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Use APEX Cydia Tweak To Add Space To Springboard

Apex Cydia Tweak allows users to group applications together without the need of folders. Group apps alike together by using Apex to hide them under an icon. This Cydia Tweak is available in BigBoss Repo for $1.99. Users will enjoy having all the added springboard space by using Apex.


Top Free iOS Cydia Tweaks Released Oct. 2013

This weeks Top Free iOS 6 Cydia Tweaks are very helpful. Users can add weather to their lockscreen, keep phone notifications more private, and take better photos with iPhone by zooming with volume buttons. Each of these tweaks are free and easy installed.


Top Ten Free iOS Apps October 19, 2013

Each week we share the top applications for iOS device. This has been an extremely fruitful week for Free applications. Users will enjoy these applications thoroughly. Please support our blog by using the links provided to download the applications.


Share Anytime App Review: Whiteboard Interactive

Share Anytime is an interactive whiteboard for over 100 simultaneous users – and all this in vector graphic visual interaction.  The app also supports a group PDF annotation tool for adding blank pages between other people’s PDF, annotate and add to as a group and then save the whole thing to another PDF.  It has an MMO group mashup tool for creativity which meeting owners can import content from WORD, Powerpoint, Excel or other PDF documents and bring in photos, graphics etc and draw or note around all of them and make a whole new document. 


Get Top Dollar For Old Devices: TurnTronics

Most people are like me when it comes to new technology, they want the latest and most recent devices on the market.  This can be a bit hard to do if you are on a contract.  I have a way to keep the latest technology devices such as the new iPhone 5S.

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Simple Mode Cydia Tweak: Awesome Lockscreen Tweak

Simple Mode is a cydia Tweak available in BigBoss Repo for $1.99. It adds top five most used app icons to the Lockscreen depending on how often they are used by the user.

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Protect Your Valuable iPhone with a Suitable iPhone Insurance

A lot of people buy insurance for their mobile phones in today’s time. Few consider it as a wise idea while few others think that they’re mere money suckers on wasting money and are of no use. However, for all those who have suffered a mobile loss could surely recognise the importance of mobile phone insurance.

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Demigods Versus Demons: Avatari App Review

As far as fantasy worlds go, gamers are spoilt for choice. Avatari is yet another highly rated game that stimulates you mentally and offers you nothing but adventures full of fun. In this great adventure, your world is comprised of Demons and Demigods fighting it out for ultimate supremacy. You are Prahlad. A young fierce warrior who is looking to take the power of the demons and give it to the demigods.


Younity App Review: Access All Files On Mac/PC From Mobile Devices

Younity is an application available on iOS, Mac, and PC developed by Entangled Media. It makes having access to the files on your Mac or PC available on iOS anywhere they are needed. It eliminates the need for emailing a file you may need during the day. Simply open Younity and find the file you are needing.

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Tic Tac Photo iOS App Review

Tic Tac Photo is a new game available on both iOS and Android devices.  Do you remember playing tic tac toe back in elementary school?  Most of us can definitely relate to that. TicTac Photo uses photos instead of X’s and O’s to play the game.  Most of the time tic tac toe games ended in a draw anyway.



How To Sync Contacts To New iPhone 5 and other iOS Devices

Do you have a new iPhone and need to transfer contacts from old phone to iPhone 5?  This works for any iOS device.  Visit www.m.google.com/sync and use CardDAV. 


Improve Battery Life Running iOS 7 On iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, iPad Mini, iPod

Battery life has been an issue for a long time when speaking of smartphones. One of the best ways to conserve battery life on your iPhone 5S or any other iOS device is common sense.

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iOS 7 Jailbreak News Oct. 3, 2013

@Planetbeing tweeted out yesterday about the progress of the upcoming iOS 7 jailbreak.  Check out the tweet inside.