What Is Your Daily App Routine?

Looking at my applications for free or on sale applications I couldn't figure out which one was my favorite. Starting with the way I listed them it occurred to me that I, more or less, already had them in preference order. These are AppMiner (free), AppFire Deals (free), AppShopper (free), AppZappPro (free), Free Apps (free), […]

iphone 5 earphone jack

Latest iPhone 5 Released Sept. 12, 2012: Latest Photos Inside

Check out the new photos below for all the new iphone 5. This iPhone 5 is said to be the worlds lightest smartphone. It will have a 4 inch screen, and more. Take photos while videoing. Three microphones, earphone jack has been moved to the bottom of the device.


Fix Apple Loop On iOS Devices Easy[Video] iPhone|iPod|iPad

Watch the video review below to fix the Apple loop with no problem. Many jailbreakers can relate to the Apple loop. I have experienced it several times and until I figured out how to fix it I would do a restore. This was very time consuming and not to mention aggravating. Mobile Substrate is a […]

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Top Five Games Released September 2012: Action Packed, 3D-Graphics and More

Are you looking for action packed games?  Look no more.  This month has been very productive for top games released in App store.  The best titles which you should consider are below with download links beside them.  Watch the video review below for a better description of each game.  Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and […]


Quantum Cydia Tweak: Change Banner Title and Message Font

Quantum allows the user to change the banner title or message font. They can choose from over 30 different fonts. However, it does require a respring after changing the font to get the new font to display. If you enjoy cydia tweaks and want to stay up to date on all new comers, please follow […]


Youtube Released New FREE iOS iPhone App[Video]

Google has released an app for Youtube. Earlier this year Apple made the announcement Youtube would not be included in iOS 6. Needless To say, many users enjoy watching Youtube video on their iOS devices. However, the Youtube app which Apple had included with all its previous releases was terribly flawed. It didn’t allow users […]


Schedule Planner iOS App Review

Ok every once in awhile I come across an app that I think is so-so but it is free so nothing is taken out of my pocket. I forgot about this one called Schedule Planner. There is the paid version for $9.99 which, of course, has the extra little doodads that you just might need. […]


SlideSB Cydia Tweak(FREE):Adjust Brightness From Springboard

Slidesb is a jailbreak tweak available in BigBoss Repo for Free. Add a brightness slider to springboard which can be used to adjust brightness on every page. Watch the video review below to get a better understanding of this tweak. Get new cydia tweak updates by subscribing to my Youtube channel, Facebook, and Twitter.


SwitcherEffect Cydia Tweak(Free):Add Animation To App Switcher

Choose from two different Animation types for opening apps inside the app switcher. SwitcherEffect is a free cydia Tweak which can be downloaded in BigBoss Repo. Watch the video review below to get a better understanding of this tweak. Get new cydia tweak updates by subscribing to my Youtube channel, Facebook, and Twitter.


PowerLeft Cydia Tweak: Shows Amount Of Time Battery Has Left[Video]

Stay up to date on the latest tweaks by liking our Facebook page. Have you ever wanted or needed to know exactly how much time was remaining on the battery? PowerLeft is a jailbreak tweak which adds the hours and minutes remaining in the status bar beside the battery indicator. This is a tweak which […]


Privata Cydia Tweak: Privately Browse Safari[Video]

For all the latest Cydia tweaks like me on Facebook. Have you ever been caught browsing something online that you should’t have been? Whether you are wanting to buy the better half a birthday gift or the Mistress better safe as sorry. Privata is a cydia tweak available in Modmyi REpo for Free. It puts […]


[Review]“Colors By Name” iOS App: Find Color Numbers & Connections

“Wow is the only word that came to mind when I first laid eyes on this application. The name itself gives you an idea it has something to do with colors and their names.  However, Colors By Name offers iOS users much more than just their hex codes.   Ever go online and do a […]


Action Packed Gameloft Release: Wild Blood Available In App Store[Video Review]

Gameloft has released an ultimately action packed adventure game called Wild Blood.  This is Gamelofts first app built on the unreal engine same as infinity Blade 2 and many other awesome action packed games. Wild Blood is based around the story of Sir Lancelot.  However, King Arthur has gone mad toward Lancelot for romancing his […]