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Get Ready To Embark On A Numeric Adventure: Numfeud App Review

Numfeud, by App App, is a free and easy way to enjoy a game filled with numbers with competitors just like you from around the globe. You will recognize the design, as it’s very similar to the old games such as Scrabble, yet you are sure to have a modern experience


Wordly iOS App Review

Wordly is an amazing new game for the iOS devices. In the game you must create words out of letters laid out in a 5 by 5 pattern. Sometimes words are easy to make but other times it gets more challenging, which adds to the game in a way that makes you have to add some thought to your word choices.


Terraria iOS App “Editor’s Choice”

Terraria is an amazing new game for the iOS devices, that is sure to give you a Big Bang for your buck. In the game you are set in a 2 dimensional world and you have to survive by building items to keep you safe. You will need the protection because this world is full of deadly creatures. You will need to build a shelter to protect from deadly demon eyes at night, and slime blobs in the day


What’s On My iPhone? [Jailbroken Version iOS 6]

Being an avid Cydia tweak reviewer I am often ask which Cydia Tweaks I personally use on my iPhone. I hope this answers that question for anyone who wants to know.


Top Five Cydia Tweaks August 31, 2013: Weekly RoundUp

We enjoy sharing the Top tweaks each week at the end of the week. The Cydia store is run over with new updates and new tweaks each day. We make it our job to bring the Best Tweaks overall from the weeks releases.


Halfeet iOS Application: More Than Just A Dating Application

Are you looking for companionship?  Maybe you just want to chat with people in your area?  Halfeet offers iOS users a simple easy way to find others in their are to interact with anytime.  Halfeet uses GPS to help connect users in the same area.  Halfeet is completely free and doesn’t require any in-app purchases.


New Hack Brings Plex Back To Apple TV

  As many of you may be aware by now, the recent update released for Apple TV makes PlexConnect, a hack that allows you to run Plex on your non-jailbroken Apple TV,  incompatible with your Apple TV.  Dont worry folks, Paul Kehrer who is the developer of PlexConnect has posted a detailed tutorial on his website […]


Favorite Endless Runner[FREE]: Endless Blitz By H.H Gregg

Endless Blitz is available in app store for free. Players can enjoy the simplicity of the game. The controls are very simple to use and manipulate. Players may choose from three different controls for the runner.


Build Your Own Theme Park Or Ski Resort: Ski Park Game Review

Ski Park is Free app available on iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini by RagCat. The game combine two genres city building and hidden objects. Players can build their own luxurious ski resort just they way the would want to have it in a real life setting. During the building stages players can find hidden guests.


Asphalt 8: Airborne [iOS] App Review

Asphalt 8: Airborne is one of the leading app purchases on the App Store. Its extreme gaming graphics with the luxury dream cars just feels awesome in your hand. Asphalt 8: Airborne looks to be leading the pack rite now. Airborne lets you take to the air, jumping off ramps and performing stunts in mid-air with your car.

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Definitely A Must Have Tweak: Reminisce Cydia Tweak

Reminisce Cydia Tweak offers a faster way to multitask and much more convenient. This is one of my favorite tweaks released this year. Definitely on of the tweaks I would categorize in the “Must Have” category. Reminisce is available in BigBoss Repo for $1.99.


Pixel Gun 3D-Block World Pocket Survival Shooter Game Review

Pixel Gun 3D-Block World Pocket Survival Shooter is available in the App store for only $0.99. Minecraft users are sure to love this game due to the collaboration of Minecraft and action style gaming into this iOS game.


GingerLock Cydia Tweak: Stylish Unlock

Tired of that same old unlock screen?  Try GingerLock Cydia Tweak for styling up your screen.  GingerLock gives the lockscreen a much needed facelift and more stylish slider for unlocking.  Users can still fire up the camera application directly from the lockscreen just as before.