Best 5 Free Cydia Tweaks

Best 5 Free Cydia Tweaks Of The Week April 1, 2014

Once again we are back with the Best 5 Free Cydia Tweaks Of The Week April 1,2014. The past week was really intense as new tweaks were released offering outstanding functionality and performance. Five tweaks have been selected which we think are more notable and useful but however this doesn’t mean the other tweaks are poor performers and it is possible that other tweaks which aren’t name here to be more useful to some users.


#PlayMe: Displays The Music On Status Bar

#PlayMe is a very simple and decent tweak. It is very easy to use and doesn’t require any configuration. This tweak display the music related information on your status bar which includes the song’s title and it’s author.


MagicBadges: Allow You To Modify Your App Badges

MagicBadges is a recently released tweak that adds some content to the app badges. It allows the users to customize the look of the app badges when there is a notification pending. Whereas ColorBadges changes the color of the app badges to their respective icon color, MagicBadges allows you to re-size, re-position and even theme the app badges.

Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S vs HTC One M8

Compare iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 was recently released and the S5 is next. I thought it would be a great idea to compare the three phones side by side. This will give you a better look at what each phone has to offer and how they size up side by side. Based on the features listed below which phone do think is best?


Best iPhone and iPad apps and Games for March 2014

On the first day of every month, we bring you the best iOS games and apps released in the past 30 days so that you needn’t be all over the app review sites to play the “now popular” games. So here are our picks for March, 2014. Top Games Smash Hit – Best iOS game […]

iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6 Rumors, Leaked Images And More

As everyone is aware with the rumors of iPhone 6 spreading all around the globe and internet, many speculations has arise as whether they are true despite the leaks from Apple insiders ? The birth of iPhone 6 rumors started a month after iPhone 5S was launched and was in its early stage of growth.


QuickPass: Where You Can Easily Enable/Disable Your Passcode Feature

QuickPass a tweak developed by Noeliel makes it much easier to enable or disable the Passcode feature. Usually when you want to to disable or disable your Passcode, you have to go through some of Apple’s verification process where you have to confirm that it’s actually you that you want to enable or disable the […]

SafeHouse Pro

SafeHouse Pro: Disables Lock Code On Certain WiFi/Bluetooth Network

SafeHouse Pro is an amazing tweak that helps you to bypass your lock screen in certain circumstances. Sometimes when you are working in your office or home using or connected to your wifi; as soon as you stop working on your iDevices for 2 minutes or more, you will be greeted with the lock screen. […]

2048 app review

2048 iOS App Review

2048 iOS App is a surprisingly addictive math game that is FREE for iOS devices. Now I know you hear math game and think “sounds boring” but it’s not. It’s actually extremely fun. The main goal of the game is to slide panels around and match up numbers to double the number (ie. 2×2=4 4×2=8 and so on…), and eventually reach 2048.


CoverArtExplorer: Change The Music Cover Flow

There are times when you have performed an iTunes sync and all your music got transferred from PC to your iDevices. However some of the music do not have an album or cover flow, some simply are corrupted and it is not displayed properly, and sometimes a wrong cover flow is displayed. CoverArtExplorer gives you the capability to change or assign a new picture for a particular music cover flow.

htc one m8

HTC ONE M8 Unboxing & First Impressions

The HTC ONE M8 is just as elegant as its predecessor if not more. The aluminum unibody has been refined to offer much more beauty and added protection. The HTC one m8 offers a gorgeous 5 inch screen covered with Gorilla glass, with 1080×1920 display and 441 ppi pixel density


Apple’s Chinese Suppliers Have Already Begun The Production Of Sensors And Displays

Previously, we heard rumors that Apple will release two variants of the iPhone 6, one with a 4.7-inch display and another with a 5.5-inch display, which will be released in September this year. To add more to the rumor, the Japanese newspaper…


Apple To Open Its First Store In Istanbul On April 5

Back in February last month, Tim Cook visited Turkey to meet with the Turkish President, Abdullah Gül, ahead of the Apple Store opening in Istanbul. Now, the Istanbul Apple Store…