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iOS 6(Evad3rs) Jailbreak Progress now 85%

As stated before , the jailbreak is expected to be released today at any time . The evasion website has been updated showing 85% jailbreak progress . The first round of testing on major platforms has been completed and the next step is testing on iOS devices . It wont be long before we see […]


Top Cydia Tweaks To Install After iOS 6 Jailbreak(Evad3rs)

One of the biggest reasons users enjoy jailbreaking their iOS devices is adding Cydia tweaks. Cydia is a store much like the Apple App store only instead of housing apps it is where developers pay to have their tweaks hosted.

Evad3rs Jailbreak

Preparing For iOS 6 Jailbreak(Evad3rs) Feb. 3, 2013

What users should do to prepare for the iOS 6 jailbreak. All Apple devices will be supported except the Apple TV 3rd gen. Users should always backup their devices before doing any jailbreak. The Evaders developer team has announced they will be releasing the iOS 6 Feb. 3, 2013.

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Slender Rising iOS Game Application

Slender Rising is a horror game for the iOS devices. In Slender Rising you need to go around the map collecting pages and avoiding Slender. There are two maps so far in Slender Rising, there is the town map that looks like a ghost town which fits the game perfectly. Next we have the forest which is a dense forest that is a portrayal of a classic horror movie scene.


Untethered jailbreak ready for Windows & Mac as release gets closer

Pod2g and other popular hackers team up to form the evad3rs . They’ve been working hard to release a working jailbreak tool for the public and is expected to be released on Sunday . The Evasi0n jailbreak website was updated today showing 68% jailbreak progress . The tool has been made ready for Windows and […]

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Banana Kong iOS Device: Donkey Kong Clone But Much Better

Are you looking for the top iOS apps?  Come here daily for the latest apps released for a close up look and review on the top apps both paid and free.  We love comments and feedback so leave us a comment before you go.
Banana Kong looks a lot like the old Donkey Kong.  However, this new iOS game offers much better game play, graphics, and control.


Write It!! Versus Free iOS App Review: Challenge Others Writing Stories

Write It!! Versus Free has two versions for players to choose. There is a free and a paid version available in the app store. The paid version is available for $0.99 in app store. The app also includes social media integration for sharing with friends online.


Rail Rush iOS App Free Limited Time in App Store

Rail Rush is one of the best endless runner games in the app store. We have been overwhelmed by these type of games but hear me when I say, “ Rail Rush is the best.” Take a ride in a mining cart and try to stay on the track while collect all the coins and different power ups or gems along the way

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GhostBusters Hits App Store: “I ain’t afraid of no ghost”

Beeline Interactive’s releases a Free-To-Play universal iOS game called Ghostbusters. It’s currently available in the US app store now. This iOS game is a simulation game based on the universe of films which gamers must build up their GhostBusters headquarters by making money busting ghost and researching.


Top Four Paid iOS Apps Jan. 24, 2013

We all enjoy Free Apps but sometimes we have to pay the piper if we want to play the best apps available. We have put together a video of four of the Top Paid Apps Jan. 24, 2013. Each week on Thursday we will be sharing the top apps released for the week.


Top Five Free iOS Apps Jan. 24, 2013

We post the top free iOS apps of the week each Thursday. Be sure to check back each Thursday for the latest iOS apps paid and free. Watch the video review below for a closer look at this weeks top free iOS apps. Feel free to leave a comment below.


Awesome New iOS RPG Game Heroes & Castles

Hero’s and Castles is an action RPG game for iOS devices, which involves plenty of action. An undead army is storming your castle gate and you are the only thing that can stop it. Use your quick wits and weapons to crush the skulls of the oncoming army. The main objective of the game is to protect your castle from the oncoming enemies.


LowRx Discount Prescription Card iOS App Review

LowRx can be used to estimate the cost of your medicine by using the prescription cost estimator inside the app. It also includes a pharmacy locator for finding the closest pharmacy in the US city you are visiting or need to get medication filled. The pharmacy locator includes turn-by-turn directions for any of the pharmacies listed.