Alarmy (Sleep If U Can): The App That Makes Waking Up Easier

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) is an iPhone app intended for users who have a hard time waking up. The innovation brought by this app relies in the stopping method. This app doesn’t come with a “Snooze” button, but features instead two unusual methods of stopping it.


Apple SIM Explained

Apple introduced two new iPads yesterday, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3.  The iPad Air 2 was a major spec overhaul, and had a slight design change,  while the iPad mini 3 added Touch ID, and called it a day.  What Apple didn’t tell you is that the new iPads include a single SIM […]

yosemite screen recording

How To Record iOS 8 Screen Using Yosemite

Yosemite and iOS 8 bring some pretty powerful features to the table. However, one of my all time favorites is the ability to record the iOS 8 screen in real time directly on your device. It’s really a very simple task now to record the screen of an iOS 8 device for making tutorials or recording gameplay.

iPad air 2 wallpaper

Download iPad Air 2 Wallpaper For iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6/ 6 +, iPad Mini 2/3, iPad Air 2/3

During the Apple Event October 16, 2014 Apple showcased the new iPad Air 2 AND the iPad Mini 3 with this mountain sky scene wallpaper. If you though wow I would love to have that wallpaper on my iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus you are in luck.


GBA4iOS Emulators Will Be Coming To Cydia For Install

Many die hard gamers who love playing the old school, retro style GBA games and such have dreaded this day since the beginning. How unfortunate it has been but we all new sooner or later Apple would close this exploit which was a security threat. Now that iOS 8.1 has come those who are holding off because you want to play the emulator rom games.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 12.13.20 PM

Apple iPad Air 2 First Look

Apple has announced the new iPad Air 2 and its awesome. Buyers can order them now on apple.com. The new iPad Air 2 which we will refer to as iPA2 for easier reading. It is currently available on Apple’s site with free shipping. However, orders will not ship until next week. But hey its friday so its almost next week.

EQUAlarm tweak

EQUalarm Cydia Tweak which Users Must Do Math To Disable Alarm

EQUAlarm is a Cydia tweak developed by PAL Labs in ModMyi Repo for $0.99. It makes the user do math equations to turn the alarm off. It’s a very simple tweak to use just install it and jump inside settings to set the difficulty of the equations the tweak shows on the screen

iPad mini 3

iPad Mini 3 Updates and First Look Video

The Apple Event for October 2014 has come and gone. We have a few new awesome devices. Each category received great updates except the iPad Mini 3. You could feel the excitement in Phil Schiller’s voice when he was talking about the new iMac and the iPad Air 2.

Into the Dead iOS app

Top 5 Apps for Halloween

Are you all geared up for Halloween? Make sure you have these apps installed on your iOS device.


Create Unlimited Number of Emails At Once in iOS 8

We all know iOS 8 brought many great features but I a m still finding new ones months later. I was a beta tester so I have had iOS 8 quite awhile. Thats why I’m excited to share this new mail app trick I just learned. If you are like me sometimes you need to read or create more than one email at a time

Angry Birds Transformers iOS Game

Angry Birds Transformers iOS Game

If there’s one iOS game that can be regarded as the single most successful franchise, there is no doubt that it would be awarded to Angry Birds. And to be honest, the developers of the iOS game truly know the addictive genius they have created. This led them to create more games under the Angry […]

One Handed Keyboard iOS app

One Handed Keyboard iOS app

You can now go back to one hand typing on your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus device thanks to One Handed Keyboard iOS app. Read more here.

free apps

Top Free iOS Apps or Games of The Week October 16, 2014

We share these post every Thursday afternoon. That’s the day Apple releases all thew new Applications so we look through them to find the best Free each week so you may find them here every week. Be sure to bookmark the site.