confirm2proceed Cydia Tweak

Confirm2Proceed Cydia Tweak: Make Sure You Ready To Proceed Before Sending Text, WhatsApp, Phone Call and more

Confirm2Proceed is a Cydia Tweak available in BigBoss Repo for $0.99. It adds a pop up box inside texting app, WhatsApp, BBM, Phone Calls, and more asking if you are ready to send or proceed. It makes users think about their content before hitting the send button. It also works in the Phone app when users make calls.

iphone gambling

The Surge of Mobile Betting and Gambling

It seems gone are the days when, “I’m just nipping down the bookies love,” was part of a typical Saturday morning routine. Like an old racehorse, marking a betting slip is a thing of the past. Or at least partially, because there’s a new young steed in town, and it’s rising faster than Frankel in the 2000 Guineas.

Since 2007, when smartphones began to rise to prominence, mobile gaming has become a huge industry, with gambling at the very forefront. Last year alone $13billion of bets were placed using a mobile according to a report by Juniper Research, whilst the industry is expected to rocket even further up to $62 billion by 2018.

brevity messaging shortcut

Brevity Cydia Tweak Adds Messaging Shortcut to save time

Brevity is a Cydia tweak which adds a shortcut for typing repeated words or phrases. Maybe the user has a favorite saying they use a lot. Brevity is a great way to input that without having to type it revery time you wish to use it. Users may change the word or phrase to be whatever they choose inside Settings app by typing it in the provided blank. Users who are using phrases may choose to show it in the message bar before typing has occurred.

Add Extra security to iPhone

HiddenCallLog7 Hides iPhone Call Log

HiddenCallLog7 Hides iPhone Missed and All Call Log. HiddenCallLog7 is available in BigBoss Repo for Free. It’s a great way for users to add a bit of extra security to their idevices. You never know when some stalker can be lurking and just waiting to get your iPhone. HiddencallLog7 is one of the best app to hide your call log. Using this app you can hide your call log from any one you want who try to interfere in your life unnecessarily. This app basically removes all your recent calls, dialed calls and missed calls from your phone and then nobody can ever see your call history without your permission.


Earn Free Money Downloading Apps Using is the best way to earn money for buying apps or anything else you may want. The sky is the limit with Users can purchase iOS applications in the App store using the Paypal money they earn through or buy the latest version of GTA. It’s really up to you and how much effort you put into the process. Users who have a large following on their social media may earn hundreds of dollars monthly using

downgrade ios 8 to ios 7

How To Downgrade iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2

Today we are sharing the simplest method for downgrading iOS 8 back to iOS 8. This works for any of the beta versions available too. So it doesn’t matter if you are downgrading an iOS 8 beta 4 to iOS 7.1.2 it all works the same. Follow the steps outlined below and in the video for a foolproof method for downgrading.

colorbar tweak

ColorBar Tweak Customizes Color of StatusBar and Items in It

ColorBar is a Free Cydia Tweak available in BigBoss Repo. It allows users to change the color of the status bar to anything listed inside colorbar settings. Users can change the background or foreground color of the status bar. It’s a great way to make your device stand out or may be an option users can use while theming their devices. Either way its an awesome tweak and a free one. Watch the video review below for a look first hand at ColorBar tweak.

best tweaks of the week

Best Five Cydia Tweaks of the Week July 20 Edition 2014

Each Sunday we share the Top Cydia Tweaks for the previous week. This week we have include four out of five FREE tweaks. Be sure to share this video with all your social media. Bookmark the site so you never miss the weeks top five tweaks.


Top iPhone Gaming Tips Offered With Proven Results

When it comes to top iPhone gaming tips, nothing beats learning the rules of the game first and foremost, say longtime gamers commenting online.  In fact, mobile casino Red Flush feature loads of interesting and fun games that can be learned in no time.  Also, there are lots of interesting mobile apps that feature unique […]

springtomize 3 iphone

The #1 Must Have Tweak Pangu Jailbreak 7.1.2 July 2014

Change 30 to 50 different features using Springtomize 3. Listed below are some of the features changed in the video. Watch the video below for a walk through. This is for all the new comers. I’m totally aware most users know this. But I would still like to hear your thought in comments below.


Best Top 10 iOS 7 Cydia Tweaks For LockScreen Pangu Jailbreak 7.1 to 7.1.2

We have composed a list of Best Ten iOS 7 LockScreen Tweaks for using with Pangu Jailbreak 7.1 to 7.1.2.  These are tweaks users will have on their devices always after jailbreaking it.  We have broken the video review into two parts for easier watching.  It’s safe to say out of these ten tweaks 85% of people jailbreaking will be using over half of these at some point during their jailbreak experience.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 5.37.05 PM

BestGear Power Bank Mobile Charger Review

The 30K mAh Power Bank comes equipped with a flashlight on one end for finding those connections in the dark. The iPhone 4S has a 1900 mAh battery inside which powers the idevice. This gives the power bank 10-15 full charges before needing a charge. However, I have learned that if you just leave the power bank in the light while charging or nor it hardly ever runs out of power unless you charge the iPad 4 devices and other devices before charging it back up.

best tweaks of week

Best Five Cydia Tweaks Of The Week Pangu Jailbreak 7.1.2 July 13 Edition

Each week we compose a list of Five Cydia Tweaks which have just been released the previous week. We post this each Sunday on our Youtube Channel and here most times. But if we haven’t posted it here on Sunday it will always be on our Youtube channel for sure. We hope you enjoy using these tweaks as much as we enjoy sharing them with you each week.