Google Maps hits 10 million downloads within 48 hours !

The much awaited Google Maps app finally made its way into the App Store last week and back onto iOS devices ever since Apple had removed Google Maps from iOS 6 and replaced it with their own built in Map . Within the first few hours , it secured its place on the App Store […]


SnapHeal Mac App: Magically Remove or Add Objects In Photos

SnapHeal Named Top Mac App of 2012 SnapHeal has just been named one of the Apps of the Year by App in the Mac Store.  This is an awesome accomplishment for any application.  SnapHeal makes editing photos a breeze.  It makes it as simple as click and point.  Remove objects with only a few clicks […]


iCon PassCode Cydia Tweak[Free]: Add Passcode To Any Application

iCon PassCode Cydia Tweak   Have you ever loaned your iPhone to someone only to fear they may read your text or email????  If not, you should have been afraid.  Having a touch screen is very user friendly and convenient.  So convenient it invites intruders or prying eyes of others.  We are all human but […]


MapsOpener – Sets Google Maps app as default iOS Map

  Googe Maps was released 2 days ago on the App Store and found itself in top free apps on the App Store in less than a day . This shows how eager people were to get an iOS version of Google Maps on their device . But the main problem was that it couldnt […]


Note Anytime App Now On iPhone and iPad

Take Notes on the Go with Note Anytime for iPhone Note Anytime is a sleek sketching tool and notetaker on the iPad, but the new iPhone version really makes this sketching app a notepad on the go. Since you are more likely to have your phone with you everywhere you go, having a set of […]

best of 2012 cydia tweaks

Best Of 2012 Free Cydia Tweaks

Best of 2012: Top Free Cydia Tweaks Since Apple has created the Best of 2012 app page, it’s only fair the jailbreak community have one for the cydia tweaks. We will be sharing the top twenty and paid Cydia Tweaks for the “Best of 2012″ category. We will probably do a notification and Siri category […]

top ipad pdf apps

Top Three PDF iPad Apps

Top Three PDF iPad APPS Any type of data can be organized in the PDF format. This format secures your data from getting edited by unauthorized users. It is also easy to recover PDF files if they get corrupted. Converting documents to PDF format reduces the burden of storing large files and also makes your […]


Google Maps officially released on iOS App Store

After the removal of Google Maps from iOS 6 , Google has been working to develop a stand-alone map app for iOS . Finally the wait is over , Google Maps was officially released on iOS App Store yesterday for free . Although the application runs on iPad also , it’s made specifically for iPhone […]


PicStory iPad App Review

  PicStory iPad App Review Picstory offers users a great way to organize photos into albums. Users can add tags, timelines, voice memos, and more. This application tends to primarily focus on categorizing rather than editing photos. Although, it does serve a purpose users may find it does miss some of the bigger integrations such […]


PuXXles App Review: Play Others Using Puzzles or Riddles

  PuXXles iOS App Review Are you tired of the same applications only being renamed but having the same concepts.  PuXXles, by Nikita Spitsyn, is a free app which brings the idea of social connections and interacting with others using puzzles or riddles using iOS devices.  Use PuXXles to encrypt messages for others to solve using puzzles or […]


SMSOptions Pro Cydia Tweak Review

  SMS Options Pro Cydia Tweak SMS Options Pro adds features to the text messaging app.  It can be downloaded from the MacCiti repo for $0.99.  SMSOptions Pro offers users the ability to delete conversions with one tap.  Besides being able to delete more than one conversion at a time,  it offers  a couple more […]


Kitz, the Street Cat – Enjoy the Crazy Antics of 3 Mischievous Cats

Cartoons are all-time favorites of kids (and some adults!) Watching the actions of animated characters brings us so much of joy and excitement that we often forget what’s going on in the world around us. Cartoon apps or apptoons are the latest fad, thanks to the interactive story experience they provide. Once such apptoon which […]

brightvol cydia tweak

BrightVol Cydia Tweak[FREE]: Adjust Volume/Brightness Using Volume Buttons

BrightVol Cydia Tweak BrightVol is a Free Cydia Tweak available in BigBoss repo. It allows users to adjust the volume or brightness using any activator they choose. Once the activator has been chosen users may switch between adjusting volume or brightness very simple. BrightVol comes with default settings for use. They aare set to use […]