia Tweak allows users to group applications together without the need of folders. Group apps alike together by using Apex to hide them under an icon. This Cydia Tweak is available in BigBoss Repo for $1.99. Users will enjoy having all the added springboard space by using Apex.


Top Free iOS Cydia Tweaks Released Oct. 2013

This weeks Top Free iOS 6 Cydia Tweaks are very helpful. Users can add weather to their lockscreen, keep phone notifications more private, and take better photos with iPhone by zooming with volume buttons. Each of these tweaks are free and easy installed.


Top Ten Free iOS Apps October 19, 2013

Each week we share the top applications for iOS device. This has been an extremely fruitful week for Free applications. Users will enjoy these applications thoroughly. Please support our blog by using the links provided to download the applications.


Share Anytime App Review: Whiteboard Interactive

Share Anytime is an interactive whiteboard for over 100 simultaneous users – and all this in vector graphic visual interaction.  The app also supports a group PDF annotation tool for adding blank pages between other people’s PDF, annotate and add to as a group and then save the whole thing to another PDF.  It has an MMO group mashup tool for creativity which meeting owners can import content from WORD, Powerpoint, Excel or other PDF documents and bring in photos, graphics etc and draw or note around all of them and make a whole new document. 


Get Top Dollar For Old Devices: TurnTronics

Most people are like me when it comes to new technology, they want the latest and most recent devices on the market.  This can be a bit hard to do if you are on a contract.  I have a way to keep the latest technology devices such as the new iPhone 5S.