HUDE Cydia Tweak: You Can Now Customize Your Volume HUD

HUDE is another tweak that allows you to customize the Volume HUD. Unlike HUD Customizer, HUDE tweak displays the song information on the Volume HUD. HUDE aims to increase the content appeal and functionality of the volume HUD especially when you are listening to a music. HUDE short for HUD Enhancer allows you to choose […]


Articon Cydia Tweak: Displays Song’s Artwork On Music Application Icon

If you listen to a lot of music on your iDevice, Articon is a very simple tweak that can spice up the music icons. When you are listening to a song, the music application icon will be replaced with the song’s artwork. Articon is a tweak that adds s simple element to your iOS 7 […]

ios games

Set Out on a Mission to Rescue a Family of Vampires in Final Dusk

Final Dusk is a game that combines your puzzle-solving abilities with quick-action decisions. You start off as Mina the Vampire, the daughter of an influential vampire family that has been turned to stone due to a misjudgment on their part. Find your way through numerous levels in which you’ll learn more about what happened and how you can save the vampire family.


CustomCover Cydia Tweak: Allows You To Change The Artwork On Lock Screen

CustomCover is another tweak that allows you to modify and customize your lock screen. CustomCover now gives you the capability to customize the artwork of a particular album or music you are listening to.     CustomCover allows you to theme the song’s artwork that appears on your lock screen. This tweak comes with sets […]

qustodio browser app

Qustodio Safe Browser – The Perfect App for Parents

Having appropriate parental control over the Internet is very difficult and complex. You can either tamper with your operating system’s host file or fiddle with the browser’s extensions. If you’re a tech expert, you can even use a filtering software to make sure your kid is not exposed to malicious content on the Internet.

intelliscreenx 7

IntelliScreenX 7 Cydia Tweak: Premium Cydia Tweak 2014

As the year 2014 progresses we see more Premium Tweaks released. Premium Tweaks are tweaks which effect many hundreds of users and not just a handful of users. These are tweaks which have the greatest impact on the jailbreak community overall and have the most users enjoying them daily. This isn’t just the most downloads in the Cydia store but tweaks which are found on the most devices on a daily basis.


Heads Up iOS App Review

Heads Up iOS App is an enjoyable game you can play with your friends. You can think of it as if you’re playing a high tech version of Charades or Pictionary, which involves your iPhone. This is a highly engaging and addictive game promoted by host Ellen DeGeneres. If you’re in the mood to play […]


How to get the 2048 tile in 2048 game? – Tips and Tricks

2048 has sky rocketed in the recent days to one of the top games on AppStore and even the Editor’s at Apple seems to acknowledge it by featuring them this week. This number game is based on the basic mathematical operation of addition but is addictive in the powers of two. Though the gameplay sounds simple, […]

iPhone battery

Ten Tips To Save Battery Power On The iPhone Running iOS 7

As much as we enjoy our iPhone’s they still don’t have sufficient battery power at times. We are going to share a few tips for making sure you get through the day with enough battery. These tips will be related to devices running iOS 7 – 7.1.


How To Send and Receive Songs, Photos, or Any File via Bluetooth on iPhone and iPad [Jailbreak]

One of the major arguments put forward by other-OS  users against iPhone and iPad is that iOS doesn’t support sharing files via Bluetooth. And for many existing iOS users too, this is a major left out and I assume you’re one of them craving for a solution. You’d be glad to know that once jailbroken, […]

iphone tips improve performance speed

Five iPhone Tips For Improving Speed Performance [Video]

We are going to share five different things users can do to improve devices speed and keep the iOS device performing just as it should. Please share this post socially if you find it useful.


iScreenShot: Now You Can Share Your Screenshot Instantly

iScreenShot is a tweak that allows you to quickly share your screen shots. Recently we have seen tweaks being developed with the goal of making it easier to share your screenshot like ScreenShotShare, ScreenshotShareSheet, and many more tweaks but however all of the tweaks seems to have different functionality. Until now, there is no need […]

best 10 cydia tweaks 2014

Top 10 Best Cydia Tweak, Weekly Roundup April 4,2014

Here we will be presenting you with the weekly Top 10 Best Cydia Tweak of April4, 2014. The tweaks to be listed are both free and paid version. We recommend and encourage you not to download the crack or pirated version of these tweaks listed as some might be a malware or corrupted file that […]